Class Tags

  extended by org.dcm4che.dict.Tags

public class Tags
extends java.lang.Object

Provides tag constants.

gunter zeilinger

Field Summary
static int _3DRenderingType
          (0072,0520) VR=CS 3D Rendering Type
static int AbortFlag
          (4010,1024) VR=CS Abort Flag
static int AbortReason
          (4010,1021) VR=CS Abort Reason
static int AbsoluteChannelDisplayScale
          (003A,0248) VR=FL Absolute Channel Display Scale
static int AbstractPriorCodeSeq
          (0072,003E) VR=SQ Abstract Prior Code Sequence
static int AbstractValue
          (0072,003C) VR=SS Abstract Prior Value
static int AccessionNumber
          (0008,0050) VR=SH Accession Number
static int AccessoryCode
          (300A,00F9) VR=LO Accessory Code
static int AcquiredImageAreaDoseProduct
          (0018,9473) VR=FL Acquired Image Area Dose Product
static int AcquiredSoundpathLength
          (0014,4031) VR=DS Acquired Soundpath Length
static int AcquisitionCompressionType
          (0014,4032) VR=CS Acquisition Compression Type
static int AcquisitionContextDescription
          (0040,0556) VR=ST Acquisition Context Description
static int AcquisitionContextSeq
          (0040,0555) VR=SQ Acquisition Context Sequence
static int AcquisitionContrast
          (0008,9209) VR=CS Acquisition Contrast
static int AcquisitionDate
          (0008,0022) VR=DA Acquisition Date
static int AcquisitionDatetime
          (0008,002A) VR=DT Acquisition DateTime
static int AcquisitionDeviceProcessingCode
          (0018,1401) VR=LO Acquisition Device Processing Code
static int AcquisitionDeviceProcessingDescription
          (0018,1400) VR=LO Acquisition Device Processing Description
static int AcquisitionDeviceTypeCodeSeq
          (0022,0015) VR=SQ Acquisition Device Type Code Sequence
static int AcquisitionDuration
          (0018,9073) VR=FD Acquisition Duration
static int AcquisitionIndex
          (0020,9518) VR=US Acquisition Index
static int AcquisitionMatrix
          (0018,1310) VR=US Acquisition Matrix
static int AcquisitionMethodAlgorithmSeq
          (0022,1423) VR=SQ Acquisition Method Algorithm Sequence
static int AcquisitionMethodCodeSeq
          (0022,1420) VR=SQ Acquisition Method Code Sequence
static int AcquisitionNumber
          (0020,0012) VR=IS Acquisition Number
static int AcquisitionProtocolDescription
          (0018,9424) VR=LT Acquisition Protocol Description
static int AcquisitionProtocolName
          (0018,9423) VR=LO Acquisition Protocol Name
static int AcquisitionSampleSize
          (0014,4033) VR=IS Acquisition Sample Size
static int AcquisitionsInSeriesRetired
          (0020,1001) VR=IS Acquisitions in Series (Retired)
static int AcquisitionsInStudy
          (0020,1004) VR=IS Acquisitions in Study (Retired)
static int AcquisitionStartCondition
          (0018,0073) VR=CS Acquisition Start Condition
static int AcquisitionStartConditionData
          (0018,0074) VR=IS Acquisition Start Condition Data
static int AcquisitionStatus
          (4010,1044) VR=CS Acquisition Status
static int AcquisitionTerminationCondition
          (0018,0071) VR=CS Acquisition Termination Condition
static int AcquisitionTerminationConditionData
          (0018,0075) VR=IS Acquisition Termination Condition Data
static int AcquisitionTime
          (0008,0032) VR=TM Acquisition Time
static int AcquisitionTimeSynchronized
          (0018,1800) VR=CS Acquisition Time Synchronized
static int AcquisitionType
          (0018,9302) VR=CS Acquisition Type
static int AcrossScanSpatialResolution
          (0022,0048) VR=FL Across-scan Spatial Resolution
static int ActionTypeID
          (0000,1008) VR=US Action Type ID
static int ActiveSourceDiameter
          (300A,0218) VR=DS Active Source Diameter
static int ActiveSourceLength
          (300A,021A) VR=DS Active Source Length
static int ActualCardiacTriggerDelayTime
          (0020,9252) VR=FD Actual Cardiac Trigger Delay Time
static int ActualCardiacTriggerTimePriorToRPeak
          (0020,9155) VR=FL Actual Cardiac Trigger Time Prior To R-Peak
static int ActualEnvironmentalConditions
          (0014,1010) VR=ST Actual Environmental Conditions
static int ActualFrameDuration
          (0018,1242) VR=IS Actual Frame Duration
static int ActualHumanPerformersSeq
          (0040,4035) VR=SQ Actual Human Performers Sequence
static int ActualRespiratoryTriggerDelayTime
          (0020,9257) VR=FD Actual Respiratory Trigger Delay Time
static int AdaptiveMapFormat
          (0028,0730) VR=US Adaptive Map Format (Retired)
static int AddGrayScaleRetired
          (0000,5150) VR=CS Add Gray Scale
static int AddIntermediateSeq
          (0046,0101) VR=SQ Add Intermediate Sequence
static int AdditionalDrugSeq
          (0018,002A) VR=SQ Additional Drug Sequence
static int AdditionalInspectionMethodSeq
          (4010,106F) VR=SQ Additional Inspection Method Sequence
static int AdditionalInspectionSelectionCriteria
          (4010,106E) VR=CS Additional Inspection Selection Criteria
static int AdditionalPatientHistory
          (0010,21B0) VR=LT Additional Patient History
static int AdditionalRTROIIdentificationCodeSeq
          (3006,00B9) VR=SQ Additional RT ROI Identification Code Sequence
static int AdditionalScreeningPerformed
          (4010,106D) VR=CS Additional Screening Performed
static int AddNearSeq
          (0046,0100) VR=SQ Add Near Sequence
static int AddOtherSeq
          (0046,0102) VR=SQ Add Other Sequence
static int AddPower
          (0046,0104) VR=FD Add Power
static int AddressTrial
          (0040,A353) VR=ST Address (Trial) (Retired)
static int AdministrationRouteCodeSeq
          (0054,0302) VR=SQ Administration Route Code Sequence
static int AdmissionID
          (0038,0010) VR=LO Admission ID
static int AdmittingDate
          (0038,0020) VR=DA Admitting Date
static int AdmittingDiagnosisCodeSeq
          (0008,1084) VR=SQ Admitting Diagnoses Code Sequence
static int AdmittingDiagnosisDescription
          (0008,1080) VR=LO Admitting Diagnoses Description
static int AdmittingTime
          (0038,0021) VR=TM Admitting Time
static int AffectedSOPClassUID
          (0000,0002) VR=UI Affected SOP Class UID
static int AffectedSOPInstanceUID
          (0000,1000) VR=UI Affected SOP Instance UID
static int AgeCorrectedSensitivityDeviationAlgorithmSeq
          (0024,0065) VR=SQ Age Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Algorithm Sequence
static int AgeCorrectedSensitivityDeviationProbabilityValue
          (0024,0100) VR=FL Age Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Probability Value
static int AgeCorrectedSensitivityDeviationValue
          (0024,0092) VR=FL Age Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Value
static int AirCounts
          (0014,3070) VR=OB,OW Air Counts
static int AirKermaRateReferenceDate
          (300A,022C) VR=DA Source Strength Reference Date
static int AirKermaRateReferenceTime
          (300A,022E) VR=TM Source Strength Reference Time
static int AITDeviceType
          (4010,1070) VR=CS AIT Device Type
static int AlarmDecision
          (4010,1031) VR=CS Alarm Decision
static int AlarmDecisionTime
          (4010,102B) VR=DT Alarm Decision Time
static int AlgorithmCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A296) VR=SQ Algorithm Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int AlgorithmDescription
          (0018,9528) VR=LO Algorithm Description
static int AlgorithmDescriptionTrial
          (0040,A297) VR=ST Algorithm Description (Trial) (Retired)
static int AlgorithmFamilyCodeSeq
          (0066,002F) VR=SQ Algorithm Family Code Sequence
static int AlgorithmName
          (0066,0036) VR=LO Algorithm Name
static int AlgorithmNameCodeSeq
          (0066,0030) VR=SQ Algorithm Name Code Sequence
static int AlgorithmParameters
          (0066,0032) VR=LT Algorithm Parameters
static int AlgorithmRoutingCodeSeq
          (4010,1064) VR=SQ Algorithm Routing Code Sequence
static int AlgorithmSource
          (0024,0202) VR=LO Algorithm Source
static int AlgorithmType
          (0018,9527) VR=CS Algorithm Type
static int AlgorithmVersion
          (0066,0031) VR=LO Algorithm Version
static int AliasedDataType
          (0018,980B) VR=CS Aliased Data Type
static int ALinePixelSpacing
          (0052,0014) VR=FD A-line Pixel Spacing
static int ALineRate
          (0052,0011) VR=FD A-line Rate
static int ALinesPerFrame
          (0052,0012) VR=US A-lines Per Frame
static int AllowLossyCompression
          (2200,000F) VR=CS Allow Lossy Compression
static int AllowMediaSplitting
          (2200,0007) VR=CS Allow Media Splitting
static int AlongScanSpatialResolution
          (0022,0037) VR=FL Along-scan Spatial Resolution
static int AlphaLUTTransferFunction
          (0028,1410) VR=CS Alpha LUT Transfer Function
static int AlphaPaletteColorLUTData
          (0028,1204) VR=OW Alpha Palette Color Lookup Table Data
static int AlphaPaletteColorLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1104) VR=US Alpha Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
static int AlternateContainerIdentifierSeq
          (0040,0515) VR=SQ Alternate Container Identifier Sequence
static int AlternateContentDescriptionSeq
          (0070,0087) VR=SQ Alternate Content Description Sequence
static int AlternateRepresentationSeq
          (0008,3001) VR=SQ Alternate Representation Sequence
static int AmbientLightValueSource
          (0028,7025) VR=CS Ambient Light Value Source
static int AmplifierType
          (0014,400A) VR=CS Amplifier Type
static int AnalyzedArea
          (0046,0227) VR=FL Analyzed Area
static int AnatomicalOrientationType
          (0010,2210) VR=CS Anatomical Orientation Type
static int AnatomicApproachDirectionCodeSequenceTrial
          (0008,2255) VR=SQ Anatomic Approach Direction Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicLocationOfExaminingInstrumentCodeSequenceTrial
          (0008,2259) VR=SQ Anatomic Location Of Examining Instrument Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicLocationOfExaminingInstrumentDescriptionTrial
          (0008,2258) VR=ST Anatomic Location Of Examining Instrument Description (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicPerspectiveCodeSequenceTrial
          (0008,2257) VR=SQ Anatomic Perspective Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicPerspectiveDescriptionTrial
          (0008,2256) VR=ST Anatomic Perspective Description (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicPortalOfEntranceCodeSequenceTrial
          (0008,2253) VR=SQ Anatomic Portal Of Entrance Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicRegionModifierSeq
          (0008,2220) VR=SQ Anatomic Region Modifier Sequence
static int AnatomicRegionSeq
          (0008,2218) VR=SQ Anatomic Region Sequence
static int AnatomicStructureReferencePoint
          (0022,1463) VR=FL Anatomic Structure Reference Point
static int AnatomicStructureRetired
          (0008,2208) VR=CS Anatomic Structure (Retired)
static int AnatomicStructureSpaceOrRegionCodeSequenceTrial
          (0008,2251) VR=SQ Anatomic Structure Space Or Region Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicStructureSpaceOrRegionModifierCodeSequenceTrial
          (0008,225A) VR=SQ Anatomic Structure Space Or Region Modifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int AnatomicStructureSpaceRegionSeq
          (0008,2229) VR=SQ Anatomic Structure, Space or Region Sequence
static int AnchorPoint
          (0070,0014) VR=FL Anchor Point
static int AnchorPointAnnotationUnits
          (0070,0004) VR=CS Anchor Point Annotation Units
static int AnchorPointVisibility
          (0070,0015) VR=CS Anchor Point Visibility
static int AngioFlag
          (0018,0025) VR=CS Angio Flag
static int AngleNumberRetired
          (0020,0018) VR=IS Angle Number (Retired)
static int AngularPosition
          (0018,1141) VR=DS Angular Position (Retired)
static int AngularStep
          (0018,1144) VR=DS Angular Step
static int AngularViewVector
          (0054,0090) VR=US Angular View Vector
static int AnnotationContentSeq
          (2130,0050) VR=SQ Annotation Content Sequence (Retired)
static int AnnotationDisplayFormatID
          (2010,0030) VR=CS Annotation Display Format ID
static int AnnotationFlag
          (2000,0065) VR=CS Annotation Flag (Retired)
static int AnnotationGroupNumber
          (0040,A180) VR=US Annotation Group Number
static int AnnotationPosition
          (2030,0010) VR=US Annotation Position
static int AnnotationSeq
          (0040,B020) VR=SQ Waveform Annotation Sequence
static int AnodeTargetMaterial
          (0018,1191) VR=CS Anode Target Material
static int AnomalyLocatorIndicator
          (4010,107A) VR=FL Anomaly Locator Indicator
static int AnomalyLocatorIndicatorSeq
          (4010,1079) VR=SQ Anomaly Locator Indicator Sequence
static int AnteriorChamberDepth
          (0022,1131) VR=FL Anterior Chamber Depth
static int AnteriorChamberDepthDefinitionCodeSeq
          (0022,1125) VR=SQ Anterior Chamber Depth Definition Code Sequence
static int AnteriorChamberDepthSeq
          (0022,1128) VR=SQ Anterior Chamber Depth Sequence
static int ApexPosition
          (0020,9308) VR=FD Apex Position
static int ApplicableFrameRange
          (0028,6102) VR=US Applicable Frame Range
static int ApplicableSafetyStandardAgency
          (0018,9174) VR=CS Applicable Safety Standard Agency
static int ApplicableSafetyStandardDescription
          (0018,9175) VR=LO Applicable Safety Standard Description
static int ApplicationManufacturer
          (0018,9526) VR=LO Application Manufacturer
static int ApplicationMaximumRepaintTime
          (0072,010E) VR=US Application Maximum Repaint Time
static int ApplicationName
          (0018,9524) VR=LO Application Name
static int ApplicationSetupCheck
          (3008,0116) VR=CS Application Setup Check
static int ApplicationSetupManufacturer
          (300A,0238) VR=LO Application Setup Manufacturer
static int ApplicationSetupName
          (300A,0236) VR=LO Application Setup Name
static int ApplicationSetupNumber
          (300A,0234) VR=IS Application Setup Number
static int ApplicationSetupSeq
          (300A,0230) VR=SQ Application Setup Sequence
static int ApplicationSetupType
          (300A,0232) VR=CS Application Setup Type
static int ApplicationVersion
          (0018,9525) VR=LO Application Version
static int ApplicatorApertureShape
          (300A,0432) VR=CS Applicator Aperture Shape
static int ApplicatorDescription
          (300A,010A) VR=LO Applicator Description
static int ApplicatorGeometrySeq
          (300A,0431) VR=SQ Applicator Geometry Sequence
static int ApplicatorID
          (300A,0108) VR=SH Applicator ID
static int ApplicatorOpening
          (300A,0433) VR=FL Applicator Opening
static int ApplicatorOpeningX
          (300A,0434) VR=FL Applicator Opening X
static int ApplicatorOpeningY
          (300A,0435) VR=FL Applicator Opening Y
static int ApplicatorSeq
          (300A,0107) VR=SQ Applicator Sequence
static int ApplicatorType
          (300A,0109) VR=CS Applicator Type
static int ApprovalStatus
          (300E,0002) VR=CS Approval Status
static int ApprovalStatusDateTime
          (0044,0004) VR=DT Approval Status DateTime
static int ApprovalStatusFurtherDescription
          (0044,0003) VR=LT Approval Status Further Description
static int ArbitraryCommentsRetired
          (4000,4000) VR=LT Text Comments (Retired)
static int ArbitraryRetired
          (4000,0010) VR=LT Arbitrary (Retired)
static int ArchiveRequested
          (0040,A494) VR=CS Archive Requested
static int ArterialSpinLabelingContrast
          (0018,9250) VR=CS Arterial Spin Labeling Contrast
static int ASLBolusCutoffDelayTime
          (0018,925F) VR=UL ASL Bolus Cut-off Delay Time
static int ASLBolusCutoffFlag
          (0018,925C) VR=CS ASL Bolus Cut-off Flag
static int ASLBolusCutoffTechnique
          (0018,925E) VR=LO ASL Bolus Cut-off Technique
static int ASLBolusCutoffTimingSeq
          (0018,925D) VR=SQ ASL Bolus Cut-off Timing Sequence
static int ASLContext
          (0018,9257) VR=CS ASL Context
static int ASLCrusherDescription
          (0018,925B) VR=LO ASL Crusher Description
static int ASLCrusherFlag
          (0018,9259) VR=CS ASL Crusher Flag
static int ASLCrusherFlowLimit
          (0018,925A) VR=FD ASL Crusher Flow Limit
static int ASLMidSlabPosition
          (0018,9256) VR=FD ASL Mid Slab Position
static int ASLPulseTrainDuration
          (0018,9258) VR=UL ASL Pulse Train Duration
static int ASLSlabNumber
          (0018,9253) VR=US ASL Slab Number
static int ASLSlabOrientation
          (0018,9255) VR=FD ASL Slab Orientation
static int ASLSlabSeq
          (0018,9260) VR=SQ ASL Slab Sequence
static int ASLSlabThickness
          (0018,9254) VR=FD ASL Slab Thickness
static int ASLTechniqueDescription
          (0018,9252) VR=LO ASL Technique Description
static int AssignedLocation
          (4010,102A) VR=SH Assigned Location
static int AssigningAgencyOrDepartmentCodeSeq
          (0040,003A) VR=SQ Assigning Agency or Department Code Sequence
static int AssigningFacilitySeq
          (0040,0036) VR=SQ Assigning Facility Sequence
static int AssigningJurisdictionCodeSeq
          (0040,0039) VR=SQ Assigning Jurisdiction Code Sequence
static int ATDAbilityAssessment
          (4010,1014) VR=CS ATD Ability Assessment
static int ATDAssessmentFlag
          (4010,1015) VR=CS ATD Assessment Flag
static int ATDAssessmentProbability
          (4010,1016) VR=FL ATD Assessment Probability
static int ATDAssessmentSeq
          (4010,1038) VR=SQ ATD Assessment Sequence
static int AttachedContours
          (3006,0049) VR=IS Attached Contours
static int AttenuationCorrected
          (0018,9759) VR=CS Attenuation Corrected
static int AttenuationCorrectionMethod
          (0054,1101) VR=LO Attenuation Correction Method
static int AttenuationCorrectionSource
          (0018,9738) VR=CS Attenuation Correction Source
static int AttenuationCorrectionTemporalRelationship
          (0018,9770) VR=CS Attenuation Correction Temporal Relationship
static int AttributeIdentifierList
          (0000,1005) VR=AT Attribute Identifier List
static int AttributeItemSelector
          (0074,1054) VR=UL Attribute Item Selector
static int AttributeModificationDatetime
          (0400,0562) VR=DT Attribute Modification DateTime
static int AttributeOccurrencePointer
          (0074,1052) VR=AT Attribute Occurrence Pointer
static int AttributeOccurrencePrivateCreator
          (0074,1056) VR=LO Attribute Occurrence Private Creator
static int AttributeOccurrenceSeq
          (0074,1050) VR=SQ Attribute Occurrence Sequence
static int AudioComments
          (50xx,200E) VR=LT Audio Comments (Retired)
static int AudioSampleData
          (50xx,200C) VR=OB,OW Audio Sample Data (Retired)
static int AudioSampleFormat
          (50xx,2002) VR=US Audio Sample Format (Retired)
static int AudioType
          (50xx,2000) VR=US Audio Type (Retired)
static int AuthorizationEquipmentCertificationNumber
          (0100,0426) VR=LO Authorization Equipment Certification Number
static int AuthorObserverSeq
          (0040,A078) VR=SQ Author Observer Sequence
static int AutorefractionLeftEyeSeq
          (0046,0052) VR=SQ Autorefraction Left Eye Sequence
static int AutorefractionRightEyeSeq
          (0046,0050) VR=SQ Autorefraction Right Eye Sequence
static int AutosequenceFlag
          (0074,1025) VR=CS Autosequence Flag
static int AverageBeamDosePointDepth
          (300A,008D) VR=FL Average Beam Dose Point Depth
static int AverageBeamDosePointEquivalentDepth
          (300A,008E) VR=FL Average Beam Dose Point Equivalent Depth
static int AverageBeamDosePointSSD
          (300A,008F) VR=FL Average Beam Dose Point SSD
static int AverageCornealPower
          (0046,0220) VR=FL Average Corneal Power
static int AveragePulseWidth
          (0018,1154) VR=DS Average Pulse Width
static int AxialAcceptance
          (0054,1200) VR=DS Axial Acceptance
static int AxialDetectorDimension
          (0018,9727) VR=FD Axial Detector Dimension
static int AxialLengthOfTheEye
          (0022,0030) VR=FL Axial Length of the Eye
static int AxialMash
          (0054,1201) VR=IS Axial Mash
static int AxialPower
          (0046,0249) VR=FL Axial Power
static int AxialResolution
          (0052,0008) VR=FD Axial Resolution
static int AxisLabels
          (50xx,0040) VR=SH Axis Labels (Retired)
static int AxisOfRotation
          (0066,001B) VR=FL Axis of Rotation
static int AxisUnits
          (50xx,0030) VR=SH Axis Units (Retired)
static int BackgroundColor
          (0046,0092) VR=CS Background Color
static int BackgroundIlluminationColorCodeSeq
          (0024,0024) VR=SQ Background Illumination Color Code Sequence
static int BackgroundLuminance
          (0024,0020) VR=FL Background Luminance
static int BadPixelImage
          (0014,3080) VR=OB Bad Pixel Image
static int BarcodeSymbology
          (2200,0006) VR=CS Barcode Symbology
static int BarcodeValue
          (2200,0005) VR=LT Barcode Value
static int BaselineCorrection
          (0018,9067) VR=CS Baseline Correction
static int BasicColorImageSeq
          (2020,0111) VR=SQ Basic Color Image Sequence
static int BasicGrayscaleImageSeq
          (2020,0110) VR=SQ Basic Grayscale Image Sequence
static int BasisMaterialsCodeSeq
          (4010,1045) VR=SQ Basis Materials Code Sequence
static int BeamAngle
          (0018,9449) VR=FL Beam Angle
static int BeamCurrentModulationID
          (300A,034C) VR=SH Beam Current Modulation ID
static int BeamDeliveryDurationLimit
          (300A,00C5) VR=FD Beam Delivery Duration Limit
static int BeamDescription
          (300A,00C3) VR=ST Beam Description
static int BeamDose
          (300A,0084) VR=DS Beam Dose
static int BeamDoseMeaning
          (300A,008B) VR=CS Beam Dose Meaning
static int BeamDosePointDepth
          (300A,0088) VR=FL Beam Dose Point Depth (Retired)
static int BeamDosePointEquivalentDepth
          (300A,0089) VR=FL Beam Dose Point Equivalent Depth (Retired)
static int BeamDosePointSSD
          (300A,008A) VR=FL Beam Dose Point SSD (Retired)
static int BeamDoseSpecificationPoint
          (300A,0082) VR=DS Beam Dose Specification Point
static int BeamDoseVerificationControlPointSeq
          (300A,008C) VR=SQ Beam Dose Verification Control Point Sequence
static int BeamLimitingDeviceAngle
          (300A,0120) VR=DS Beam Limiting Device Angle
static int BeamLimitingDeviceAngleTolerance
          (300A,0046) VR=DS Beam Limiting Device Angle Tolerance
static int BeamLimitingDeviceLeafPairsSeq
          (3008,00A0) VR=SQ Beam Limiting Device Leaf Pairs Sequence
static int BeamLimitingDevicePositionSeq
          (300A,011A) VR=SQ Beam Limiting Device Position Sequence
static int BeamLimitingDevicePositionTolerance
          (300A,004A) VR=DS Beam Limiting Device Position Tolerance
static int BeamLimitingDeviceRotationDirection
          (300A,0121) VR=CS Beam Limiting Device Rotation Direction
static int BeamLimitingDeviceSeq
          (300A,00B6) VR=SQ Beam Limiting Device Sequence
static int BeamLimitingDeviceToleranceSeq
          (300A,0048) VR=SQ Beam Limiting Device Tolerance Sequence
static int BeamMeterset
          (300A,0086) VR=DS Beam Meterset
static int BeamName
          (300A,00C2) VR=LO Beam Name
static int BeamNumber
          (300A,00C0) VR=IS Beam Number
static int BeamOrderIndex
          (0074,1324) VR=UL Beam Order Index
static int BeamOrderIndexTrial
          (0074,1024) VR=IS Beam Order Index (Trial) (Retired)
static int BeamSeq
          (300A,00B0) VR=SQ Beam Sequence
static int BeamSpotSize
          (0052,0003) VR=FD Beam Spot Size
static int BeamStopperPosition
          (3008,0230) VR=CS Beam Stopper Position
static int BeamTaskSeq
          (0074,1020) VR=SQ Beam Task Sequence
static int BeamTaskType
          (0074,1022) VR=CS Beam Task Type
static int BeamType
          (300A,00C4) VR=CS Beam Type
static int BeatRejectionFlag
          (0018,1080) VR=CS Beat Rejection Flag
static int BeltHeight
          (4010,1062) VR=FL Belt Height
static int BibliographicCitationTrial
          (0040,A16A) VR=ST Bibliographic Citation (Trial) (Retired)
static int BillingItemSeq
          (0040,0296) VR=SQ Billing Item Sequence
static int BillingProcedureStepSeq
          (0040,0320) VR=SQ Billing Procedure Step Sequence
static int BillingSuppliesAndDevicesSeq
          (0040,0324) VR=SQ Billing Supplies and Devices Sequence
static int BiopsyTargetSeq
          (0018,2041) VR=SQ Biopsy Target Sequence
static int BiPlaneAcquisitionSeq
          (0028,5000) VR=SQ Bi-Plane Acquisition Sequence (Retired)
static int BitsAllocated
          (0028,0100) VR=US Bits Allocated
static int BitsForCodeWord
          (0028,08x4) VR=US Bits For Code Word (Retired)
static int BitsGrouped
          (0028,0069) VR=US Bits Grouped (Retired)
static int BitsMappedToColorLUT
          (0028,1403) VR=US Bits Mapped to Color Lookup Table
static int BitsStored
          (0028,0101) VR=US Bits Stored
static int BlendingLUT1Seq
          (0028,1404) VR=SQ Blending LUT 1 Sequence
static int BlendingLUT1TransferFunction
          (0028,1405) VR=CS Blending LUT 1 Transfer Function
static int BlendingLUT2Seq
          (0028,140C) VR=SQ Blending LUT 2 Sequence
static int BlendingLUT2TransferFunction
          (0028,140D) VR=CS Blending LUT 2 Transfer Function
static int BlendingLUTData
          (0028,1408) VR=OW Blending Lookup Table Data
static int BlendingLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1407) VR=US Blending Lookup Table Descriptor
static int BlendingOperationType
          (0072,0500) VR=CS Blending Operation Type
static int BlendingPosition
          (0070,0405) VR=CS Blending Position
static int BlendingSeq
          (0070,0402) VR=SQ Blending Sequence
static int BlendingWeightConstant
          (0028,1406) VR=FD Blending Weight Constant
static int BlindSpotLocalized
          (0024,0106) VR=CS Blind Spot Localized
static int BlindSpotXCoordinate
          (0024,0107) VR=FL Blind Spot X-Coordinate
static int BlindSpotYCoordinate
          (0024,0108) VR=FL Blind Spot Y-Coordinate
static int BlockColumns
          (0028,0092) VR=US Block Columns (Retired)
static int BlockData
          (300A,0106) VR=DS Block Data
static int BlockDivergence
          (300A,00FA) VR=CS Block Divergence
static int BlockedPixels
          (0028,0090) VR=CS Blocked Pixels (Retired)
static int BlockMountingPosition
          (300A,00FB) VR=CS Block Mounting Position
static int BlockName
          (300A,00FE) VR=LO Block Name
static int BlockNumber
          (300A,00FC) VR=IS Block Number
static int BlockNumberOfPoints
          (300A,0104) VR=IS Block Number of Points
static int BlockRows
          (0028,0091) VR=US Block Rows (Retired)
static int BlockSeq
          (300A,00F4) VR=SQ Block Sequence
static int BlockThickness
          (300A,0100) VR=DS Block Thickness
static int BlockTransmission
          (300A,0102) VR=DS Block Transmission
static int BlockTrayID
          (300A,00F5) VR=SH Block Tray ID
static int BlockType
          (300A,00F8) VR=CS Block Type
static int BloodSignalNulling
          (0018,9022) VR=CS Blood Signal Nulling
static int BluePaletteColorLUTData
          (0028,1203) VR=OW Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data
static int BluePaletteColorLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1103) VR=US,SS Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
static int BoardingPassID
          (4010,101A) VR=SH Boarding Pass ID
static int BodyPartExamined
          (0018,0015) VR=CS Body Part Examined
static int BodyPartThickness
          (0018,11A0) VR=DS Body Part Thickness
static int Bold
          (0070,0249) VR=CS Bold
static int BolusDescription
          (300A,00DD) VR=ST Bolus Description
static int BolusID
          (300A,00DC) VR=SH Bolus ID
static int BoneThermalIndex
          (0018,5024) VR=DS Bone Thermal Index
static int BorderDensity
          (2010,0100) VR=CS Border Density
static int BordersRetired
          (0000,5160) VR=CS Borders
static int BottomRightHandCornerOfLocalizerArea
          (0048,0202) VR=US Bottom Right Hand Corner of Localizer Area
static int BoundingBoxAnnotationUnits
          (0070,0003) VR=CS Bounding Box Annotation Units
static int BoundingBoxBottomRightHandCorner
          (0070,0011) VR=FL Bounding Box Bottom Right Hand Corner
static int BoundingBoxTextHorizontalJustification
          (0070,0012) VR=CS Bounding Box Text Horizontal Justification
static int BoundingBoxTopLeftHandCorner
          (0070,0010) VR=FL Bounding Box Top Left Hand Corner
static int BoundingPolygon
          (4010,101D) VR=FL Bounding Polygon
static int BoundingRectangle
          (0068,6347) VR=FD Bounding Rectangle
static int BrachyAccessoryDeviceID
          (300A,0263) VR=SH Brachy Accessory Device ID
static int BrachyAccessoryDeviceName
          (300A,0266) VR=LO Brachy Accessory Device Name
static int BrachyAccessoryDeviceNominalThickness
          (300A,026A) VR=DS Brachy Accessory Device Nominal Thickness
static int BrachyAccessoryDeviceNominalTransmission
          (300A,026C) VR=DS Brachy Accessory Device Nominal Transmission
static int BrachyAccessoryDeviceNumber
          (300A,0262) VR=IS Brachy Accessory Device Number
static int BrachyAccessoryDeviceSeq
          (300A,0260) VR=SQ Brachy Accessory Device Sequence
static int BrachyAccessoryDeviceType
          (300A,0264) VR=CS Brachy Accessory Device Type
static int BrachyApplicationSetupDose
          (300A,00A4) VR=DS Brachy Application Setup Dose
static int BrachyApplicationSetupDoseSpecificationPoint
          (300A,00A2) VR=DS Brachy Application Setup Dose Specification Point
static int BrachyControlPointDeliveredSeq
          (3008,0160) VR=SQ Brachy Control Point Delivered Sequence
static int BrachyControlPointSeq
          (300A,02D0) VR=SQ Brachy Control Point Sequence
static int BrachyPulseControlPointDeliveredSeq
          (3008,0173) VR=SQ Brachy Pulse Control Point Delivered Sequence
static int BrachyRefDoseReferenceSeq
          (300C,0055) VR=SQ Brachy Referenced Dose Reference Sequence
static int BrachyTreatmentTechnique
          (300A,0200) VR=CS Brachy Treatment Technique
static int BrachyTreatmentType
          (300A,0202) VR=CS Brachy Treatment Type
static int BranchOfService
          (0010,1081) VR=LO Branch of Service
static int BreastImplantPresent
          (0028,1300) VR=CS Breast Implant Present
static int BreastSupportIsocenterPrimaryAngle
          (0018,9545) VR=FD Breast Support Isocenter Primary Angle
static int BreastSupportIsocenterSecondaryAngle
          (0018,9546) VR=FD Breast Support Isocenter Secondary Angle
static int BreastSupportXPositionToIsocenter
          (0018,9547) VR=FD Breast Support X Position to Isocenter
static int BreastSupportYPositionToIsocenter
          (0018,9548) VR=FD Breast Support Y Position to Isocenter
static int BreastSupportZPositionToIsocenter
          (0018,9549) VR=FD Breast Support Z Position to Isocenter
static int BreedRegistrationNumber
          (0010,2295) VR=LO Breed Registration Number
static int BreedRegistrationSeq
          (0010,2294) VR=SQ Breed Registration Sequence
static int BreedRegistryCodeSeq
          (0010,2296) VR=SQ Breed Registry Code Sequence
static int BridgeResistors
          (0014,4088) VR=DS Bridge Resistors
static int BulkMotionCompensationTechnique
          (0018,9172) VR=CS Bulk Motion Compensation Technique
static int BulkMotionSignalSource
          (0018,9173) VR=CS Bulk Motion Signal Source
static int BulkMotionStatus
          (0018,9166) VR=CS Bulk Motion Status (Retired)
static int BurnedInAnnotation
          (0028,0301) VR=CS Burned In Annotation
static int CADFileFormat
          (0014,0023) VR=ST CAD File Format (Retired)
static int CalciumScoringMassFactorDevice
          (0018,9352) VR=FL Calcium Scoring Mass Factor Device
static int CalciumScoringMassFactorPatient
          (0018,9351) VR=FL Calcium Scoring Mass Factor Patient
static int CalculatedAnatomyThickness
          (0018,9452) VR=FL Calculated Anatomy Thickness
static int CalculatedDoseReferenceDescription
          (3008,0074) VR=ST Calculated Dose Reference Description
static int CalculatedDoseReferenceDoseValue
          (3008,0076) VR=DS Calculated Dose Reference Dose Value
static int CalculatedDoseReferenceNumber
          (3008,0072) VR=IS Calculated Dose Reference Number
static int CalculatedDoseReferenceSeq
          (3008,0070) VR=SQ Calculated Dose Reference Sequence
static int CalculatedFrameList
          (0008,1162) VR=UL Calculated Frame List
static int CalculatedTargetPosition
          (0018,2044) VR=FL Calculated Target Position
static int CalibrationDataSeq
          (0054,0306) VR=SQ Calibration Data Sequence
static int CalibrationDate
          (0014,407E) VR=DA Calibration Date
static int CalibrationImage
          (0050,0004) VR=CS Calibration Image
static int CalibrationNotes
          (0014,3099) VR=LT Calibration Notes
static int CalibrationProcedure
          (0014,4072) VR=ST Calibration Procedure
static int CalibrationSeq
          (0018,9455) VR=SQ Calibration Sequence
static int CalibrationSettingsSeq
          (0014,4070) VR=SQ Calibration Settings Sequence
static int CalibrationTime
          (0014,407C) VR=TM Calibration Time
static int CameraAngleOfView
          (0022,001E) VR=FL Camera Angle of View
static int CardiacBeatRejectionTechnique
          (0018,9169) VR=CS Cardiac Beat Rejection Technique
static int CardiacCyclePosition
          (0018,9236) VR=CS Cardiac Cycle Position
static int CardiacNumberOfImages
          (0018,1090) VR=IS Cardiac Number of Images
static int CardiacRRIntervalSpecified
          (0018,9070) VR=FD Cardiac R-R Interval Specified
static int CardiacSignalSource
          (0018,9085) VR=CS Cardiac Signal Source
static int CardiacSynchronizationTechnique
          (0018,9037) VR=CS Cardiac Synchronization Technique
static int CardiacTriggerSeq
          (0018,9118) VR=SQ Cardiac Synchronization Sequence
static int CArmPositionerTabletopRelationship
          (0018,9474) VR=CS C-arm Positioner Tabletop Relationship
static int CarrierID
          (4010,1058) VR=SH Carrier ID
static int CarrierIDAssigningAuthority
          (4010,1059) VR=CS Carrier ID Assigning Authority
static int CassetteID
          (0018,1007) VR=LO Cassette ID
static int CassetteOrientation
          (0018,1402) VR=CS Cassette Orientation
static int CassetteSize
          (0018,1403) VR=CS Cassette Size
static int CatchTrialsDataFlag
          (0024,0055) VR=CS Catch Trials Data Flag
static int CatheterDirectionOfRotation
          (0052,0031) VR=CS Catheter Direction of Rotation
static int CatheterRotationalRate
          (0052,0013) VR=FD Catheter Rotational Rate
static int CenterOfCircularCollimator
          (0018,1710) VR=IS Center of Circular Collimator
static int CenterOfCircularExposureControlSensingRegion
          (0018,9440) VR=SS Center of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
static int CenterOfCircularShutter
          (0018,1610) VR=IS Center of Circular Shutter
static int CenterOfMass
          (4010,101B) VR=FL Center of Mass
static int CenterOfPTO
          (4010,101C) VR=FL Center of PTO
static int CenterOfRotation
          (0066,001C) VR=FL Center of Rotation
static int CenterOfRotationOffset
          (0018,1145) VR=DS Center of Rotation Offset
static int CertificateOfSigner
          (0400,0115) VR=OB Certificate of Signer
static int CertificateType
          (0400,0110) VR=CS Certificate Type
static int CertifiedTimestamp
          (0400,0310) VR=OB Certified Timestamp
static int CertifiedTimestampType
          (0400,0305) VR=CS Certified Timestamp Type
static int ChannelBaseline
          (003A,0213) VR=DS Channel Baseline
static int ChannelDefinitionSeq
          (003A,0200) VR=SQ Channel Definition Sequence
static int ChannelDerivationDescription
          (003A,020C) VR=LO Channel Derivation Description
static int ChannelDescriptionCodeSeq
          (0022,001A) VR=SQ Channel Description Code Sequence
static int ChannelDisplaySeq
          (003A,0242) VR=SQ Channel Display Sequence
static int ChannelIdentificationCode
          (003A,0301) VR=IS Channel Identification Code
static int ChannelLabel
          (003A,0203) VR=SH Channel Label
static int ChannelLength
          (300A,0284) VR=DS Channel Length
static int ChannelMaximumValue
          (5400,0112) VR=OB,OW Channel Maximum Value
static int ChannelMinimumValue
          (5400,0110) VR=OB,OW Channel Minimum Value
static int ChannelMode
          (003A,0302) VR=CS Channel Mode
static int ChannelNumber
          (300A,0282) VR=IS Channel Number
static int ChannelOffset
          (003A,0218) VR=DS Channel Offset
static int ChannelOverlap
          (0014,409F) VR=DS Channel Overlap
static int ChannelPosition
          (003A,0245) VR=FL Channel Position
static int ChannelRecommendedDisplayCIELabValue
          (003A,0244) VR=US Channel Recommended Display CIELab Value
static int ChannelSampleSkew
          (003A,0215) VR=DS Channel Sample Skew
static int ChannelSensitivity
          (003A,0210) VR=DS Channel Sensitivity
static int ChannelSensitivityCorrectionFactor
          (003A,0212) VR=DS Channel Sensitivity Correction Factor
static int ChannelSensitivityUnitsSeq
          (003A,0211) VR=SQ Channel Sensitivity Units Sequence
static int ChannelSeq
          (300A,0280) VR=SQ Channel Sequence
static int ChannelSettingsSeq
          (0014,4091) VR=SQ Channel Settings Sequence
static int ChannelShieldID
          (300A,02B3) VR=SH Channel Shield ID
static int ChannelShieldName
          (300A,02B4) VR=LO Channel Shield Name
static int ChannelShieldNominalThickness
          (300A,02B8) VR=DS Channel Shield Nominal Thickness
static int ChannelShieldNominalTransmission
          (300A,02BA) VR=DS Channel Shield Nominal Transmission
static int ChannelShieldNumber
          (300A,02B2) VR=IS Channel Shield Number
static int ChannelShieldSeq
          (300A,02B0) VR=SQ Channel Shield Sequence
static int ChannelSourceModifiersSeq
          (003A,0209) VR=SQ Channel Source Modifiers Sequence
static int ChannelSourceSeq
          (003A,0208) VR=SQ Channel Source Sequence
static int ChannelStatus
          (003A,0205) VR=CS Channel Status
static int ChannelThreshold
          (0014,4092) VR=DS Channel Threshold
static int ChannelTimeSkew
          (003A,0214) VR=DS Channel Time Skew
static int ChannelTotalTime
          (300A,0286) VR=DS Channel Total Time
static int ChannelWidth
          (0046,0042) VR=FD Channel Width
static int ChemicalShiftMaximumIntegrationLimitInppm
          (0018,9296) VR=FD Chemical Shift Maximum Integration Limit in ppm
static int ChemicalShiftMinimumIntegrationLimitInppm
          (0018,9295) VR=FD Chemical Shift Minimum Integration Limit in ppm
static int ChemicalShiftReference
          (0018,9053) VR=FD Chemical Shift Reference
static int ChemicalShiftSeq
          (0018,9084) VR=SQ Chemical Shift Sequence
static int ChemicalShiftsMaximumIntegrationLimit
          (0018,9196) VR=FD Chemical Shift Maximum Integration Limit in Hz (Retired)
static int ChemicalShiftsMinimumIntegrationLimit
          (0018,9195) VR=FD Chemical Shift Minimum Integration Limit in Hz (Retired)
static int CIExyWhitePoint
          (0028,7018) VR=FL CIExy White Point
static int CineRate
          (0018,0040) VR=IS Cine Rate
static int CineRelativeToRealTime
          (0072,0330) VR=FD Cine Relative to Real-Time
static int ClinicalTrialProtocolEthicsCommitteeApprovalNumber
          (0012,0082) VR=LO Clinical Trial Protocol Ethics Committee Approval Number
static int ClinicalTrialProtocolEthicsCommitteeName
          (0012,0081) VR=LO Clinical Trial Protocol Ethics Committee Name
static int ClinicalTrialProtocolID
          (0012,0020) VR=LO Clinical Trial Protocol ID
static int ClinicalTrialProtocolName
          (0012,0021) VR=LO Clinical Trial Protocol Name
static int ClinicalTrialSeriesDescription
          (0012,0072) VR=LO Clinical Trial Series Description
static int ClinicalTrialSeriesID
          (0012,0071) VR=LO Clinical Trial Series ID
static int ClinicalTrialSiteID
          (0012,0030) VR=LO Clinical Trial Site ID
static int ClinicalTrialSiteName
          (0012,0031) VR=LO Clinical Trial Site Name
static int ClinicalTrialSponsorName
          (0012,0010) VR=LO Clinical Trial Sponsor Name
static int ClinicalTrialSubjectID
          (0012,0040) VR=LO Clinical Trial Subject ID
static int ClinicalTrialSubjectReadingID
          (0012,0042) VR=LO Clinical Trial Subject Reading ID
static int ClinicalTrialTimePointDescription
          (0012,0051) VR=ST Clinical Trial Time Point Description
static int ClinicalTrialTimePointID
          (0012,0050) VR=LO Clinical Trial Time Point ID
static int CoatingMaterialsCodeSeq
          (0068,63A4) VR=SQ Coating Materials Code Sequence
static int CodeLabel
          (0028,08x0) VR=CS Code Label (Retired)
static int CodeMeaning
          (0008,0104) VR=LO Code Meaning
static int CodeNumberFormat
          (0028,0740) VR=US Code Number Format (Retired)
static int CodeTableLocation
          (0028,08x3) VR=AT Code Table Location (Retired)
static int CodeValue
          (0008,0100) VR=SH Code Value
static int CodingSchemeDesignator
          (0008,0102) VR=SH Coding Scheme Designator
static int CodingSchemeExternal
          (0008,0114) VR=ST Coding Scheme External ID
static int CodingSchemeIdentificationSeq
          (0008,0110) VR=SQ Coding Scheme Identification Sequence
static int CodingSchemeName
          (0008,0115) VR=ST Coding Scheme Name
static int CodingSchemeRegistry
          (0008,0112) VR=LO Coding Scheme Registry
static int CodingSchemeResponsibleOrganization
          (0008,0116) VR=ST Coding Scheme Responsible Organization
static int CodingSchemeUID
          (0008,010C) VR=UI Coding Scheme UID
static int CodingSchemeVersion
          (0008,0103) VR=SH Coding Scheme Version
static int CoefficientCoding
          (0028,04x2) VR=LO Coefficient Coding (Retired)
static int CoefficientCodingPointers
          (0028,04x3) VR=AT Coefficient Coding Pointers (Retired)
static int CoefficientsSDDN
          (7FE0,0040) VR=OW Coefficients SDDN (Retired)
static int CoefficientsSDHN
          (7FE0,0030) VR=OW Coefficients SDHN (Retired)
static int CoefficientsSDVN
          (7FE0,0020) VR=OW Coefficients SDVN (Retired)
static int CoincidenceWindowWidth
          (0054,1210) VR=DS Coincidence Window Width
static int CollationFlag
          (2000,0063) VR=CS Collation Flag (Retired)
static int CollimatorGridName
          (0018,1180) VR=SH Collimator/grid Name
static int CollimatorLeftVerticalEdge
          (0018,1702) VR=IS Collimator Left Vertical Edge
static int CollimatorLowerHorizontalEdge
          (0018,1708) VR=IS Collimator Lower Horizontal Edge
static int CollimatorRightVerticalEdge
          (0018,1704) VR=IS Collimator Right Vertical Edge
static int CollimatorShape
          (0018,1700) VR=CS Collimator Shape
static int CollimatorShapeSeq
          (0018,9407) VR=SQ Collimator Shape Sequence
static int CollimatorType
          (0018,1181) VR=CS Collimator Type
static int CollimatorUpperHorizontalEdge
          (0018,1706) VR=IS Collimator Upper Horizontal Edge
static int ColorImagePrintingFlag
          (2000,0062) VR=CS Color Image Printing Flag (Retired)
static int ColumnAngulation
          (0018,1450) VR=DS Column Angulation
static int ColumnAngulationPatient
          (0018,9447) VR=FL Column Angulation (Patient)
static int ColumnOverlap
          (0028,0094) VR=US Column Overlap (Retired)
static int ColumnPositionInTotalImagePixelMatrix
          (0048,021F) VR=SL Row Position In Total Image Pixel Matrix
static int Columns
          (0028,0011) VR=US Columns
static int ColumnsForNthOrderCoefficients
          (0028,04x1) VR=US Columns For Nth Order Coefficients (Retired)
static int CommandField
          (0000,0100) VR=US Command Field
static int CommandGroupLength
          (0000,0000) VR=UL Command Group Length
static int CommandLengthToEndRetired
          (0000,0001) VR=UL Command Length to End
static int CommandRecognitionCodeRetired
          (0000,0010) VR=SH Command Recognition Code
static int CommentsOnPatientPerformanceOfVisualField
          (0024,0044) VR=LT Comments on Patient's Performance of Visual Field
static int CommentsOnRadiationDose
          (0040,0310) VR=ST Comments on Radiation Dose
static int CompensatorColumnOffset
          (300A,02E5) VR=FL Compensator Column Offset
static int CompensatorColumns
          (300A,00E8) VR=IS Compensator Columns
static int CompensatorDescription
          (300A,02EB) VR=LT Compensator Description
static int CompensatorDivergence
          (300A,02E0) VR=CS Compensator Divergence
static int CompensatorID
          (300A,00E5) VR=SH Compensator ID
static int CompensatorMillingToolDiameter
          (300A,02E8) VR=FL Compensator Milling Tool Diameter
static int CompensatorMountingPosition
          (300A,02E1) VR=CS Compensator Mounting Position
static int CompensatorNumber
          (300A,00E4) VR=IS Compensator Number
static int CompensatorPixelSpacing
          (300A,00E9) VR=DS Compensator Pixel Spacing
static int CompensatorPosition
          (300A,00EA) VR=DS Compensator Position
static int CompensatorRelativeStoppingPowerRatio
          (300A,02E7) VR=FL Compensator Relative Stopping Power Ratio
static int CompensatorRows
          (300A,00E7) VR=IS Compensator Rows
static int CompensatorSeq
          (300A,00E3) VR=SQ Compensator Sequence
static int CompensatorThicknessData
          (300A,00EC) VR=DS Compensator Thickness Data
static int CompensatorTransmissionData
          (300A,00EB) VR=DS Compensator Transmission Data
static int CompensatorTrayID
          (300A,00EF) VR=SH Compensator Tray ID
static int CompensatorType
          (300A,00EE) VR=CS Compensator Type
static int CompletionFlag
          (0040,A491) VR=CS Completion Flag
static int CompletionFlagDescription
          (0040,A492) VR=LO Completion Flag Description
static int ComplexImageComponent
          (0008,9208) VR=CS Complex Image Component
static int Component1ReferencedID
          (0076,0070) VR=US Component 1 Referenced ID
static int Component1ReferencedMatingFeatureID
          (0076,0090) VR=US Component 1 Referenced Mating Feature ID
static int Component1ReferencedMatingFeatureSetID
          (0076,0080) VR=US Component 1 Referenced Mating Feature Set ID
static int Component2ReferencedID
          (0076,00A0) VR=US Component 2 Referenced ID
static int Component2ReferencedMatingFeatureID
          (0076,00C0) VR=US Component 2 Referenced Mating Feature ID
static int Component2ReferencedMatingFeatureSetID
          (0076,00B0) VR=US Component 2 Referenced Mating Feature Set ID
static int ComponentAssemblySeq
          (0076,0060) VR=SQ Component Assembly Sequence
static int ComponentID
          (0076,0055) VR=US Component ID
static int ComponentManufacturer
          (0014,0028) VR=ST Component Manufacturer
static int ComponentManufacturingProcedure
          (0014,0025) VR=ST Component Manufacturing Procedure
static int ComponentReferenceSystem
          (0014,0024) VR=ST Component Reference System (Retired)
static int ComponentSeq
          (0076,0040) VR=SQ Component Sequence
static int ComponentShape
          (0014,0050) VR=CS Component Shape
static int ComponentTypeCodeSeq
          (0076,0034) VR=CS Component Type Code Sequence
static int ComponentTypesSeq
          (0076,0032) VR=SQ Component Types Sequence
static int CompoundGraphicInstanceID
          (0070,0226) VR=UL Compound Graphic Instance ID
static int CompoundGraphicSeq
          (0070,0209) VR=SQ Compound Graphic Sequence
static int CompoundGraphicType
          (0070,0294) VR=CS Compound Graphic Type
static int CompoundGraphicUnits
          (0070,0282) VR=CS Compound Graphic Units
static int CompressionCodeRetired
          (0028,0060) VR=CS Compression Code (Retired)
static int CompressionDescription
          (0028,0063) VR=SH Compression Description (Retired)
static int CompressionForce
          (0018,11A2) VR=DS Compression Force
static int CompressionLabel
          (0028,0062) VR=LO Compression Label (Retired)
static int CompressionOriginator
          (0028,0061) VR=SH Compression Originator (Retired)
static int CompressionRecognitionCode
          (0028,005F) VR=LO Compression Recognition Code (Retired)
static int CompressionSeq
          (0028,0065) VR=CS Compression Sequence (Retired)
static int CompressionStepPointers
          (0028,0066) VR=AT Compression Step Pointers (Retired)
static int ConcatenationFrameOffsetNumber
          (0020,9228) VR=UL Concatenation Frame Offset Number
static int ConcatenationUID
          (0020,9161) VR=UI Concatenation UID
static int ConceptCodeSeq
          (0040,A168) VR=SQ Concept Code Sequence
static int ConceptNameCodeSeq
          (0040,A043) VR=SQ Concept Name Code Sequence
static int CondenserLensPower
          (0048,0111) VR=DS Condenser Lens Power
static int ConfidentialityCode
          (0040,1008) VR=LO Confidentiality Code
static int ConfidentialityPatientData
          (0040,3001) VR=LO Confidentiality Constraint on Patient Data Description
static int ConfigurationDescription
          (0028,700D) VR=LO Configuration Description
static int ConfigurationID
          (0028,700B) VR=US Configuration ID
static int ConfigurationInformation
          (2010,0150) VR=ST Configuration Information
static int ConfigurationInformationDescription
          (2010,0152) VR=LT Configuration Information Description
static int ConfigurationName
          (0028,700C) VR=SH Configuration Name
static int ConfigurationQAResultsSeq
          (0028,7011) VR=SQ Configuration QA Results Sequence
static int ConsentForClinicalTrialUseSeq
          (0012,0083) VR=SQ Consent for Clinical Trial Use Sequence
static int ConsentForDistributionFlag
          (0012,0085) VR=CS Consent for Distribution Flag
static int ConstantVolumeFlag
          (0018,9333) VR=CS Constant Volume Flag
static int ConstraintWeight
          (300A,0021) VR=DS Constraint Weight
static int ContactDisplayName
          (0074,100C) VR=LO Contact Display Name
static int ContactURI
          (0074,100A) VR=UR Contact URI
static int ContainerComponentDescription
          (0050,001E) VR=LO Container Component Description
static int ContainerComponentDiameter
          (0050,001D) VR=FD Container Component Diameter
static int ContainerComponentID
          (0050,001B) VR=LO Container Component ID
static int ContainerComponentLength
          (0050,001C) VR=FD Container Component Length
static int ContainerComponentMaterial
          (0050,001A) VR=CS Container Component Material
static int ContainerComponentSeq
          (0040,0520) VR=SQ Container Component Sequence
static int ContainerComponentThickness
          (0050,0013) VR=FD Container Component Thickness
static int ContainerComponentTypeCodeSeq
          (0050,0012) VR=SQ Container Component Type Code Sequence
static int ContainerComponentWidth
          (0050,0015) VR=FD Container Component Width
static int ContainerDescription
          (0040,051A) VR=LO Container Description
static int ContainerIdentifier
          (0040,0512) VR=LO Container Identifier
static int ContainerTypeCodeSeq
          (0040,0518) VR=SQ Container Type Code Sequence
static int ContentCreatorIdentificationSeq
          (0070,0086) VR=SQ Content Creator's Identification Code Sequence
static int ContentDate
          (0008,0023) VR=DA Content Date
static int ContentDescription
          (0070,0081) VR=LO Content Description
static int ContentItemModifierSeq
          (0040,0441) VR=SQ Content Item Modifier Sequence
static int ContentLabel
          (0070,0080) VR=CS Content Label
static int ContentQualification
          (0018,9004) VR=CS Content Qualification
static int ContentSeq
          (0040,A730) VR=SQ Content Sequence
static int ContentTemplateSeq
          (0040,A504) VR=SQ Content Template Sequence
static int ContentTime
          (0008,0033) VR=TM Content Time
static int ContextGroupExtensionCreatorUID
          (0008,010D) VR=UI Context Group Extension Creator UID
static int ContextGroupExtensionFlag
          (0008,010B) VR=CS Context Group Extension Flag
static int ContextGroupLocalVersion
          (0008,0107) VR=DT Context Group Local Version
static int ContextGroupVersion
          (0008,0106) VR=DT Context Group Version
static int ContextIdentifier
          (0008,010F) VR=CS Context Identifier
static int ContextUID
          (0008,0117) VR=UI Context UID
static int ContinuationEndMeterset
          (0074,0121) VR=FD Continuation End Meterset
static int ContinuationStartMeterset
          (0074,0120) VR=FD Continuation Start Meterset
static int ContinuityOfContent
          (0040,A050) VR=CS Continuity Of Content
static int ContourData
          (3006,0050) VR=DS Contour Data
static int ContourGeometricType
          (3006,0042) VR=CS Contour Geometric Type
static int ContourImageSeq
          (3006,0016) VR=SQ Contour Image Sequence
static int ContourNumber
          (3006,0048) VR=IS Contour Number
static int ContourOffsetVector
          (3006,0045) VR=DS Contour Offset Vector
static int ContourSeq
          (3006,0040) VR=SQ Contour Sequence
static int ContourSlabThickness
          (3006,0044) VR=DS Contour Slab Thickness
static int ContourUncertaintyRadius
          (0070,0312) VR=FD Contour Uncertainty Radius
static int ContrastAdministrationProfileSeq
          (0018,9340) VR=SQ Contrast Administration Profile Sequence
static int ContrastAllergies
          (0010,2110) VR=LO Allergies
static int ContrastBolusAdministrationRouteSeq
          (0018,0014) VR=SQ Contrast/Bolus Administration Route Sequence
static int ContrastBolusAgent
          (0018,0010) VR=LO Contrast/Bolus Agent
static int ContrastBolusAgentAdministered
          (0018,9342) VR=CS Contrast/Bolus Agent Administered
static int ContrastBolusAgentDetected
          (0018,9343) VR=CS Contrast/Bolus Agent Detected
static int ContrastBolusAgentNumber
          (0018,9337) VR=US Contrast/Bolus Agent Number
static int ContrastBolusAgentPhase
          (0018,9344) VR=CS Contrast/Bolus Agent Phase
static int ContrastBolusAgentSeq
          (0018,0012) VR=SQ Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence
static int ContrastBolusIngredient
          (0018,1048) VR=CS Contrast/Bolus Ingredient
static int ContrastBolusIngredientCodeSeq
          (0018,9338) VR=SQ Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Code Sequence
static int ContrastBolusIngredientConcentration
          (0018,1049) VR=DS Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Concentration
static int ContrastBolusIngredientOpaque
          (0018,9425) VR=CS Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Opaque
static int ContrastBolusIngredientPercentByVolume
          (0052,0001) VR=FL Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Percent by Volume
static int ContrastBolusRoute
          (0018,1040) VR=LO Contrast/Bolus Route
static int ContrastBolusStartTime
          (0018,1042) VR=TM Contrast/Bolus Start Time
static int ContrastBolusStopTime
          (0018,1043) VR=TM Contrast/Bolus Stop Time
static int ContrastBolusT1Relaxivity
          (0018,0013) VR=FL Contrast/Bolus T1 Relaxivity
static int ContrastBolusTotalDose
          (0018,1044) VR=DS Contrast/Bolus Total Dose
static int ContrastBolusUsageSeq
          (0018,9341) VR=SQ Contrast/Bolus Usage Sequence
static int ContrastBolusVolume
          (0018,1041) VR=DS Contrast/Bolus Volume
static int ContrastFlowDuration
          (0018,1047) VR=DS Contrast Flow Duration
static int ContrastFlowRate
          (0018,1046) VR=DS Contrast Flow Rate
static int ContrastFrameAveraging
          (0028,6112) VR=US Contrast Frame Averaging
static int ContributingEquipmentSeq
          (0018,A001) VR=SQ Contributing Equipment Sequence
static int ContributingSOPInstancesReferenceSeq
          (0020,9529) VR=SQ Contributing SOP Instances Reference Sequence
static int ContributingSourcesSeq
          (0018,9506) VR=SQ Contributing Sources Sequence
static int ContributionDateTime
          (0018,A002) VR=DT Contribution DateTime
static int ContributionDescription
          (0018,A003) VR=ST Contribution Description
static int ControlPoint3DPosition
          (300A,02D4) VR=DS Control Point 3D Position
static int ControlPointDeliverySeq
          (3008,0040) VR=SQ Control Point Delivery Sequence
static int ControlPointIndex
          (300A,0112) VR=IS Control Point Index
static int ControlPointOrientation
          (300A,0412) VR=FL Control Point Orientation
static int ControlPointRelativePosition
          (300A,02D2) VR=DS Control Point Relative Position
static int ControlPointSeq
          (300A,0111) VR=SQ Control Point Sequence
static int ConventionalControlPointVerificationSeq
          (0074,104C) VR=SQ Conventional Control Point Verification Sequence
static int ConventionalMachineVerificationSeq
          (0074,1044) VR=SQ Conventional Machine Verification Sequence
static int ConversionSourceAttributesSeq
          (0020,9172) VR=SQ Conversion Source Attributes Sequence
static int ConversionType
          (0008,0064) VR=CS Conversion Type
static int ConvolutionKernel
          (0018,1210) VR=SH Convolution Kernel
static int ConvolutionKernelGroup
          (0018,9316) VR=CS Convolution Kernel Group
static int CoordinatesSetGeometricTypeTrial
          (0040,A290) VR=CS Coordinates Set Geometric Type (Trial) (Retired)
static int CoordinateStartValue
          (50xx,0112) VR=US Coordinate Start Value (Retired)
static int CoordinateStepValue
          (50xx,0114) VR=US Coordinate Step Value (Retired)
static int CoordinateSystemAxesSeq
          (0014,2204) VR=SQ Coordinate System Axes Sequence
static int CoordinateSystemAxisCodeSeq
          (0040,08DA) VR=SQ Coordinate System Axis Code Sequence (Retired)
static int CoordinateSystemAxisDescription
          (0014,2206) VR=ST Coordinate System Axis Description
static int CoordinateSystemAxisNumber
          (0014,220A) VR=IS Coordinate System Axis Number
static int CoordinateSystemAxisType
          (0014,220C) VR=CS Coordinate System Axis Type
static int CoordinateSystemAxisUnits
          (0014,220E) VR=CS Coordinate System Axis Units
static int CoordinateSystemAxisValues
          (0014,2210) VR=OB Coordinate System Axis Values
static int CoordinateSystemDataSetMapping
          (0014,2208) VR=CS Coordinate System Data Set Mapping
static int CoordinateSystemNumberOfAxes
          (0014,2202) VR=IS Coordinate System Number of Axes
static int CoordinateSystemTransformRotationAndScaleMatrix
          (0014,222A) VR=DS Coordinate System Transform Rotation and Scale Matrix
static int CoordinateSystemTransformSeq
          (0014,2220) VR=SQ Coordinate System Transform Sequence
static int CoordinateSystemTransformTranslationMatrix
          (0014,222C) VR=DS Coordinate System Transform Translation Matrix
static int CoordinatingCenterName
          (0012,0060) VR=LO Clinical Trial Coordinating Center Name
static int CopiesRetired
          (0000,5170) VR=IS Copies
static int CornealEccentricityIndex
          (0046,0234) VR=FL Corneal Eccentricity Index
static int CornealISValue
          (0046,0224) VR=FL Corneal I-S Value
static int CornealPointEstimated
          (0046,0248) VR=CS Corneal Point Estimated
static int CornealPointLocation
          (0046,0247) VR=FL Corneal Point Location
static int CornealSize
          (0046,0046) VR=FD Corneal Size
static int CornealTopographyMappingNormalsSeq
          (0046,0210) VR=SQ Corneal Topography Mapping Normals Sequence
static int CornealTopographyMapQualityEvaluation
          (0046,0242) VR=CS Corneal Topography Map Quality Evaluation
static int CornealTopographyMapTypeCodeSeq
          (0046,0207) VR=SQ Corneal Topography Map Type Code Sequence
static int CornealTopographySurface
          (0046,0201) VR=CS Corneal Topography Surface
static int CornealVertexLocation
          (0046,0202) VR=FL Corneal Vertex Location
static int CornealWavefront
          (0046,0253) VR=FL Corneal Wavefront
static int CorrectedImage
          (0028,0051) VR=CS Corrected Image
static int CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormal
          (0024,0079) VR=FL Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal
static int CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormalCalculated
          (0024,0078) VR=CS Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal Calculated
static int CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormalProbability
          (0024,0081) VR=FL Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal Probability
static int CorrectedLocalizedDeviationFromNormalProbabilityCalculated
          (0024,0080) VR=CS Corrected Localized Deviation From Normal Probability Calculated
static int CorrectedParameterSeq
          (3008,0068) VR=SQ Corrected Parameter Sequence
static int CorrectionValue
          (3008,006A) VR=FL Correction Value
static int CountLossNormalizationCorrected
          (0018,9764) VR=CS Count Loss Normalization Corrected
static int CountRate
          (0018,1243) VR=IS Count Rate
static int CountryOfResidence
          (0010,2150) VR=LO Country of Residence
static int CountsAccumulated
          (0018,0070) VR=IS Counts Accumulated
static int CountsIncluded
          (0054,1400) VR=CS Counts Included (Retired)
static int CountsSource
          (0054,1002) VR=CS Counts Source
static int CouplingMedium
          (0014,4056) VR=ST Coupling Medium
static int CouplingTechnique
          (0014,4054) VR=ST Coupling Technique
static int CouplingVelocity
          (0014,4057) VR=DS Coupling Velocity
static int CoverageOfKSpace
          (0018,9094) VR=CS Coverage of k-Space
static int CranialThermalIndex
          (0018,5026) VR=DS Cranial Thermal Index
static int CreationDate
          (2100,0040) VR=DA Creation Date
static int CreationTime
          (2100,0050) VR=TM Creation Time
static int CreatorVersionUID
          (0008,9123) VR=UI Creator-Version UID
static int CSSFontName
          (0070,0229) VR=LO CSS Font Name
static int CTAcquisitionDetailsSeq
          (0018,9304) VR=SQ CT Acquisition Details Sequence
static int CTAcquisitionTypeSeq
          (0018,9301) VR=SQ CT Acquisition Type Sequence
static int CTAdditionalXRaySourceSeq
          (0018,9360) VR=SQ CT Additional X-Ray Source Sequence
static int CTDIPhantomTypeCodeSeq
          (0018,9346) VR=SQ CTDI Phantom Type Code Sequence
static int CTDIvol
          (0018,9345) VR=FD CTDIvol
static int CTExposureSeq
          (0018,9321) VR=SQ CT Exposure Sequence
static int CTGeometrySeq
          (0018,9312) VR=SQ CT Geometry Sequence
static int CTImageFrameTypeSeq
          (0018,9329) VR=SQ CT Image Frame Type Sequence
static int CTPositionSeq
          (0018,9326) VR=SQ CT Position Sequence
static int CTReconstructionSeq
          (0018,9314) VR=SQ CT Reconstruction Sequence
static int CTTableDynamicsSeq
          (0018,9308) VR=SQ CT Table Dynamics Sequence
static int CTXRayDetailsSeq
          (0018,9325) VR=SQ CT X-Ray Details Sequence
static int CumulativeDoseReferenceCoefficient
          (300A,010C) VR=DS Cumulative Dose Reference Coefficient
static int CumulativeDoseToDoseReference
          (3008,0052) VR=DS Cumulative Dose to Dose Reference
static int CumulativeMetersetWeight
          (300A,0134) VR=DS Cumulative Meterset Weight
static int CumulativeTimeWeight
          (300A,02D6) VR=DS Cumulative Time Weight
static int CurrentConfigurationID
          (0028,7002) VR=US Current Configuration ID
static int CurrentFractionNumber
          (3008,0022) VR=IS Current Fraction Number
static int CurrentObserverTrial
          (0040,A307) VR=PN Current Observer (Trial) (Retired)
static int CurrentPatientLocation
          (0038,0300) VR=LO Current Patient Location
static int CurrentRequestedProcedureEvidenceSeq
          (0040,A375) VR=SQ Current Requested Procedure Evidence Sequence
static int CurrentTreatmentStatus
          (3008,0200) VR=CS Current Treatment Status
static int CurvatureType
          (0014,0052) VR=CS Curvature Type
static int CurveActivationLayer
          (50xx,1001) VR=CS Curve Activation Layer (Retired)
static int CurveData
          (50xx,3000) VR=OB,OW Curve Data (Retired)
static int CurveDataDescriptor
          (50xx,0110) VR=US Curve Data Descriptor (Retired)
static int CurveDate
          (0008,0025) VR=DA Curve Date (Retired)
static int CurveDescription
          (50xx,0022) VR=LO Curve Description (Retired)
static int CurveDimensions
          (50xx,0005) VR=US Curve Dimensions (Retired)
static int CurveLabel
          (50xx,2500) VR=LO Curve Label (Retired)
static int CurveNumber
          (0020,0024) VR=IS Curve Number (Retired)
static int CurveRange
          (50xx,0106) VR=SH Curve Range (Retired)
static int CurveTime
          (0008,0035) VR=TM Curve Time (Retired)
static int CustodialOrganizationSeq
          (0040,A07C) VR=SQ Custodial Organization Sequence
static int CylinderAxis
          (0022,0009) VR=FL Cylinder Axis
static int CylinderLensPower
          (0022,0008) VR=FL Cylinder Lens Power
static int CylinderPower
          (0046,0147) VR=FD Cylinder Power
static int CylinderSeq
          (0046,0018) VR=SQ Cylinder Sequence
static int DACAmplitude
          (0014,403C) VR=DS DAC Amplitude
static int DACGainPoints
          (0014,4038) VR=DS DAC Gain Points
static int DACSeq
          (0014,4035) VR=SQ DAC Sequence
static int DACTimePoints
          (0014,403A) VR=DS DAC Time Points
static int DACType
          (0014,4036) VR=CS DAC Type
static int Damping
          (0014,4028) VR=DS Damping
static int DarkCurrentCounts
          (0014,3050) VR=OB,OW Dark Current Counts
static int DarkCurrentSeq
          (0014,3040) VR=SQ Dark Current Sequence
static int DataBlock
          (0028,0702) VR=AT Data Block (Retired)
static int DataBlockDescription
          (0028,0701) VR=CS Data Block Description (Retired)
static int DataCollectionCenterPatient
          (0018,9313) VR=FD Data Collection Center (Patient)
static int DataCollectionDiameter
          (0018,0090) VR=DS Data Collection Diameter
static int DataElementsSigned
          (0400,0020) VR=AT Data Elements Signed
static int DataFrameAssignmentSeq
          (0028,1401) VR=SQ Data Frame Assignment Sequence
static int DataInformationSeq
          (0054,0063) VR=SQ Data Information Sequence
static int DataObservationSeq
          (0024,0325) VR=SQ Data Observation Sequence
static int DataPathAssignment
          (0028,1402) VR=CS Data Path Assignment
static int DataPathID
          (0028,140E) VR=CS Data Path ID
static int DataPointColumns
          (0028,9002) VR=UL Data Point Columns
static int DataPointRows
          (0028,9001) VR=UL Data Point Rows
static int DataRepresentation
          (0028,9108) VR=CS Data Representation
static int DataSetDescription
          (0024,0309) VR=LO Data Set Description
static int DataSetName
          (0024,0306) VR=LO Data Set Name
static int DataSetSource
          (0024,0308) VR=LO Data Set Source
static int DataSetSubtypeRetired
          (0008,0041) VR=LO Data Set Subtype (Retired)
static int DataSetTrailingPadding
          (FFFC,FFFC) VR=OB Data Set Trailing Padding
static int DataSetType
          (0000,0800) VR=US Command Data Set Type
static int DataSetTypeRetired
          (0008,0040) VR=US Data Set Type (Retired)
static int DataSetVersion
          (0024,0307) VR=LO Data Set Version
static int DataType
          (0018,9808) VR=CS Data Type
static int DataValueRepresentation
          (50xx,0103) VR=US Data Value Representation (Retired)
static int Date
          (0040,A121) VR=DA Date
static int DateOfDocumentOrVerbalTransactionTrial
          (0040,A110) VR=DA Date of Document or Verbal Transaction (Trial) (Retired)
static int DateOfGainCalibration
          (0014,3076) VR=DA Date of Gain Calibration
static int DateOfLastCalibration
          (0018,1200) VR=DA Date of Last Calibration
static int DateOfLastDetectorCalibration
          (0018,700C) VR=DA Date of Last Detector Calibration
static int DateOfSecondaryCapture
          (0018,1012) VR=DA Date of Secondary Capture
static int DateTime
          (0040,A120) VR=DT DateTime
static int DateTimeOfLastCalibration
          (0018,1202) VR=DT DateTime of Last Calibration
static int dBDt
          (0018,1318) VR=DS dB/dt
static int DCTLabel
          (0028,0700) VR=LO DCT Label (Retired)
static int DDLValue
          (0028,7017) VR=US DDL Value
static int DeadTimeCorrected
          (0018,9761) VR=CS Dead Time Corrected
static int DeadTimeCorrectionFlag
          (0054,1401) VR=CS Dead Time Correction Flag (Retired)
static int DeadTimeFactor
          (0054,1324) VR=DS Dead Time Factor
static int DecayCorrected
          (0018,9758) VR=CS Decay Corrected
static int DecayCorrection
          (0054,1102) VR=CS Decay Correction
static int DecayCorrectionDateTime
          (0018,9701) VR=DT Decay Correction DateTime
static int DecayFactor
          (0054,1321) VR=DS Decay Factor
static int DecimalPotentialVisualAcuity
          (0046,0238) VR=FL Decimal Potential Visual Acuity
static int DecimalVisualAcuity
          (0046,0137) VR=FD Decimal Visual Acuity
static int DecimateCropResult
          (2020,00A2) VR=CS Decimate/Crop Result
static int DeCoupledNucleus
          (0018,9060) VR=CS De-coupled Nucleus
static int DeCoupling
          (0018,9059) VR=CS De-coupling
static int DeCouplingChemicalShiftReference
          (0018,9063) VR=FD De-coupling Chemical Shift Reference
static int DeCouplingFrequency
          (0018,9061) VR=FD De-coupling Frequency
static int DeCouplingMethod
          (0018,9062) VR=CS De-coupling Method
static int DefaultMagnificationType
          (2010,00A6) VR=CS Default Magnification Type
static int DefaultPrinterResolutionID
          (2010,0054) VR=CS Default Printer Resolution ID
static int DefaultSmoothingType
          (2010,00A8) VR=CS Default Smoothing Type
static int DeformableRegistrationGridSeq
          (0064,0005) VR=SQ Deformable Registration Grid Sequence
static int DeformableRegistrationSeq
          (0064,0002) VR=SQ Deformable Registration Sequence
static int DegreeOfDilation
          (0022,000E) VR=FL Degree of Dilation
static int DegreeOfFreedomID
          (0068,6410) VR=US Degree of Freedom ID
static int DegreeOfFreedomType
          (0068,6420) VR=CS Degree of Freedom Type
static int DeIdentificationMethod
          (0012,0063) VR=LO De-identification Method
static int DeIdentificationMethodCodeSeq
          (0012,0064) VR=SQ De-identification Method Code Sequence
static int DelayLawIdentifier
          (0014,405C) VR=ST Delay Law Identifier
static int DeletionLock
          (0074,1230) VR=LO Deletion Lock
static int DeliveredChannelTotalTime
          (3008,0134) VR=DS Delivered Channel Total Time
static int DeliveredMeterset
          (3008,0044) VR=DS Delivered Meterset
static int DeliveredNumberOfPulses
          (3008,0138) VR=IS Delivered Number of Pulses
static int DeliveredPrimaryMeterset
          (3008,0036) VR=DS Delivered Primary Meterset
static int DeliveredPulseRepetitionInterval
          (3008,013C) VR=DS Delivered Pulse Repetition Interval
static int DeliveredSecondaryMeterset
          (3008,0037) VR=DS Delivered Secondary Meterset
static int DeliveredTreatmentTime
          (3008,003B) VR=DS Delivered Treatment Time
static int DeliveryMaximumDose
          (300A,0023) VR=DS Delivery Maximum Dose
static int DeliveryVerificationImageSeq
          (0074,1030) VR=SQ Delivery Verification Image Sequence
static int DeliveryWarningDose
          (300A,0022) VR=DS Delivery Warning Dose
static int Density
          (4010,1018) VR=FL Density
static int DepthOfFocus
          (0018,9801) VR=FD Depth(s) of Focus
static int DepthOfScanField
          (0018,5050) VR=IS Depth of Scan Field
static int DepthOfTransverseImage
          (0022,0041) VR=FL Depth of Transverse Image
static int DepthSpatialResolution
          (0022,0035) VR=FL Depth Spatial Resolution
static int DerivationCodeSeq
          (0008,9215) VR=SQ Derivation Code Sequence
static int DerivationDescription
          (0008,2111) VR=ST Derivation Description
static int DerivationImageSeq
          (0008,9124) VR=SQ Derivation Image Sequence
static int DerivationImplantAssemblyTemplateSeq
          (0076,000E) VR=SQ Derivation Implant Assembly Template Sequence
static int DerivationImplantTemplateSeq
          (0068,6224) VR=SQ Derivation Implant Template Sequence
static int DestinationAE
          (2100,0140) VR=AE Destination AE (Retired)
static int DetailsOfCoefficients
          (0028,0404) VR=AT Details of Coefficients (Retired)
static int DetectorActivationOffsetFromExposure
          (0018,7016) VR=DS Detector Activation Offset From Exposure
static int DetectorActiveAreaOrientation
          (0018,9558) VR=FD Detector Active Area Orientation
static int DetectorActiveAreaTLHCPosition
          (0018,9557) VR=FD Detector Active Area TLHC Position
static int DetectorActiveDimension
          (0018,7026) VR=DS Detector Active Dimension(s)
static int DetectorActiveOrigin
          (0018,7028) VR=DS Detector Active Origin
static int DetectorActiveShape
          (0018,7024) VR=CS Detector Active Shape
static int DetectorActiveTime
          (0018,7014) VR=DS Detector Active Time
static int DetectorBinning
          (0018,701A) VR=DS Detector Binning
static int DetectorCalibrationData
          (4010,106C) VR=OB Detector Calibration Data
static int DetectorConditionsNominalFlag
          (0018,7000) VR=CS Detector Conditions Nominal Flag
static int DetectorConfiguration
          (0018,7005) VR=CS Detector Configuration
static int DetectorDescription
          (0018,7006) VR=LT Detector Description
static int DetectorElementPhysicalSize
          (0018,7020) VR=DS Detector Element Physical Size
static int DetectorElementSize
          (0054,1203) VR=DS Detector Element Size
static int DetectorElementSpacing
          (0018,7022) VR=DS Detector Element Spacing
static int DetectorGeometry
          (0018,9725) VR=CS Detector Geometry
static int DetectorGeometrySeq
          (4010,0004) VR=SQ Detector Geometry Sequence
static int DetectorID
          (0018,700A) VR=SH Detector ID
static int DetectorInformationSeq
          (0054,0022) VR=SQ Detector Information Sequence
static int DetectorIsocenterPrimaryAngle
          (0018,9550) VR=FD Detector Isocenter Primary Angle
static int DetectorIsocenterSecondaryAngle
          (0018,9551) VR=FD Detector Isocenter Secondary Angle
static int DetectorLinesOfResponseUsed
          (0054,1104) VR=LO Detector Lines of Response Used
static int DetectorManufacturerModelName
          (0018,702B) VR=LO Detector Manufacturer's Model Name
static int DetectorManufacturerName
          (0018,702A) VR=LO Detector Manufacturer Name
static int DetectorMode
          (0018,7008) VR=LT Detector Mode
static int DetectorNormalizationCorrection
          (0018,9768) VR=CS Detector Normalization Correction
static int DetectorPositionSeq
          (0018,9541) VR=SQ Detector Position Sequence
static int DetectorPrimaryAngle
          (0018,1530) VR=DS Detector Primary Angle
static int DetectorSecondaryAngle
          (0018,1531) VR=DS Detector Secondary Angle
static int DetectorTemperature
          (0018,7001) VR=DS Detector Temperature
static int DetectorTemperatureSeq
          (0014,3020) VR=SQ Detector Temperature Sequence
static int DetectorTimeSinceLastExposure
          (0018,7012) VR=DS Detector Time Since Last Exposure
static int DetectorType
          (0018,7004) VR=CS Detector Type
static int DetectorVector
          (0054,0020) VR=US Detector Vector
static int DetectorXPositionToIsocenter
          (0018,9552) VR=FD Detector X Position to Isocenter
static int DetectorYPositionToIsocenter
          (0018,9553) VR=FD Detector Y Position to Isocenter
static int DetectorZPositionToIsocenter
          (0018,9554) VR=FD Detector Z Position to Isocenter
static int DeviationIndex
          (0018,1413) VR=DS Deviation Index
static int DeviceDescription
          (0050,0020) VR=LO Device Description
static int DeviceDiameter
          (0050,0016) VR=DS Device Diameter
static int DeviceDiameterUnits
          (0050,0017) VR=CS Device Diameter Units
static int DeviceID
          (0018,1003) VR=LO Device ID
static int DeviceLength
          (0050,0014) VR=DS Device Length
static int DeviceSeq
          (0050,0010) VR=SQ Device Sequence
static int DeviceSerialNumber
          (0018,1000) VR=LO Device Serial Number
static int DeviceUID
          (0018,1002) VR=UI Device UID
static int DeviceVolume
          (0050,0018) VR=DS Device Volume
static int DialogReceiverRetired
          (0000,4000) VR=LT Dialog Receiver
static int DiameterOfVisibility
          (0070,0262) VR=FL Diameter of Visibility
static int DiaphragmPosition
          (3002,0034) VR=DS Diaphragm Position
static int DICOMMediaRetrievalSeq
          (0040,E022) VR=SQ DICOM Media Retrieval Sequence
static int DICOMRetrievalSeq
          (0040,E021) VR=SQ DICOM Retrieval Sequence
static int DICOSVersion
          (4010,103A) VR=CS DICOS Version
static int DiffusionAnisotropyType
          (0018,9147) VR=CS Diffusion Anisotropy Type
static int DiffusionBMatrixSeq
          (0018,9601) VR=SQ Diffusion b-matrix Sequence
static int DiffusionBValue
          (0018,9087) VR=FD Diffusion b-value
static int DiffusionBValueXX
          (0018,9602) VR=FD Diffusion b-value XX
static int DiffusionBValueXY
          (0018,9603) VR=FD Diffusion b-value XY
static int DiffusionBValueXZ
          (0018,9604) VR=FD Diffusion b-value XZ
static int DiffusionBValueYY
          (0018,9605) VR=FD Diffusion b-value YY
static int DiffusionBValueYZ
          (0018,9606) VR=FD Diffusion b-value YZ
static int DiffusionBValueZZ
          (0018,9607) VR=FD Diffusion b-value ZZ
static int DiffusionDirectionality
          (0018,9075) VR=CS Diffusion Directionality
static int DiffusionGradientDirectionSeq
          (0018,9076) VR=SQ Diffusion Gradient Direction Sequence
static int DiffusionGradientOrientation
          (0018,9089) VR=FD Diffusion Gradient Orientation
static int DigitalImageFormatAcquired
          (0018,1023) VR=LO Digital Image Format Acquired
static int DigitalSignatureDateTime
          (0400,0105) VR=DT Digital Signature DateTime
static int DigitalSignaturePurposeCodeSeq
          (0400,0401) VR=SQ Digital Signature Purpose Code Sequence
static int DigitalSignaturesSeq
          (FFFA,FFFA) VR=SQ Digital Signatures Sequence
static int DigitalSignatureUID
          (0400,0100) VR=UI Digital Signature UID
static int DigitizingDeviceTransportDirection
          (0018,2020) VR=CS Digitizing Device Transport Direction
static int DimensionDescriptionLabel
          (0020,9421) VR=LO Dimension Description Label
static int DimensionIndexPointer
          (0020,9165) VR=AT Dimension Index Pointer
static int DimensionIndexPrivateCreator
          (0020,9213) VR=LO Dimension Index Private Creator
static int DimensionIndexSeq
          (0020,9222) VR=SQ Dimension Index Sequence
static int DimensionIndexValues
          (0020,9157) VR=UL Dimension Index Values
static int DimensionOrganizationSeq
          (0020,9221) VR=SQ Dimension Organization Sequence
static int DimensionOrganizationType
          (0020,9311) VR=CS Dimension Organization Type
static int DimensionOrganizationUID
          (0020,9164) VR=UI Dimension Organization UID
static int DirectoryRecordSeq
          (0004,1220) VR=SQ Directory Record Sequence
static int DirectoryRecordType
          (0004,1430) VR=CS Directory Record Type
static int DischargeDate
          (0038,0030) VR=DA Discharge Date (Retired)
static int DischargeDiagnosisCodeSeq
          (0038,0044) VR=SQ Discharge Diagnosis Code Sequence (Retired)
static int DischargeDiagnosisDescription
          (0038,0040) VR=LO Discharge Diagnosis Description (Retired)
static int DischargeTime
          (0038,0032) VR=TM Discharge Time (Retired)
static int DisplayCalibrationResultSeq
          (0028,7016) VR=SQ Display Calibration Result Sequence
static int DisplayDeviceTypeCodeSeq
          (0028,7022) VR=SQ Display Device Type Code Sequence
static int DisplayedAreaBottomRightHandCorner
          (0070,0053) VR=SL Displayed Area Bottom Right Hand Corner
static int DisplayedAreaBottomRightHandCornerTrial
          (0070,0051) VR=US Displayed Area Bottom Right Hand Corner (Trial) (Retired)
static int DisplayedAreaSelectionSeq
          (0070,005A) VR=SQ Displayed Area Selection Sequence
static int DisplayedAreaTopLeftHandCorner
          (0070,0052) VR=SL Displayed Area Top Left Hand Corner
static int DisplayedAreaTopLeftHandCornerTrial
          (0070,0050) VR=US Displayed Area Top Left Hand Corner (Trial) (Retired)
static int DisplayedZValue
          (0018,2046) VR=FL Displayed Z Value
static int DisplayEnvironmentSpatialPosition
          (0072,0108) VR=FD Display Environment Spatial Position
static int DisplayFilterPercentage
          (0028,9411) VR=FL Display Filter Percentage
static int DisplayFormatRetired
          (0000,5110) VR=LT Display Format
static int DisplayFunctionType
          (0028,7019) VR=CS Display Function Type
static int DisplaySetHorizontalJustification
          (0072,0717) VR=CS Display Set Horizontal Justification
static int DisplaySetLabel
          (0072,0203) VR=LO Display Set Label
static int DisplaySetNumber
          (0072,0202) VR=US Display Set Number
static int DisplaySetPatientOrientation
          (0072,0700) VR=CS Display Set Patient Orientation
static int DisplaySetPresentationGroup
          (0072,0204) VR=US Display Set Presentation Group
static int DisplaySetPresentationGroupDescription
          (0072,0206) VR=LO Display Set Presentation Group Description
static int DisplaySetScrollingGroup
          (0072,0212) VR=US Display Set Scrolling Group
static int DisplaySetsSeq
          (0072,0200) VR=SQ Display Sets Sequence
static int DisplaySetVerticalJustification
          (0072,0718) VR=CS Display Set Vertical Justification
static int DisplayShadingFlag
          (003A,0246) VR=CS Display Shading Flag
static int DisplaySubsystemConfigurationSeq
          (0028,700A) VR=SQ Display Subsystem Configuration Sequence
static int DisplaySubsystemDescription
          (0028,7005) VR=LO Display Subsystem Description
static int DisplaySubsystemID
          (0028,7003) VR=US Display Subsystem ID
static int DisplaySubsystemName
          (0028,7004) VR=SH Display Subsystem Name
static int DisplaySubsystemQAResultsSeq
          (0028,7010) VR=SQ Display Subsystem QA Results Sequence
static int DisplaySubsystemSeq
          (0028,7023) VR=SQ Display Subsystem Sequence
static int DisplayWindowLabelVector
          (0018,2006) VR=SH Display Window Label Vector
static int DistanceBetweenFocalPlanes
          (0048,0014) VR=FL Distance Between Focal Planes
static int DistanceObjectToTableTop
          (0018,9403) VR=FL Distance Object to Table Top
static int DistancePupillaryDistance
          (0046,0060) VR=FD Distance Pupillary Distance
static int DistanceReceptorPlaneToDetectorHousing
          (0018,9426) VR=FL Distance Receptor Plane to Detector Housing
static int DistanceSourceToDataCollectionCenter
          (0018,9335) VR=FD Distance Source to Data Collection Center
static int DistanceSourceToDetector
          (0018,1110) VR=DS Distance Source to Detector
static int DistanceSourceToEntrance
          (0040,0306) VR=DS Distance Source to Entrance
static int DistanceSourceToIsocenter
          (0018,9402) VR=FL Distance Source to Isocenter
static int DistanceSourceToPatient
          (0018,1111) VR=DS Distance Source to Patient
static int DistanceSourceToSupport
          (0040,0307) VR=DS Distance Source to Support (Retired)
static int DistributionAddress
          (4008,011A) VR=LO Distribution Address (Retired)
static int DistributionName
          (4008,0119) VR=PN Distribution Name (Retired)
static int DistributionType
          (0012,0084) VR=CS Distribution Type
static int DocumentAuthorIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A068) VR=SQ Document Author Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int DocumentAuthorTrial
          (0040,A067) VR=PN Document Author (Trial) (Retired)
static int DocumentClassCodeSeq
          (0040,E008) VR=SQ Document Class Code Sequence
static int DocumentIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A066) VR=SQ Document Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int DocumentingObserverIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A076) VR=SQ Documenting Observer Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int DocumentingOrganizationIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A028) VR=SQ Documenting Organization Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int DocumentTitle
          (0042,0010) VR=ST Document Title
static int DopplerCorrectionAngle
          (0018,6034) VR=FD Doppler Correction Angle
static int DopplerSampleVolumeXPosition
          (0018,6038) VR=UL Doppler Sample Volume X Position (Retired)
static int DopplerSampleVolumeXPosition2012
          (0018,6039) VR=SL Doppler Sample Volume X Position
static int DopplerSampleVolumeYPosition
          (0018,603A) VR=UL Doppler Sample Volume Y Position (Retired)
static int DopplerSampleVolumeYPosition2012
          (0018,603B) VR=SL Doppler Sample Volume Y Position
static int DoseCalibrationFactor
          (0054,1322) VR=DS Dose Calibration Factor
static int DoseComment
          (3004,0006) VR=LO Dose Comment
static int DoseGridScaling
          (3004,000E) VR=DS Dose Grid Scaling
static int DoseRateDelivered
          (3008,0048) VR=DS Dose Rate Delivered
static int DoseRateSet
          (300A,0115) VR=DS Dose Rate Set
static int DoseReferenceDescription
          (300A,0016) VR=LO Dose Reference Description
static int DoseReferenceNumber
          (300A,0012) VR=IS Dose Reference Number
static int DoseReferencePointCoordinates
          (300A,0018) VR=DS Dose Reference Point Coordinates
static int DoseReferenceSeq
          (300A,0010) VR=SQ Dose Reference Sequence
static int DoseReferenceStructureType
          (300A,0014) VR=CS Dose Reference Structure Type
static int DoseReferenceType
          (300A,0020) VR=CS Dose Reference Type
static int DoseReferenceUID
          (300A,0013) VR=UI Dose Reference UID
static int DoseSummationType
          (3004,000A) VR=CS Dose Summation Type
static int DoseType
          (3004,0004) VR=CS Dose Type
static int DoseUnits
          (3004,0002) VR=CS Dose Units
static int DoseValue
          (3004,0012) VR=DS Dose Value
static int DoubleExposureFieldDelta
          (0074,133A) VR=FD Double Exposure Field Delta
static int DoubleExposureFieldDeltaTrial
          (0074,103A) VR=DS Double Exposure Field Delta (Trial) (Retired)
static int DoubleExposureFlag
          (0074,1034) VR=CS Double Exposure Flag
static int DoubleExposureMeterset
          (0074,1338) VR=FD Double Exposure Meterset
static int DoubleExposureMetersetTrial
          (0074,1038) VR=DS Double Exposure Meterset (Trial) (Retired)
static int DoubleExposureOrdering
          (0074,1036) VR=CS Double Exposure Ordering
static int DriveProbeSeq
          (0014,4083) VR=SQ Drive Probe Sequence
static int DriveType
          (0014,4081) VR=CS Drive Type
static int DVHData
          (3004,0058) VR=DS DVH Data
static int DVHDoseScaling
          (3004,0052) VR=DS DVH Dose Scaling
static int DVHMaximumDose
          (3004,0072) VR=DS DVH Maximum Dose
static int DVHMeanDose
          (3004,0074) VR=DS DVH Mean Dose
static int DVHMinimumDose
          (3004,0070) VR=DS DVH Minimum Dose
static int DVHNormalizationDoseValue
          (3004,0042) VR=DS DVH Normalization Dose Value
static int DVHNormalizationPoint
          (3004,0040) VR=DS DVH Normalization Point
static int DVHNumberOfBins
          (3004,0056) VR=IS DVH Number of Bins
static int DVHRefROISeq
          (3004,0060) VR=SQ DVH Referenced ROI Sequence
static int DVHROIContributionType
          (3004,0062) VR=CS DVH ROI Contribution Type
static int DVHSeq
          (3004,0050) VR=SQ DVH Sequence
static int DVHType
          (3004,0001) VR=CS DVH Type
static int DVHVolumeUnits
          (3004,0054) VR=CS DVH Volume Units
static int DynamicRangeRetired
          (0018,5030) VR=DS Dynamic Range (Retired)
static int EchoNumber
          (0018,0086) VR=IS Echo Number(s)
static int EchoPeakPosition
          (0018,9298) VR=IS Echo Peak Position
static int EchoPlanarPulseSeq
          (0018,9018) VR=CS Echo Planar Pulse Sequence
static int EchoPulseSeq
          (0018,9008) VR=CS Echo Pulse Sequence
static int EchoTime
          (0018,0081) VR=DS Echo Time
static int EchoTrainLength
          (0018,0091) VR=IS Echo Train Length
static int EcryptedAttributesSeq
          (0400,0500) VR=SQ Encrypted Attributes Sequence
static int EdgePointIndexList
          (0066,0024) VR=OW Edge Point Index List
static int EffectiveDateTime
          (0068,6226) VR=DT Effective DateTime
static int EffectiveDuration
          (0018,0072) VR=DS Effective Duration
static int EffectiveEchoTime
          (0018,9082) VR=FD Effective Echo Time
static int EffectiveRefractiveIndex
          (0052,0004) VR=FD Effective Refractive Index
static int ElementDimensionA
          (0014,4014) VR=DS Element Dimension A
static int ElementDimensionB
          (0014,4015) VR=DS Element Dimension B
static int ElementPitchA
          (0014,4016) VR=DS Element Pitch A
static int ElementPitchB
          (0014,401D) VR=DS Element Pitch B
static int ElementShape
          (0014,4013) VR=CS Element Shape
static int EmmetropicMagnification
          (0022,000A) VR=FL Emmetropic Magnification
static int EmptyImageBoxCIELabValue
          (0072,0421) VR=US Empty Image Box CIELab Value
static int EmptyImageDensity
          (2010,0110) VR=CS Empty Image Density
static int EncapsulatedDocument
          (0042,0011) VR=OB Encapsulated Document
static int EncryptedContent
          (0400,0520) VR=OB Encrypted Content
static int EncryptedContentTransferSyntax
          (0400,0510) VR=UI Encrypted Content Transfer Syntax UID
static int EndAcquisitionDateTime
          (0018,9517) VR=DT End Acquisition DateTime
static int EndCumulativeMetersetWeight
          (300C,0009) VR=DS End Cumulative Meterset Weight
static int EndingRespiratoryAmplitude
          (0020,9248) VR=FL Ending Respiratory Amplitude
static int EndingRespiratoryPhase
          (0020,9249) VR=CS Ending Respiratory Phase
static int EndMessageIDRetired
          (0000,5020) VR=SH End Message ID
static int EndMeterset
          (3008,007A) VR=DS End Meterset
static int EnergyWeightingFactor
          (0018,9353) VR=FL Energy Weighting Factor
static int EnergyWindowCenterlineRetired
          (0018,0032) VR=DS Energy Window Centerline (Retired)
static int EnergyWindowInformationSeq
          (0054,0012) VR=SQ Energy Window Information Sequence
static int EnergyWindowLowerLimit
          (0054,0014) VR=DS Energy Window Lower Limit
static int EnergyWindowName
          (0054,0018) VR=SH Energy Window Name
static int EnergyWindowNumber
          (0054,0308) VR=US Energy Window Number
static int EnergyWindowRangeSeq
          (0054,0013) VR=SQ Energy Window Range Sequence
static int EnergyWindowTotalWidthRetired
          (0018,0033) VR=DS Energy Window Total Width (Retired)
static int EnergyWindowUpperLimit
          (0054,0015) VR=DS Energy Window Upper Limit
static int EnergyWindowVector
          (0054,0010) VR=US Energy Window Vector
static int EnhancedPaletteColorLUTSeq
          (0028,140B) VR=SQ Enhanced Palette Color Lookup Table Sequence
static int EntranceDose
          (0040,0302) VR=US Entrance Dose
static int EntranceDoseInmGy
          (0040,8302) VR=DS Entrance Dose in mGy
static int EnvironmentalConditions
          (0014,1040) VR=ST Environmental Conditions
static int EquipmentAdministratorSeq
          (0028,7000) VR=SQ Equipment Administrator Sequence
static int EquipmentCoordinateSystemIdentification
          (0028,9537) VR=CS Equipment Coordinate System Identification
static int EquivalentCDADocumentSeq
          (0040,A090) VR=SQ Equivalent CDA Document Sequence (Retired)
static int EquivalentPupilRadius
          (0046,0205) VR=FL Equivalent Pupil Radius
static int EraseRetired
          (0000,5190) VR=CS Erase
static int ErrorComment
          (0000,0902) VR=LO Error Comment
static int ErrorID
          (0000,0903) VR=US Error ID
static int EscapeTriplet
          (1000,xxx0) VR=US Escape Triplet (Retired)
static int EstimatedDoseSaving
          (0018,9324) VR=FD Estimated Dose Saving
static int EstimatedRadiographicMagnificationFactor
          (0018,1114) VR=DS Estimated Radiographic Magnification Factor
static int EthnicGroup
          (0010,2160) VR=SH Ethnic Group
static int EvaluationAttempt
          (0014,2008) VR=IS Evaluation Attempt
static int EvaluatorName
          (0014,2006) VR=PN Evaluator Name
static int EvaluatorNumber
          (0014,2004) VR=IS Evaluator Number
static int EvaluatorSeq
          (0014,2002) VR=SQ Evaluator Sequence
static int EventCodeSeq
          (0008,2135) VR=SQ Event Code Sequence
static int EventElapsedTime
          (0008,2130) VR=DS Event Elapsed Time(s)
static int EventTimeOffset
          (0008,2134) VR=FD Event Time Offset
static int EventTimerName
          (0008,2132) VR=LO Event Timer Name(s)
static int EventTimerSeq
          (0008,2133) VR=SQ Event Timer Sequence
static int EventTypeID
          (0000,1002) VR=US Event Type ID
static int ExaminedBodyThickness
          (0010,9431) VR=FL Examined Body Thickness
static int ExcessiveFalseNegatives
          (0024,0052) VR=CS Excessive False Negatives
static int ExcessiveFalseNegativesDataFlag
          (0024,0051) VR=CS Excessive False Negatives Data Flag
static int ExcessiveFalsePositives
          (0024,0062) VR=CS Excessive False Positives
static int ExcessiveFalsePositivesDataFlag
          (0024,0061) VR=CS Excessive False Positives Data Flag
static int ExcessiveFixationLosses
          (0024,0040) VR=CS Excessive Fixation Losses
static int ExcessiveFixationLossesDataFlag
          (0024,0039) VR=CS Excessive Fixation Losses Data Flag
static int ExcitationFrequency
          (0014,4024) VR=DS Excitation Frequency
static int ExcludedIntervalsSeq
          (0018,9803) VR=SQ Excluded Intervals Sequence
static int ExclusionDuration
          (0018,9805) VR=FD Exclusion Duration
static int ExclusionStartDatetime
          (0018,9804) VR=DT Exclusion Start DateTime
static int ExclusiveComponentType
          (0076,0036) VR=CS Exclusive Component Type
static int ExecutionStatus
          (2100,0020) VR=CS Execution Status
static int ExecutionStatusInfo
          (2100,0030) VR=CS Execution Status Info
static int ExpectedCompletionDateAndTime
          (0040,4011) VR=DT Expected Completion DateTime
static int ExpiryDate
          (0014,1020) VR=DA Expiry Date
static int ExposedArea
          (0040,0303) VR=US Exposed Area
static int Exposure
          (0018,1152) VR=IS Exposure
static int ExposureControlMode
          (0018,7060) VR=CS Exposure Control Mode
static int ExposureControlModeDescription
          (0018,7062) VR=LT Exposure Control Mode Description
static int ExposureControlSensingRegionLeftVerticalEdge
          (0018,9436) VR=SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Left Vertical Edge
static int ExposureControlSensingRegionLowerHorizontalEdge
          (0018,9439) VR=SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Lower Horizontal Edge
static int ExposureControlSensingRegionRightVerticalEdge
          (0018,9437) VR=SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Right Vertical Edge
static int ExposureControlSensingRegionShape
          (0018,9435) VR=CS Exposure Control Sensing Region Shape
static int ExposureControlSensingRegionsSeq
          (0018,9434) VR=SQ Exposure Control Sensing Regions Sequence
static int ExposureControlSensingRegionUpperHorizontalEdge
          (0018,9438) VR=SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Upper Horizontal Edge
static int ExposureDoseSeq
          (0040,030E) VR=SQ Exposure Dose Sequence
static int ExposureIndex
          (0018,1411) VR=DS Exposure Index
static int ExposureInMAs
          (0018,9332) VR=FD Exposure in mAs
static int ExposureInuAs
          (0018,1153) VR=IS Exposure in µAs
static int ExposureModulationType
          (0018,9323) VR=CS Exposure Modulation Type
static int ExposureSeq
          (3002,0030) VR=SQ Exposure Sequence
static int ExposuresOnDetectorSinceLastCalibration
          (0018,7010) VR=IS Exposures on Detector Since Last Calibration
static int ExposuresOnDetectorSinceManufactured
          (0018,7011) VR=IS Exposures on Detector Since Manufactured
static int ExposuresOnPlate
          (0018,1404) VR=US Exposures on Plate
static int ExposureStatus
          (0018,7064) VR=CS Exposure Status
static int ExposureTime
          (0018,1150) VR=IS Exposure Time
static int ExposureTimeInMs
          (0018,9328) VR=FD Exposure Time in ms
static int ExposureTimeInuS
          (0018,8150) VR=DS Exposure Time in µS
static int ExtendedCodeMeaning
          (0008,0108) VR=LT Extended Code Meaning
static int ExtendedCodeValue
          (0008,0101) VR=LO Extended Code Value
static int ExtendedDepthOfField
          (0048,0012) VR=CS Extended Depth of Field
static int FacetSeq
          (0066,0034) VR=SQ Facet Sequence
static int FailedAttributesSeq
          (0074,1048) VR=SQ Failed Attributes Sequence
static int FailedSOPInstanceUIDList
          (0008,0058) VR=UI Failed SOP Instance UID List
static int FailedSOPSeq
          (0008,1198) VR=SQ Failed SOP Sequence
static int FailureAttributes
          (2200,000E) VR=AT Failure Attributes
static int FailureReason
          (0008,1197) VR=US Failure Reason
static int FalseNegativesEstimate
          (0024,0046) VR=FL False Negatives Estimate
static int FalseNegativesEstimateFlag
          (0024,0045) VR=CS False Negatives Estimate Flag
static int FalseNegativesQuantity
          (0024,0050) VR=US False Negatives Quantity
static int FalsePositivesEstimate
          (0024,0054) VR=FL False Positives Estimate
static int FalsePositivesEstimateFlag
          (0024,0053) VR=CS False Positives Estimate Flag
static int FalsePositivesQuantity
          (0024,0060) VR=US False Positives Quantity
static int FiducialDescription
          (0070,030F) VR=ST Fiducial Description
static int FiducialIdentifier
          (0070,0310) VR=SH Fiducial Identifier
static int FiducialIdentifierCodeSeq
          (0070,0311) VR=SQ Fiducial Identifier Code Sequence
static int FiducialSeq
          (0070,031E) VR=SQ Fiducial Sequence
static int FiducialSetSeq
          (0070,031C) VR=SQ Fiducial Set Sequence
static int FiducialUID
          (0070,031A) VR=UI Fiducial UID
static int FieldOfViewDescription
          (0018,9433) VR=LO Field of View Description
static int FieldOfViewDimension
          (0018,1149) VR=IS Field of View Dimension(s)
static int FieldOfViewDimensionInFloat
          (0018,9461) VR=FL Field of View Dimension(s) in Float
static int FieldOfViewHorizontalFlip
          (0018,7034) VR=CS Field of View Horizontal Flip
static int FieldOfViewOrigin
          (0018,7030) VR=DS Field of View Origin
static int FieldOfViewRotation
          (0018,7032) VR=DS Field of View Rotation
static int FieldOfViewSeq
          (0018,9432) VR=SQ Field of View Sequence
static int FieldOfViewShape
          (0018,1147) VR=CS Field of View Shape
static int FileMetaInformationGroupLength
          (0002,0000) VR=UL File Meta Information Group Length
static int FileMetaInformationVersion
          (0002,0001) VR=OB File Meta Information Version
static int FileSetConsistencyFlag
          (0004,1212) VR=US File-set Consistency Flag
static int FileSetDescriptorFileID
          (0004,1141) VR=CS File-set Descriptor File ID
static int FileSetID
          (0004,1130) VR=CS File-set ID
static int FillerOrderNumber
          (0040,2017) VR=LO Filler Order Number / Imaging Service Request
static int FillerOrderNumberImagingServiceRequestRetired
          (0040,2007) VR=SH Filler Order Number / Imaging Service Request (Retired)
static int FillerOrderNumberProcedureRetired
          (0040,1007) VR=SH Filler Order Number / Procedure (Retired)
static int FillMode
          (0070,0257) VR=CS Fill Mode
static int FillPattern
          (0070,0256) VR=OB Fill Pattern
static int FillStyleSeq
          (0070,0233) VR=SQ Fill Style Sequence
static int FilmBoxContentSeq
          (2130,0030) VR=SQ Film Box Content Sequence (Retired)
static int FilmConsumptionSeq
          (0040,0321) VR=SQ Film Consumption Sequence
static int FilmDestination
          (2000,0040) VR=CS Film Destination
static int FilmOrientation
          (2010,0040) VR=CS Film Orientation
static int FilmSessionLabel
          (2000,0050) VR=LO Film Session Label
static int FilmSizeID
          (2010,0050) VR=CS Film Size ID
static int FilterBeamPathLengthMaximum
          (0018,7058) VR=FL Filter Beam Path Length Maximum
static int FilterBeamPathLengthMinimum
          (0018,7056) VR=FL Filter Beam Path Length Minimum
static int FilterByAttributePresence
          (0072,0404) VR=CS Filter-by Attribute Presence
static int FilterByCategory
          (0072,0402) VR=CS Filter-by Category
static int FilterByOperator
          (0072,0406) VR=CS Filter-by Operator
static int FilterHighFrequency
          (003A,0221) VR=DS Filter High Frequency
static int FilterLowFrequency
          (003A,0220) VR=DS Filter Low Frequency
static int FilterMaterial
          (0018,7050) VR=CS Filter Material
static int FilterMaterialUsedInGainCalibration
          (0014,3074) VR=LO Filter Material Used in Gain Calibration
static int FilterOperationsSeq
          (0072,0400) VR=SQ Filter Operations Sequence
static int FilterThicknessMaximum
          (0018,7054) VR=DS Filter Thickness Maximum
static int FilterThicknessMinimum
          (0018,7052) VR=DS Filter Thickness Minimum
static int FilterThicknessUsedInGainCalibration
          (0014,3075) VR=DS Filter Thickness Used in Gain Calibration
static int FilterType
          (0018,1160) VR=SH Filter Type
static int FinalCumulativeMetersetWeight
          (300A,010E) VR=DS Final Cumulative Meterset Weight
static int FinalCumulativeTimeWeight
          (300A,02C8) VR=DS Final Cumulative Time Weight
static int FindingsFlagTrial
          (0040,A007) VR=CS Findings Flag (Trial) (Retired)
static int FindingsGroupRecordingDateTrial
          (0040,A023) VR=DA Findings Group Recording Date (Trial) (Retired)
static int FindingsGroupRecordingTimeTrial
          (0040,A024) VR=TM Findings Group Recording Time (Trial) (Retired)
static int FindingsGroupUIDTrial
          (0040,A021) VR=UI Findings Group UID (Trial) (Retired)
static int FindingsSequenceTrial
          (0040,A020) VR=SQ Findings Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int FindingsSourceCategoryCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A026) VR=SQ Findings Source Category Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int FindLocationRetired
          (0000,0400) VR=AE Find Location
static int FiniteVolume
          (0066,000E) VR=CS Finite Volume
static int FirstALineLocation
          (0052,0034) VR=FD First A-line Location
static int FirstOrderPhaseCorrection
          (0018,9198) VR=CS First Order Phase Correction
static int FirstOrderPhaseCorrectionAngle
          (5600,0010) VR=OF First Order Phase Correction Angle
static int FirstTreatmentDate
          (3008,0054) VR=DA First Treatment Date
static int FixationCheckedQuantity
          (0024,0035) VR=US Fixation Checked Quantity
static int FixationDeviceDescription
          (300A,0196) VR=ST Fixation Device Description
static int FixationDeviceLabel
          (300A,0194) VR=SH Fixation Device Label
static int FixationDevicePitchAngle
          (300A,0199) VR=FL Fixation Device Pitch Angle
static int FixationDevicePosition
          (300A,0198) VR=SH Fixation Device Position
static int FixationDeviceRollAngle
          (300A,019A) VR=FL Fixation Device Roll Angle
static int FixationDeviceSeq
          (300A,0190) VR=SQ Fixation Device Sequence
static int FixationDeviceType
          (300A,0192) VR=CS Fixation Device Type
static int FixationLightAzimuthalAngle
          (300A,0356) VR=FL Fixation Light Azimuthal Angle
static int FixationLightPolarAngle
          (300A,0358) VR=FL Fixation Light Polar Angle
static int FixationMethodCodeSeq
          (0068,63AC) VR=SQ Fixation Method Code Sequence
static int FixationMonitoringCodeSeq
          (0024,0033) VR=SQ Fixation Monitoring Code Sequence
static int FixationSeq
          (0024,0032) VR=SQ Fixation Sequence
static int FlatKeratometricAxisSeq
          (0046,0080) VR=SQ Flat Keratometric Axis Sequence
static int FlipAngle
          (0018,1314) VR=DS Flip Angle
static int FloatingPointValue
          (0040,A161) VR=FD Floating Point Value
static int FlowCompensation
          (0018,9010) VR=CS Flow Compensation
static int FlowCompensationDirection
          (0018,9183) VR=CS Flow Compensation Direction
static int FluenceDataScale
          (3002,0042) VR=DS Fluence Data Scale
static int FluenceDataSource
          (3002,0041) VR=CS Fluence Data Source
static int FluenceMapSeq
          (3002,0040) VR=SQ Fluence Map Sequence
static int FluenceMode
          (3002,0051) VR=CS Fluence Mode
static int FluenceModeID
          (3002,0052) VR=SH Fluence Mode ID
static int FluoroscopyFlag
          (0018,9334) VR=CS Fluoroscopy Flag
static int FocalDistance
          (0018,1182) VR=IS Focal Distance
static int FocalSpot
          (0018,1190) VR=DS Focal Spot(s)
static int FocusDepth
          (0018,5012) VR=DS Focus Depth
static int FocusMethod
          (0048,0011) VR=CS Focus Method
static int FontName
          (0070,0227) VR=LO Font Name
static int FontNameType
          (0070,0228) VR=CS Font Name Type
static int FovealPointNormativeDataFlag
          (0024,0117) VR=CS Foveal Point Normative Data Flag
static int FovealPointProbabilityValue
          (0024,0118) VR=FL Foveal Point Probability Value
static int FovealSensitivity
          (0024,0087) VR=FL Foveal Sensitivity
static int FovealSensitivityMeasured
          (0024,0086) VR=CS Foveal Sensitivity Measured
static int FractionalChannelDisplayScale
          (003A,0247) VR=FL Fractional Channel Display Scale
static int FractionGroupDescription
          (300A,0072) VR=LO Fraction Group Description
static int FractionGroupNumber
          (300A,0071) VR=IS Fraction Group Number
static int FractionGroupSeq
          (300A,0070) VR=SQ Fraction Group Sequence
static int FractionGroupSummarySeq
          (3008,0220) VR=SQ Fraction Group Summary Sequence
static int FractionGroupType
          (3008,0224) VR=CS Fraction Group Type
static int FractionNumber
          (3002,0029) VR=IS Fraction Number
static int FractionPattern
          (300A,007B) VR=LT Fraction Pattern
static int FractionStatusSummarySeq
          (3008,0240) VR=SQ Fraction Status Summary Sequence
static int FrameAcquisitionDatetime
          (0018,9074) VR=DT Frame Acquisition DateTime
static int FrameAcquisitionDuration
          (0018,9220) VR=FD Frame Acquisition Duration
static int FrameAcquisitionNumber
          (0020,9156) VR=US Frame Acquisition Number
static int FrameAcquisitionSeq
          (0018,9417) VR=SQ Frame Acquisition Sequence
static int FrameAnatomySeq
          (0020,9071) VR=SQ Frame Anatomy Sequence
static int FrameComments
          (0020,9158) VR=LT Frame Comments
static int FrameContentSeq
          (0020,9111) VR=SQ Frame Content Sequence
static int FrameDelay
          (0018,1066) VR=DS Frame Delay
static int FrameDetectorParametersSeq
          (0018,9451) VR=SQ Frame Detector Parameters Sequence
static int FrameDimensionPointer
          (0028,000A) VR=AT Frame Dimension Pointer
static int FrameDisplaySeq
          (0008,9458) VR=SQ Frame Display Sequence
static int FrameDisplayShutterSeq
          (0018,9472) VR=SQ Frame Display Shutter Sequence
static int FrameExtractionSeq
          (0008,1164) VR=SQ Frame Extraction Sequence
static int FrameIncrementPointer
          (0028,0009) VR=AT Frame Increment Pointer
static int FrameLabel
          (0020,9453) VR=LO Frame Label
static int FrameLabelVector
          (0018,2002) VR=SH Frame Label Vector
static int FrameLaterality
          (0020,9072) VR=CS Frame Laterality
static int FrameNumbersOfInterest
          (0028,6020) VR=US Frame Numbers of Interest (FOI)
static int FrameOfInterestDescription
          (0028,6022) VR=LO Frame of Interest Description
static int FrameOfInterestType
          (0028,6023) VR=CS Frame of Interest Type
static int FrameOfReferenceRelationshipSeq
          (3006,00C0) VR=SQ Frame of Reference Relationship Sequence (Retired)
static int FrameOfReferenceTransformationComment
          (3006,00C8) VR=LO Frame of Reference Transformation Comment
static int FrameOfReferenceTransformationMatrix
          (3006,00C6) VR=DS Frame of Reference Transformation Matrix
static int FrameOfReferenceTransformationMatrixType
          (0070,030C) VR=CS Frame of Reference Transformation Matrix Type
static int FrameOfReferenceTransformationType
          (3006,00C4) VR=CS Frame of Reference Transformation Type (Retired)
static int FrameOfReferenceUID
          (0020,0052) VR=UI Frame of Reference UID
static int FramePixelDataPropertiesSeq
          (0028,9443) VR=SQ Frame Pixel Data Properties Sequence
static int FramePixelShiftSeq
          (0028,9415) VR=SQ Frame Pixel Shift Sequence
static int FramePrimaryAngleVector
          (0018,2003) VR=DS Frame Primary Angle Vector
static int FrameReferenceDatetime
          (0018,9151) VR=DT Frame Reference DateTime
static int FrameReferenceTime
          (0054,1300) VR=DS Frame Reference Time
static int FrameSecondaryAngleVector
          (0018,2004) VR=DS Frame Secondary Angle Vector
static int FrameTime
          (0018,1063) VR=DS Frame Time
static int FrameTimeVector
          (0018,1065) VR=DS Frame Time Vector
static int FrameType
          (0008,9007) VR=CS Frame Type
static int FrameVOILUTSeq
          (0028,9132) VR=SQ Frame VOI LUT Sequence
static int FramingType
          (0018,1064) VR=LO Cardiac Framing Type
static int FrequencyCorrection
          (0018,9101) VR=CS Frequency Correction
static int FunctionalGroupPointer
          (0020,9167) VR=AT Functional Group Pointer
static int FunctionalGroupPrivateCreator
          (0020,9238) VR=LO Functional Group Private Creator
static int GainCorrectionReferenceSeq
          (0014,3060) VR=SQ Gain Correction Reference Sequence
static int GammaValue
          (0028,701A) VR=FL Gamma Value
static int GantryAngle
          (300A,011E) VR=DS Gantry Angle
static int GantryAngleTolerance
          (300A,0044) VR=DS Gantry Angle Tolerance
static int GantryDetectorSlew
          (0018,1121) VR=DS Gantry/Detector Slew
static int GantryDetectorTilt
          (0018,1120) VR=DS Gantry/Detector Tilt
static int GantryMotionCorrected
          (0018,9762) VR=CS Gantry Motion Corrected
static int GantryPitchAngle
          (300A,014A) VR=FL Gantry Pitch Angle
static int GantryPitchAngleTolerance
          (300A,014E) VR=FL Gantry Pitch Angle Tolerance
static int GantryPitchRotationDirection
          (300A,014C) VR=CS Gantry Pitch Rotation Direction
static int GantryRotationDirection
          (300A,011F) VR=CS Gantry Rotation Direction
static int GantryType
          (4010,1008) VR=CS Gantry Type
static int GantyID
          (0018,1008) VR=LO Gantry ID
static int GapLength
          (0070,0261) VR=FL Gap Length
static int GatedInformationSeq
          (0054,0062) VR=SQ Gated Information Sequence
static int GateSettingsSeq
          (0014,4060) VR=SQ Gate Settings Sequence
static int GateThreshold
          (0014,4062) VR=DS Gate Threshold
static int GeneralAccessoryDescription
          (300A,0422) VR=ST General Accessory Description
static int GeneralAccessoryID
          (300A,0421) VR=SH General Accessory ID
static int GeneralAccessoryNumber
          (300A,0424) VR=IS General Accessory Number
static int GeneralAccessorySeq
          (300A,0420) VR=SQ General Accessory Sequence
static int GeneralAccessoryType
          (300A,0423) VR=CS General Accessory Type
static int GeneralizedDefectCorrectedSensitivityDeviationFlag
          (0024,0102) VR=CS Generalized Defect Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Flag
static int GeneralizedDefectCorrectedSensitivityDeviationProbabilityValue
          (0024,0104) VR=FL Generalized Defect Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Probability Value
static int GeneralizedDefectCorrectedSensitivityDeviationValue
          (0024,0103) VR=FL Generalized Defect Corrected Sensitivity Deviation Value
static int GeneralizedDefectSensitivityDeviationAlgorithmSeq
          (0024,0067) VR=SQ Generalized Defect Sensitivity Deviation Algorithm Sequence
static int GeneralMachineVerificationSeq
          (0074,1042) VR=SQ General Machine Verification Sequence
static int GeneratorID
          (0018,1005) VR=LO Generator ID
static int GeneratorPower
          (0018,1170) VR=IS Generator Power
static int GeometricalProperties
          (0028,9444) VR=CS Geometrical Properties
static int GeometricMaximumDistortion
          (0028,9445) VR=FL Geometric Maximum Distortion
static int GeometryOfKSpaceTraversal
          (0018,9032) VR=CS Geometry of k-Space Traversal
static int GlobalDeviationFromNormal
          (0024,0066) VR=FL Global Deviation From Normal
static int GlobalDeviationProbability
          (0024,0071) VR=FL Global Deviation Probability
static int GlobalDeviationProbabilityNormalsFlag
          (0024,0059) VR=CS Global Deviation Probability Normals Flag
static int GlobalDeviationProbabilitySeq
          (0024,0083) VR=SQ Global Deviation Probability Sequence
static int GPPPSStatus
          (0040,4002) VR=CS General Purpose Performed Procedure Step Status (Retired)
static int GPSPSPriority
          (0040,4003) VR=CS General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Priority (Retired)
static int GPSPSStatus
          (0040,4001) VR=CS General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Status (Retired)
static int GradientEchoTrainLength
          (0018,9241) VR=US Gradient Echo Train Length
static int GradientOutput
          (0018,9182) VR=FD Gradient Output
static int GradientOutputType
          (0018,9180) VR=CS Gradient Output Type
static int GraphicAnnotationSeq
          (0070,0001) VR=SQ Graphic Annotation Sequence
static int GraphicAnnotationUnits
          (0070,0005) VR=CS Graphic Annotation Units
static int GraphicCoordinatesDataSeq
          (0070,0318) VR=SQ Graphic Coordinates Data Sequence
static int GraphicData
          (0070,0022) VR=FL Graphic Data
static int GraphicDimensions
          (0070,0020) VR=US Graphic Dimensions
static int GraphicFilled
          (0070,0024) VR=CS Graphic Filled
static int GraphicGroupDescription
          (0070,0208) VR=ST Graphic Group Description
static int GraphicGroupID
          (0070,0295) VR=UL Graphic Group ID
static int GraphicGroupLabel
          (0070,0207) VR=LO Graphic Group Label
static int GraphicGroupSeq
          (0070,0234) VR=SQ Graphic Group Sequence
static int GraphicLayer
          (0070,0002) VR=CS Graphic Layer
static int GraphicLayerDescription
          (0070,0068) VR=LO Graphic Layer Description
static int GraphicLayerOrder
          (0070,0062) VR=IS Graphic Layer Order
static int GraphicLayerRecommendedDisplayCIELabValue
          (0070,0401) VR=US Graphic Layer Recommended Display CIELab Value
static int GraphicLayerRecommendedDisplayGrayscaleValue
          (0070,0066) VR=US Graphic Layer Recommended Display Grayscale Value
static int GraphicLayerRecommendedDisplayRGBValue
          (0070,0067) VR=US Graphic Layer Recommended Display RGB Value (Retired)
static int GraphicLayerSeq
          (0070,0060) VR=SQ Graphic Layer Sequence
static int GraphicObjectSeq
          (0070,0009) VR=SQ Graphic Object Sequence
static int GraphicType
          (0070,0023) VR=CS Graphic Type
static int GrayLUTData
          (0028,1200) VR=US,SS,OW Gray Lookup Table Data (Retired)
static int GrayScaleRetired
          (0028,1080) VR=CS Gray Scale (Retired)
static int GreenPaletteColorLUTData
          (0028,1202) VR=OW Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data
static int GreenPaletteColorLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1102) VR=US,SS Green Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
static int GreyLUTDescriptorRetired
          (0028,1100) VR=US,SS Gray Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
static int Grid
          (0018,1166) VR=CS Grid
static int GridAbsorbingMaterial
          (0018,7040) VR=LT Grid Absorbing Material
static int GridAspectRatio
          (0018,7046) VR=IS Grid Aspect Ratio
static int GridDimensions
          (0064,0007) VR=UL Grid Dimensions
static int GridFocalDistance
          (0018,704C) VR=DS Grid Focal Distance
static int GridFrameOffsetVector
          (3004,000C) VR=DS Grid Frame Offset Vector
static int GridID
          (0018,1006) VR=LO Grid ID
static int GridPeriod
          (0018,7048) VR=DS Grid Period
static int GridPitch
          (0018,7044) VR=DS Grid Pitch
static int GridResolution
          (0064,0008) VR=FD Grid Resolution
static int GridSpacingMaterial
          (0018,7041) VR=LT Grid Spacing Material
static int GridThickness
          (0018,7042) VR=DS Grid Thickness
static int GroupLength
          (xxxx,0000) VR=UL Group Length
static int HalfValueLayer
          (0040,0314) VR=DS Half Value Layer
static int HangingProtocolCreationDatetime
          (0072,000A) VR=DT Hanging Protocol Creation DateTime
static int HangingProtocolCreator
          (0072,0008) VR=LO Hanging Protocol Creator
static int HangingProtocolDefinitionSeq
          (0072,000C) VR=SQ Hanging Protocol Definition Sequence
static int HangingProtocolDescription
          (0072,0004) VR=LO Hanging Protocol Description
static int HangingProtocolLevel
          (0072,0006) VR=CS Hanging Protocol Level
static int HangingProtocolName
          (0072,0002) VR=SH Hanging Protocol Name
static int HangingProtocolUserGroupName
          (0072,0010) VR=LO Hanging Protocol User Group Name
static int HangingProtocolUserIdentificationCodeSeq
          (0072,000E) VR=SQ Hanging Protocol User Identification Code Sequence
static int HardcopyCreationDeviceID
          (0018,1011) VR=LO Hardcopy Creation Device ID (Retired)
static int HardcopyDeviceManfuacturerModelName
          (0018,101B) VR=LO Hardcopy Device Manufacturer's Model Name (Retired)
static int HardcopyDeviceManufacturer
          (0018,1017) VR=LO Hardcopy Device Manufacturer (Retired)
static int HardcopyDeviceSoftwareVersion
          (0018,101A) VR=LO Hardcopy Device Software Version (Retired)
static int HeadFixationAngle
          (300A,0148) VR=FL Head Fixation Angle
static int HeartRate
          (0018,1088) VR=IS Heart Rate
static int HighBit
          (0028,0102) VR=US High Bit
static int HighDoseTechniqueType
          (300A,00C7) VR=CS High-Dose Technique Type
static int HighEnergyDetectors
          (4010,0002) VR=CS High Energy Detectors
static int HighRRValue
          (0018,1082) VR=IS High R-R Value
static int HistogramBinWidth
          (0060,3008) VR=US Histogram Bin Width
static int HistogramData
          (0060,3020) VR=UL Histogram Data
static int HistogramExplanation
          (0060,3010) VR=LO Histogram Explanation
static int HistogramFirstBinValue
          (0060,3004) VR=US,SS Histogram First Bin Value
static int HistogramLastBinValue
          (0060,3006) VR=US,SS Histogram Last Bin Value
static int HistogramNumberOfBins
          (0060,3002) VR=US Histogram Number of Bins
static int HistogramSeq
          (0060,3000) VR=SQ Histogram Sequence
static int HL7DocumentEffectiveTime
          (0040,E004) VR=DT HL7 Document Effective Time
static int HL7DocumentTypeCodeSeq
          (0040,E006) VR=SQ HL7 Document Type Code Sequence
static int HL7InstanceIdentifier
          (0040,E001) VR=ST HL7 Instance Identifier
static int HL7StructuredDocumentReferenceSeq
          (0040,A390) VR=SQ HL7 Structured Document Reference Sequence
static int HomeCommunityID
          (0040,E031) VR=UI Home Community ID
static int HorizontalAlignment
          (0070,0242) VR=CS Horizontal Alignment
static int HorizontalFieldOfView
          (0022,000C) VR=FL Horizontal Field of View
static int HorizontalOffsetOfSensor
          (0014,3024) VR=DS Horizontal Offset of Sensor
static int HorizontalPrismBase
          (0046,0032) VR=CS Horizontal Prism Base
static int HorizontalPrismPower
          (0046,0030) VR=FD Horizontal Prism Power
static int HPGLContourPenNumber
          (0068,6310) VR=US HPGL Contour Pen Number
static int HPGLDocument
          (0068,6300) VR=OB HPGL Document
static int HPGLDocumentID
          (0068,62D0) VR=US HPGL Document ID
static int HPGLDocumentLabel
          (0068,62D5) VR=LO HPGL Document Label
static int HPGLDocumentScaling
          (0068,62F2) VR=FD HPGL Document Scaling
static int HPGLDocumentSeq
          (0068,62C0) VR=SQ HPGL Document Sequence
static int HPGLPenDescription
          (0068,6345) VR=ST HPGL Pen Description
static int HPGLPenLabel
          (0068,6340) VR=LO HPGL Pen Label
static int HPGLPenNumber
          (0068,6330) VR=US HPGL Pen Number
static int HPGLPenSeq
          (0068,6320) VR=SQ HPGL Pen Sequence
static int HuffmanTableSize
          (1000,xxx2) VR=US Huffman Table Size (Retired)
static int HuffmanTableTriplet
          (1000,xxx3) VR=US Huffman Table Triplet (Retired)
static int HumanPerformerCodeSeq
          (0040,4009) VR=SQ Human Performer Code Sequence
static int HumanPerformerName
          (0040,4037) VR=PN Human Performer's Name
static int HumanPerformerOrganization
          (0040,4036) VR=LO Human Performer's Organization
static int ICCProfile
          (0028,2000) VR=OB ICC Profile
static int IconImageSeq
          (0088,0200) VR=SQ Icon Image Sequence
static int IdenticalDocumentsSeq
          (0040,A525) VR=SQ Identical Documents Sequence
static int IdentificationDescriptionTrial
          (0040,A224) VR=ST Identification Description (Trial) (Retired)
static int IdentifierCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A070) VR=SQ Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int IdentifierTypeCode
          (0040,0035) VR=CS Identifier Type Code
static int IdentifyingCommentsRetired
          (0008,4000) VR=LT Identifying Comments (Retired)
static int Illumination
          (2010,015E) VR=US Illumination
static int IlluminationBandwidth
          (0022,0057) VR=FL Illumination Bandwidth
static int IlluminationColorCodeSeq
          (0048,0108) VR=SQ Illumination Color Code Sequence
static int IlluminationPower
          (0022,0056) VR=FL Illumination Power
static int IlluminationTypeCodeSeq
          (0022,0016) VR=SQ Illumination Type Code Sequence
static int IlluminationWaveLength
          (0022,0055) VR=FL Illumination Wave Length
static int IlluminatorTypeCodeSeq
          (0048,0100) VR=SQ Illuminator Type Code Sequence
static int ImageAndFluoroscopyAreaDoseProduct
          (0018,115E) VR=DS Image and Fluoroscopy Area Dose Product
static int ImageBoxContentSeq
          (2130,0040) VR=SQ Image Box Content Sequence (Retired)
static int ImageBoxesSeq
          (0072,0300) VR=SQ Image Boxes Sequence
static int ImageBoxLargeScrollAmount
          (0072,0318) VR=US Image Box Large Scroll Amount
static int ImageBoxLargeScrollType
          (0072,0316) VR=CS Image Box Large Scroll Type
static int ImageBoxLayoutType
          (0072,0304) VR=CS Image Box Layout Type
static int ImageBoxNumber
          (0072,0302) VR=US Image Box Number
static int ImageBoxOverlapPriority
          (0072,0320) VR=US Image Box Overlap Priority
static int ImageBoxPresentationLUTFlag
          (2000,006A) VR=CS Image Box Presentation LUT Flag (Retired)
static int ImageBoxScrollDirection
          (0072,0310) VR=CS Image Box Scroll Direction
static int ImageBoxSmallScrollAmount
          (0072,0314) VR=US Image Box Small Scroll Amount
static int ImageBoxSmallScrollType
          (0072,0312) VR=CS Image Box Small Scroll Type
static int ImageBoxSynchronizationSeq
          (0072,0430) VR=SQ Image Box Synchronization Sequence
static int ImageBoxTileHorizontalDimension
          (0072,0306) VR=US Image Box Tile Horizontal Dimension
static int ImageBoxTileVerticalDimension
          (0072,0308) VR=US Image Box Tile Vertical Dimension
static int ImageCenterPointCoordinatesSeq
          (0040,071A) VR=SQ Image Center Point Coordinates Sequence
static int ImageComments
          (0020,4000) VR=LT Image Comments
static int ImageDataLocation
          (0028,08x8) VR=AT Image Data Location (Retired)
static int ImageDataTypeSeq
          (0018,9807) VR=SQ Image Data Type Sequence
static int ImageDimensionsRetired
          (0028,0005) VR=US Image Dimensions (Retired)
static int ImageDisplayFormat
          (2010,0010) VR=ST Image Display Format
static int ImagedNucleus
          (0018,0085) VR=SH Imaged Nucleus
static int ImagedVolumeDepth
          (0048,0003) VR=FL Imaged Volume Depth
static int ImagedVolumeHeight
          (0048,0002) VR=FL Imaged Volume Height
static int ImagedVolumeWidth
          (0048,0001) VR=FL Imaged Volume Width
static int ImageFilter
          (0018,9320) VR=SH Image Filter
static int ImageFormatRetired
          (0028,0040) VR=CS Image Format (Retired)
static int ImageFrameOrigin
          (60xx,0051) VR=US Image Frame Origin
static int ImageGeometryTypeRetired
          (0020,0070) VR=LO Image Geometry Type (Retired)
static int ImageHorizontalFlip
          (0070,0041) VR=CS Image Horizontal Flip
static int ImageID
          (0054,0400) VR=SH Image ID
static int ImageIndex
          (0054,1330) VR=US Image Index
static int ImageLaterality
          (0020,0062) VR=CS Image Laterality
static int ImageLocationRetired
          (0028,0200) VR=US Image Location (Retired)
static int ImageOrientation
          (0020,0037) VR=DS Image Orientation (Patient)
static int ImageOrientationRetired
          (0020,0035) VR=DS Image Orientation (Retired)
static int ImageOrientationSlide
          (0048,0102) VR=DS Image Orientation (Slide)
static int ImageOrientationVolume
          (0020,9302) VR=FD Image Orientation (Volume)
static int ImageOverlayBoxContentSeq
          (2130,0060) VR=SQ Image Overlay Box Content Sequence (Retired)
static int ImageOverlayFlag
          (2000,0067) VR=CS Image Overlay Flag (Retired)
static int ImagePathFilterPassBand
          (0022,0004) VR=US Image Path Filter Pass Band
static int ImagePathFilterPassThroughWavelength
          (0022,0003) VR=US Image Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
static int ImagePathFilterTypeStackCodeSeq
          (0022,0018) VR=SQ Image Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
static int ImagePlanePixelSpacing
          (3002,0011) VR=DS Image Plane Pixel Spacing
static int ImagePosition
          (0020,0032) VR=DS Image Position (Patient)
static int ImagePositionOnFilm
          (2020,0010) VR=US Image Box Position
static int ImagePositionRetired
          (0020,0030) VR=DS Image Position (Retired)
static int ImagePositionVolume
          (0020,9301) VR=FD Image Position (Volume)
static int ImageProcessingApplied
          (0028,9446) VR=CS Image Processing Applied
static int ImageQualityIndicatorMaterial
          (0014,40A1) VR=LO Image Quality Indicator Material
static int ImageQualityIndicatorSize
          (0014,40A2) VR=LO Image Quality Indicator Size
static int ImageQualityIndicatorType
          (0014,40A0) VR=LO Image Quality Indicator Type
static int ImageRotation
          (0070,0042) VR=US Image Rotation
static int ImageRotationRetired
          (0070,0040) VR=IS Image Rotation (Retired)
static int ImagerPixelSpacing
          (0018,1164) VR=DS Imager Pixel Spacing
static int ImageScaleRepresentation
          (4010,1075) VR=DS Image Scale Representation
static int ImageSetLabel
          (0072,0040) VR=LO Image Set Label
static int ImageSetNumber
          (0072,0032) VR=US Image Set Number
static int ImageSetSelectorCategory
          (0072,0034) VR=CS Image Set Selector Category
static int ImageSetSelectorSeq
          (0072,0022) VR=SQ Image Set Selector Sequence
static int ImageSetSelectorUsageFlag
          (0072,0024) VR=CS Image Set Selector Usage Flag
static int ImageSetsSeq
          (0072,0020) VR=SQ Image Sets Sequence
static int ImagesInAcquisition
          (0020,1002) VR=IS Images in Acquisition
static int ImagesInSeries
          (0020,1003) VR=IS Images in Series (Retired)
static int ImagesInStudy
          (0020,1005) VR=IS Images in Study (Retired)
static int ImageToEquipmentMappingMatrix
          (0028,9520) VR=DS Image to Equipment Mapping Matrix
static int ImageTransformationMatrix
          (0018,5210) VR=DS Image Transformation Matrix (Retired)
static int ImageTranslationVector
          (0018,5212) VR=DS Image Translation Vector (Retired)
static int ImageTriggerDelay
          (0018,1067) VR=DS Image Trigger Delay
static int ImageType
          (0008,0008) VR=CS Image Type
static int ImagingDeviceSpecificAcquisitionParameters
          (300A,00CC) VR=LO Imaging Device-Specific Acquisition Parameters
static int ImagingFrequency
          (0018,0084) VR=DS Imaging Frequency
static int ImagingServiceRequestComments
          (0040,2400) VR=LT Imaging Service Request Comments
static int ImplantAssemblyTemplateIssuer
          (0076,0003) VR=LO Implant Assembly Template Issuer
static int ImplantAssemblyTemplateName
          (0076,0001) VR=LO Implant Assembly Template Name
static int ImplantAssemblyTemplateTargetAnatomySeq
          (0076,0010) VR=SQ Implant Assembly Template Target Anatomy Sequence
static int ImplantAssemblyTemplateType
          (0076,000A) VR=CS Implant Assembly Template Type
static int ImplantAssemblyTemplateVersion
          (0076,0006) VR=LO Implant Assembly Template Version
static int ImplantName
          (0022,1095) VR=LO Implant Name
static int ImplantPartNumber
          (0022,1097) VR=LO Implant Part Number
static int ImplantRegulatoryDisapprovalCodeSeq
          (0068,62A0) VR=SQ Implant Regulatory Disapproval Code Sequence
static int ImplantSize
          (0068,6210) VR=LO Implant Size
static int ImplantTargetAnatomySeq
          (0068,6230) VR=SQ Implant Target Anatomy Sequence
static int ImplantTemplate3DModelSurfaceNumber
          (0068,6350) VR=US Implant Template 3D Model Surface Number
static int ImplantTemplateGroupDescription
          (0078,0010) VR=ST Implant Template Group Description
static int ImplantTemplateGroupIssuer
          (0078,0020) VR=LO Implant Template Group Issuer
static int ImplantTemplateGroupMemberID
          (0078,002E) VR=US Implant Template Group Member ID
static int ImplantTemplateGroupMemberMatching2DCoordinatesSeq
          (0078,0070) VR=SQ Implant Template Group Member Matching 2D Coordinates Sequence
static int ImplantTemplateGroupMembersSeq
          (0078,002A) VR=SQ Implant Template Group Members Sequence
static int ImplantTemplateGroupName
          (0078,0001) VR=LO Implant Template Group Name
static int ImplantTemplateGroupTargetAnatomySeq
          (0078,0028) VR=SQ Implant Template Group Target Anatomy Sequence
static int ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionName
          (0078,00B2) VR=LO Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Name
static int ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionRank
          (0078,00B8) VR=US Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Rank
static int ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionRankSeq
          (0078,00B4) VR=SQ Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Rank Sequence
static int ImplantTemplateGroupVariationDimensionSeq
          (0078,00B0) VR=SQ Implant Template Group Variation Dimension Sequence
static int ImplantTemplateGroupVersion
          (0078,0024) VR=LO Implant Template Group Version
static int ImplantTemplateVersion
          (0068,6221) VR=LO Implant Template Version
static int ImplantType
          (0068,6223) VR=CS Implant Type
static int ImplantTypeCodeSeq
          (0068,63A8) VR=SQ Implant Type Code Sequence
static int ImplementationClassUID
          (0002,0012) VR=UI Implementation Class UID
static int ImplementationVersionName
          (0002,0013) VR=SH Implementation Version Name
static int Impressions
          (4008,0300) VR=ST Impressions (Retired)
static int InboundArrivalType
          (4010,1056) VR=CS Inbound Arrival Type
static int IncidentAngle
          (0014,4052) VR=DS Incident Angle
static int IncludeDisplayApplication
          (2200,0009) VR=CS Include Display Application
static int IncludeNonDICOMObjects
          (2200,0008) VR=CS Include Non-DICOM Objects
static int InConcatenationNumber
          (0020,9162) VR=US In-concatenation Number
static int InConcatenationTotalNumber
          (0020,9163) VR=US In-concatenation Total Number
static int IndexNormalsFlag
          (0024,0338) VR=CS Index Normals Flag
static int IndexProbability
          (0024,0341) VR=FL Index Probability
static int IndexProbabilitySeq
          (0024,0344) VR=SQ Index Probability Sequence
static int IndicationDescription
          (0014,2018) VR=ST Indication Description
static int IndicationDisposition
          (0014,201C) VR=CS Indication Disposition
static int IndicationLabel
          (0014,2016) VR=SH Indication Label
static int IndicationNumber
          (0014,2014) VR=IS Indication Number
static int IndicationPhysicalPropertySeq
          (0014,2030) VR=SQ Indication Physical Property Sequence
static int IndicationROISeq
          (0014,201E) VR=SQ Indication ROI Sequence
static int IndicationSeq
          (0014,2012) VR=SQ Indication Sequence
static int IndicationType
          (0014,201A) VR=CS Indication Type
static int InformationFromManufacturerSeq
          (0068,6260) VR=SQ Information From Manufacturer Sequence
static int InformationIssueDateTime
          (0068,6270) VR=DT Information Issue DateTime
static int InformationSummary
          (0068,6280) VR=ST Information Summary
static int InitialCineRunState
          (0018,0042) VR=CS Initial Cine Run State
static int InitiatorRetired
          (0000,0200) VR=AE Initiator
static int InnerDiameter
          (0014,0056) VR=DS Inner Diameter
static int InPlanePhaseEncodingDirection
          (0018,1312) VR=CS In-plane Phase Encoding Direction
static int InputAvailabilityFlag
          (0040,4020) VR=CS Input Availability Flag
static int InputInformationSeq
          (0040,4021) VR=SQ Input Information Sequence
static int InputReadinessState
          (0040,4041) VR=CS Input Readiness State
static int InspectionSelectionCriteria
          (4010,107C) VR=CS Inspection Selection Criteria
static int InStackPositionNumber
          (0020,9057) VR=UL In-Stack Position Number
static int InstanceAvailability
          (0008,0056) VR=CS Instance Availability
static int InstanceCoercionDateTime
          (0008,0015) VR=DT Instance Coercion DateTime
static int InstanceCreationDate
          (0008,0012) VR=DA Instance Creation Date
static int InstanceCreationTime
          (0008,0013) VR=TM Instance Creation Time
static int InstanceCreatorUID
          (0008,0014) VR=UI Instance Creator UID
static int InstanceNumber
          (0020,0013) VR=IS Instance Number
static int InstitutionAddress
          (0008,0081) VR=ST Institution Address
static int InstitutionalDepartmentName
          (0008,1040) VR=LO Institutional Department Name
static int InstitutionCodeSeq
          (0008,0082) VR=SQ Institution Code Sequence
static int InstitutionName
          (0008,0080) VR=LO Institution Name
static int InsurancePlanIdentificationRetired
          (0010,1050) VR=LO Insurance Plan Identification (Retired)
static int IntendedRecipientsOfResultsIdentificationSeq
          (0040,1011) VR=SQ Intended Recipients of Results Identification Sequence
static int IntensifierActiveDimension
          (0018,9428) VR=FL Intensifier Active Dimension(s)
static int IntensifierActiveShape
          (0018,9427) VR=CS Intensifier Active Shape
static int IntensifierSize
          (0018,1162) VR=DS Intensifier Size
static int InterMarkerDistance
          (0050,0019) VR=DS Inter-Marker Distance
static int IntermediatePupillaryDistance
          (0046,0063) VR=FD Intermediate Pupillary Distance
static int InternalDetectorFrameTime
          (0014,3011) VR=DS Internal Detector Frame Time
static int InternationalRouteSegment
          (4010,1028) VR=CS International Route Segment
static int InterpolationType
          (0052,0039) VR=CS Interpolation Type
static int InterpretationApprovalDate
          (4008,0112) VR=DA Interpretation Approval Date (Retired)
static int InterpretationApprovalTime
          (4008,0113) VR=TM Interpretation Approval Time (Retired)
static int InterpretationApproverSeq
          (4008,0111) VR=SQ Interpretation Approver Sequence (Retired)
static int InterpretationAuthor
          (4008,010C) VR=PN Interpretation Author (Retired)
static int InterpretationDiagnosisCodeSeq
          (4008,0117) VR=SQ Interpretation Diagnosis Code Sequence (Retired)
static int InterpretationDiagnosisDescription
          (4008,0115) VR=LT Interpretation Diagnosis Description (Retired)
static int InterpretationID
          (4008,0200) VR=SH Interpretation ID (Retired)
static int InterpretationIDIssuer
          (4008,0202) VR=LO Interpretation ID Issuer (Retired)
static int InterpretationRecordedDate
          (4008,0100) VR=DA Interpretation Recorded Date (Retired)
static int InterpretationRecordedTime
          (4008,0101) VR=TM Interpretation Recorded Time (Retired)
static int InterpretationRecorder
          (4008,0102) VR=PN Interpretation Recorder (Retired)
static int InterpretationStatusID
          (4008,0212) VR=CS Interpretation Status ID (Retired)
static int InterpretationText
          (4008,010B) VR=ST Interpretation Text (Retired)
static int InterpretationTranscriber
          (4008,010A) VR=PN Interpretation Transcriber (Retired)
static int InterpretationTranscriptionDate
          (4008,0108) VR=DA Interpretation Transcription Date (Retired)
static int InterpretationTranscriptionTime
          (4008,0109) VR=TM Interpretation Transcription Time (Retired)
static int InterpretationTypeID
          (4008,0210) VR=CS Interpretation Type ID (Retired)
static int IntervalNumberRetired
          (0020,0016) VR=IS Interval Number (Retired)
static int IntervalsAcquired
          (0018,1083) VR=IS Intervals Acquired
static int IntervalsRejected
          (0018,1084) VR=IS Intervals Rejected
static int InterventionalStatus
          (0018,0038) VR=CS Intervention Status
static int InterventionalTherapySeq
          (0018,0036) VR=SQ Intervention Sequence
static int InterventionDescription
          (0018,003A) VR=ST Intervention Description
static int InterventionDrugCodeSeq
          (0018,0029) VR=SQ Intervention Drug Code Sequence
static int InterventionDrugDose
          (0018,0028) VR=DS Intervention Drug Dose
static int InterventionDrugInformationSeq
          (0018,0026) VR=SQ Intervention Drug Information Sequence
static int InterventionDrugName
          (0018,0034) VR=LO Intervention Drug Name
static int InterventionDrugStartTime
          (0018,0035) VR=TM Intervention Drug Start Time
static int InterventionDrugStopTime
          (0018,0027) VR=TM Intervention Drug Stop Time
static int IntraocularLensCalculationsLeftEyeSeq
          (0022,1310) VR=SQ Intraocular Lens Calculations Left Eye Sequence
static int IntraocularLensCalculationsRightEyeSeq
          (0022,1300) VR=SQ Intraocular Lens Calculations Right Eye Sequence
static int IntraOcularPressure
          (0022,000B) VR=FL Intra Ocular Pressure
static int IntravascularFrameContentSeq
          (0052,0027) VR=SQ Intravascular Frame Content Sequence
static int IntravascularLongitudinalDistance
          (0052,0028) VR=FD Intravascular Longitudinal Distance
static int IntravascularOCTFrameContentSeq
          (0052,0029) VR=SQ Intravascular OCT Frame Content Sequence
static int IntravascularOCTFrameTypeSeq
          (0052,0025) VR=SQ Intravascular OCT Frame Type Sequence
static int InversionRecovery
          (0018,9009) VR=CS Inversion Recovery
static int InversionTime
          (0018,0082) VR=DS Inversion Time
static int InversionTimes
          (0018,9079) VR=FD Inversion Times
static int IOLFormulaCodeSeq
          (0022,1028) VR=SQ IOL Formula Code Sequence
static int IOLFormulaDetail
          (0022,1029) VR=LO IOL Formula Detail
static int IOLManufacturer
          (0022,1093) VR=LO IOL Manufacturer
static int IOLPower
          (0022,1053) VR=FL IOL Power
static int IOLPowerForExactEmmetropia
          (0022,1121) VR=FL IOL Power For Exact Emmetropia
static int IOLPowerForExactTargetRefraction
          (0022,1122) VR=FL IOL Power For Exact Target Refraction
static int IOLPowerSeq
          (0022,1090) VR=SQ IOL Power Sequence
static int IonBeamLimitingDeviceSeq
          (300A,03A4) VR=SQ Ion Beam Limiting Device Sequence
static int IonBeamSeq
          (300A,03A2) VR=SQ Ion Beam Sequence
static int IonBlockSeq
          (300A,03A6) VR=SQ Ion Block Sequence
static int IonControlPointDeliverySeq
          (3008,0041) VR=SQ Ion Control Point Delivery Sequence
static int IonControlPointSeq
          (300A,03A8) VR=SQ Ion Control Point Sequence
static int IonControlPointVerificationSeq
          (0074,104E) VR=SQ Ion Control Point Verification Sequence
static int IonMachineVerificationSeq
          (0074,1046) VR=SQ Ion Machine Verification Sequence
static int IonRangeCompensatorSeq
          (300A,02EA) VR=SQ Ion Range Compensator Sequence
static int IonToleranceTableSeq
          (300A,03A0) VR=SQ Ion Tolerance Table Sequence
static int IonWedgePositionSeq
          (300A,03AC) VR=SQ Ion Wedge Position Sequence
static int IonWedgeSeq
          (300A,03AA) VR=SQ Ion Wedge Sequence
static int IrradiationEventIdentificationSeq
          (0018,9477) VR=SQ Irradiation Event Identification Sequence
static int IrradiationEventUID
          (0008,3010) VR=UI Irradiation Event UID
static int IsocenterPosition
          (300A,012C) VR=DS Isocenter Position
static int IsocenterReferenceSystemSeq
          (0018,9462) VR=SQ Isocenter Reference System Sequence
static int IsocenterToBeamLimitingDeviceDistance
          (300A,00BB) VR=FL Isocenter to Beam Limiting Device Distance
static int IsocenterToBlockTrayDistance
          (300A,00F7) VR=FL Isocenter to Block Tray Distance
static int IsocenterToCompensatorDistances
          (300A,02E6) VR=FL Isocenter to Compensator Distances
static int IsocenterToCompensatorTrayDistance
          (300A,02E4) VR=FL Isocenter to Compensator Tray Distance
static int IsocenterToLateralSpreadingDeviceDistance
          (300A,0374) VR=FL Isocenter to Lateral Spreading Device Distance
static int IsocenterToRangeModulatorDistance
          (300A,038A) VR=FL Isocenter to Range Modulator Distance
static int IsocenterToRangeShifterDistance
          (300A,0364) VR=FL Isocenter to Range Shifter Distance
static int IsocenterToWedgeTrayDistance
          (300A,00D9) VR=FL Isocenter to Wedge Tray Distance
static int IsotopeNumberRetired
          (0020,0014) VR=IS Isotope Number (Retired)
static int IssueDateOfImagingServiceRequest
          (0040,2004) VR=DA Issue Date of Imaging Service Request
static int IssuerOfAccessionNumberSeq
          (0008,0051) VR=SQ Issuer of Accession Number Sequence
static int IssuerOfAdmissionIDRetired
          (0038,0011) VR=LO Issuer of Admission ID (Retired)
static int IssuerOfAdmissionIDSeq
          (0038,0014) VR=SQ Issuer of Admission ID Sequence
static int IssuerOfPatientID
          (0010,0021) VR=LO Issuer of Patient ID
static int IssuerOfPatientIDQualifiersSeq
          (0010,0024) VR=SQ Issuer of Patient ID Qualifiers Sequence
static int IssuerOfServiceEpisodeIDRET
          (0038,0061) VR=LO Issuer of Service Episode ID (Retired)
static int IssuerOfServiceEpisodeIDSeq
          (0038,0064) VR=SQ Issuer of Service Episode ID Sequence
static int IssuerOfTheContainerIdentifierSeq
          (0040,0513) VR=SQ Issuer of the Container Identifier Sequence
static int IssuerOfTheSpecimenIdentifierSeq
          (0040,0562) VR=SQ Issuer of the Specimen Identifier Sequence
static int IssueTimeOfImagingServiceRequest
          (0040,2005) VR=TM Issue Time of Imaging Service Request
static int Italic
          (0070,0250) VR=CS Italic
static int Item
          (FFFE,E000) VR=NONE Item
static int ItemDelimitationItem
          (FFFE,E00D) VR=NONE Item Delimitation Item
static int ItemNumber
          (0020,0019) VR=IS Item Number
static int IterativeReconstructionMethod
          (0018,9769) VR=CS Iterative Reconstruction Method
static int ItineraryID
          (4010,1051) VR=LO Itinerary ID
static int ItineraryIDAssigningAuthority
          (4010,1053) VR=LO Itinerary ID Assigning Authority
static int ItineraryIDType
          (4010,1052) VR=SH Itinerary ID Type
static int IVUSGatedRate
          (0018,3102) VR=DS IVUS Gated Rate
static int IVUSPullbackStopFrameNumber
          (0018,3104) VR=IS IVUS Pullback Stop Frame Number
static int KeratoconusPredictionIndex
          (0046,0236) VR=FL Keratoconus Prediction Index
static int KeratometerIndex
          (0022,1033) VR=FL Keratometer Index
static int KeratometricAxis
          (0046,0077) VR=FD Keratometric Axis
static int KeratometricPower
          (0046,0076) VR=FD Keratometric Power
static int KeratometryLeftEyeSeq
          (0046,0071) VR=SQ Keratometry Left Eye Sequence
static int KeratometryMeasurementTypeCodeSeq
          (0022,1096) VR=SQ Keratometry Measurement Type Code Sequence
static int KeratometryRightEyeSeq
          (0046,0070) VR=SQ Keratometry Right Eye Sequence
static int KSpaceFiltering
          (0018,9064) VR=CS k-space Filtering
static int KVP
          (0018,0060) VR=DS KVP
static int KVUsedInGainCalibration
          (0014,3071) VR=DS KV Used in Gain Calibration
static int LabelStyleSelection
          (2200,0003) VR=CS Label Style Selection
static int LabelText
          (2200,0002) VR=UT Label Text
static int LabelUsingInformationExtractedFromInstances
          (2200,0001) VR=CS Label Using Information Extracted From Instances
static int LanguageCodeSeq
          (0008,0006) VR=SQ Language Code Sequence
static int LanguageCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A744) VR=SQ Language Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int LargeBluePaletteColorLUTData
          (0028,1213) VR=OW Large Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data (Retired)
static int LargeBluePaletteColorLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1113) VR=US,SS Large Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
static int LargeGreenPaletteColorLUTData
          (0028,1212) VR=OW Large Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data (Retired)
static int LargeGreenPaletteColorLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1112) VR=US,SS Large Green Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
static int LargePaletteColorLUTUID
          (0028,1214) VR=UI Large Palette Color Lookup Table UID (Retired)
static int LargeRedPaletteColorLUTData
          (0028,1211) VR=OW Large Red Palette Color Lookup Table Data (Retired)
static int LargeRedPaletteColorLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1111) VR=US,SS Large Red Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor (Retired)
static int LargestImagePixelValue
          (0028,0107) VR=US,SS Largest Image Pixel Value
static int LargestImagePixelValueInPlane
          (0028,0111) VR=US,SS Largest Image Pixel Value in Plane (Retired)
static int LargestMonochromePixelValue
          (0028,9099) VR=US Largest Monochrome Pixel Value (Retired)
static int LargestPixelValueInSeries
          (0028,0109) VR=US,SS Largest Pixel Value in Series
static int LargestValidPixelValueRetired
          (0028,0105) VR=US,SS Largest Valid Pixel Value (Retired)
static int LastMenstrualDate
          (0010,21D0) VR=DA Last Menstrual Date
static int Laterality
          (0020,0060) VR=CS Laterality
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceDescription
          (300A,033A) VR=LO Lateral Spreading Device Description
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceID
          (300A,0336) VR=SH Lateral Spreading Device ID
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceNumber
          (300A,0334) VR=IS Lateral Spreading Device Number
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceSeq
          (300A,0332) VR=SQ Lateral Spreading Device Sequence
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceSetting
          (300A,0372) VR=LO Lateral Spreading Device Setting
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceSettingsSeq
          (300A,0370) VR=SQ Lateral Spreading Device Settings Sequence
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceType
          (300A,0338) VR=CS Lateral Spreading Device Type
static int LateralSpreadingDeviceWaterEquivalentThickness
          (300A,033C) VR=FL Lateral Spreading Device Water Equivalent Thickness
static int LeafJawPositions
          (300A,011C) VR=DS Leaf/Jaw Positions
static int LeafPositionBoundaries
          (300A,00BE) VR=DS Leaf Position Boundaries
static int LeftImageSeq
          (0022,0021) VR=SQ Left Image Sequence
static int LeftLensSeq
          (0046,0015) VR=SQ Left Lens Sequence
static int LengthToEndRetired
          (0008,0001) VR=UL Length to End (Retired)
static int LensConstantDescription
          (0022,1094) VR=LO Lens Constant Description (Retired)
static int LensConstantSeq
          (0022,1092) VR=SQ Lens Constant Sequence
static int LensDescription
          (0046,0012) VR=LO Lens Description
static int LensesCodeSeq
          (0022,0019) VR=SQ Lenses Code Sequence
static int LensSegmentType
          (0046,0038) VR=CS Lens Segment Type
static int LensStatusCodeSeq
          (0022,1024) VR=SQ Lens Status Code Sequence
static int LensStatusDescription
          (0022,1065) VR=LO Lens Status Description
static int LensThickness
          (0022,1130) VR=FL Lens Thickness
static int LensThicknessSeq
          (0022,1127) VR=SQ Lens Thickness Sequence
static int LesionNumber
          (0018,3105) VR=IS Lesion Number
static int LightPathFilterPassBand
          (0022,0002) VR=US Light Path Filter Pass Band
static int LightPathFilterPassThroughWavelength
          (0022,0001) VR=US Light Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
static int LightPathFilterTypeStackCodeSeq
          (0022,0017) VR=SQ Light Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
static int LINACEnergy
          (0014,5002) VR=IS LINAC Energy
static int LINACOutput
          (0014,5004) VR=IS LINAC Output
static int LineDashingStyle
          (0070,0254) VR=CS Line Dashing Style
static int LinePattern
          (0070,0255) VR=UL Line Pattern
static int LineSeq
          (0066,0028) VR=SQ Line Sequence
static int LineStyleSeq
          (0070,0232) VR=SQ Line Style Sequence
static int LineThickness
          (0070,0253) VR=FL Line Thickness
static int ListOfMIMETypes
          (0042,0014) VR=LO List of MIME Types
static int LocalDeviationProbabilityNormalsFlag
          (0024,0072) VR=CS Local Deviation Probability Normals Flag
static int LocalizedDeviationFromNormal
          (0024,0068) VR=FL Localized Deviation From Normal
static int LocalizedDeviationProbability
          (0024,0073) VR=FL Localized Deviation Probability
static int LocalizedDeviationProbabilitySeq
          (0024,0085) VR=SQ Localized Deviation Probability Sequence
static int LocalizingCursorPosition
          (0018,2043) VR=FL Localizing Cursor Position
static int LocalNamespaceEntityID
          (0040,0031) VR=UT Local Namespace Entity ID
static int LocationOfMeasuredBeamDiameter
          (0014,4019) VR=DS Location of Measured Beam Diameter
static int LocationRetired
          (0020,0050) VR=DS Location (Retired)
static int LongEdgePointIndexList
          (0066,0042) VR=UL Long Edge Point Index List
static int LongitudinalTemporalInformationModified
          (0028,0303) VR=CS Longitudinal Temporal Information Modified
static int LongPrimitivePointIndexList
          (0066,0040) VR=UL Long Primitive Point Index List
static int LongTrianglePointIndexList
          (0066,0041) VR=UL Long Triangle Point Index List
static int LongVertexPointIndexList
          (0066,0043) VR=UL Long Vertex Point Index List
static int LossyImageCompression
          (0028,2110) VR=CS Lossy Image Compression
static int LossyImageCompressionMethod
          (0028,2114) VR=CS Lossy Image Compression Method
static int LossyImageCompressionRatio
          (0028,2112) VR=DS Lossy Image Compression Ratio
static int LossyImageCompressionRetired
          (0008,2110) VR=CS Lossy Image Compression (Retired)
static int LowEnergyDetectors
          (4010,0001) VR=CS Low Energy Detectors
static int LowRRValue
          (0018,1081) VR=IS Low R-R Value
static int LuminanceCharacteristicsID
          (0028,7009) VR=US Luminance Characteristics ID
static int LuminanceResponseDescription
          (0028,7020) VR=LO Luminance Response Description
static int LuminanceResponseSeq
          (0028,701C) VR=SQ Luminance Response Sequence
static int LuminanceResultSeq
          (0028,7024) VR=SQ Luminance Result Sequence
static int LuminanceUniformityResultSeq
          (0028,7027) VR=SQ Luminance Uniformity Result Sequence
static int LuminanceValue
          (0028,701F) VR=FL Luminance Value
static int LUTData
          (0028,3006) VR=US,OW LUT Data
static int LUTDescriptor
          (0028,3002) VR=US,SS LUT Descriptor
static int LUTExplanation
          (0028,3003) VR=LO LUT Explanation
static int LUTFunction
          (0028,9474) VR=CS LUT Function
static int LUTLabel
          (0040,9210) VR=SH LUT Label
static int LUTNumber
          (0020,0026) VR=IS LUT Number (Retired)
static int MAC
          (0400,0404) VR=OB MAC
static int MACAlgorithm
          (0400,0015) VR=CS MAC Algorithm
static int MACCalculationTransferSyntaxUID
          (0400,0010) VR=UI MAC Calculation Transfer Syntax UID
static int MACIDNumber
          (0400,0005) VR=US MAC ID Number
static int MACParametersSeq
          (4FFE,0001) VR=SQ MAC Parameters Sequence
static int MagneticFieldStrength
          (0018,0087) VR=DS Magnetic Field Strength
static int MagnetizationTransfer
          (0018,9020) VR=CS Magnetization Transfer
static int MagnificationType
          (2010,0060) VR=CS Magnification Type
static int MagnificationTypeRetired
          (0000,5180) VR=CS Command Magnification Type
static int MagnifyToNumberOfColumns
          (2040,0074) VR=US Magnify to Number of Columns (Retired)
static int MajorTicksSeq
          (0070,0287) VR=SQ Major Ticks Sequence
static int MandatoryComponentType
          (0076,0038) VR=CS Mandatory Component Type
static int Manifold
          (0066,0010) VR=CS Manifold
static int ManipulatedImageRetired
          (0028,0050) VR=LO Manipulated Image (Retired)
static int Manufacturer
          (0008,0070) VR=LO Manufacturer
static int ManufacturerModelName
          (0008,1090) VR=LO Manufacturer's Model Name
static int MappedPixelValue
          (0022,1452) VR=US,SS Mapped Pixel Value
static int MappingResource
          (0008,0105) VR=CS Mapping Resource
static int MaskFrameNumbers
          (0028,6110) VR=US Mask Frame Numbers
static int MaskingImageRetired
          (0020,0080) VR=CS Masking Image (Retired)
static int MaskOperation
          (0028,6101) VR=CS Mask Operation
static int MaskOperationExplanation
          (0028,6190) VR=ST Mask Operation Explanation
static int MaskPointer
          (0028,6030) VR=US Mask Pointer(s) (Retired)
static int MaskSelectionMode
          (0028,9454) VR=CS Mask Selection Mode
static int MaskSubPixelShift
          (0028,6114) VR=FL Mask Sub-pixel Shift
static int MaskSubtractionSeq
          (0028,6100) VR=SQ Mask Subtraction Sequence
static int MaskVisibilityPercentage
          (0028,9478) VR=FL Mask Visibility Percentage
static int Mass
          (4010,1017) VR=FL Mass
static int MaterialGrade
          (0014,0042) VR=ST Material Grade
static int MaterialID
          (300A,00E1) VR=SH Material ID
static int MaterialIsolationDiameter
          (0014,0034) VR=DS Material Isolation Diameter
static int MaterialNotes
          (0014,0046) VR=LT Material Notes
static int MaterialPipeDiameter
          (0014,0032) VR=DS Material Pipe Diameter
static int MaterialPropertiesDescription
          (0014,0044) VR=ST Material Properties Description
static int MaterialPropertiesFileFormatRetired
          (0014,0045) VR=ST Material Properties File Format (Retired)
static int MaterialsCodeSeq
          (0068,63A0) VR=SQ Materials Code Sequence
static int MaterialThickness
          (0014,0030) VR=DS Material Thickness
static int MatingFeatureDegreeOfFreedomSeq
          (0068,6400) VR=SQ Mating Feature Degree of Freedom Sequence
static int MatingFeatureID
          (0068,63F0) VR=US Mating Feature ID
static int MatingFeatureSeq
          (0068,63E0) VR=SQ Mating Feature Sequence
static int MatingFeatureSetID
          (0068,63C0) VR=US Mating Feature Set ID
static int MatingFeatureSetLabel
          (0068,63D0) VR=LO Mating Feature Set Label
static int MatingFeatureSetsSeq
          (0068,63B0) VR=SQ Mating Feature Sets Sequence
static int MatrixRegistrationSeq
          (0070,0309) VR=SQ Matrix Registration Sequence
static int MatrixSeq
          (0070,030A) VR=SQ Matrix Sequence
static int MAUsedInGainCalibration
          (0014,3072) VR=DS MA Used in Gain Calibration
static int MaxDensity
          (2010,0130) VR=US Max Density
static int MaximumAcrossScanDistortion
          (0022,0049) VR=FL Maximum Across-scan Distortion
static int MaximumAlongScanDistortion
          (0022,0038) VR=FL Maximum Along-scan Distortion
static int MaximumCollatedFilms
          (2010,0154) VR=IS Maximum Collated Films
static int MaximumCoordinateValue
          (50xx,0105) VR=US Maximum Coordinate Value (Retired)
static int MaximumCornealCurvature
          (0046,0212) VR=FL Maximum Corneal Curvature
static int MaximumCornealCurvatureLocation
          (0046,0213) VR=FL Maximum Corneal Curvature Location
static int MaximumCornealCurvatureSeq
          (0046,0211) VR=SQ Maximum Corneal Curvature Sequence
static int MaximumDepthDistortion
          (0022,0036) VR=FL Maximum Depth Distortion
static int MaximumFractionalValue
          (0062,000E) VR=US Maximum Fractional Value
static int MaximumMemoryAllocation
          (2000,0061) VR=IS Maximum Memory Allocation
static int MaximumPointDistance
          (0066,0019) VR=FL Maximum Point Distance
static int MaximumStimulusLuminance
          (0024,0018) VR=FL Maximum Stimulus Luminance
static int MeanPointDistance
          (0066,0018) VR=FL Mean Point Distance
static int MeasuredBandwidth
          (0014,401C) VR=DS Measured Bandwidth
static int MeasuredBeamDimensionA
          (0014,4017) VR=DS Measured Beam Dimension A
static int MeasuredBeamDimensionB
          (0014,4018) VR=DS Measured Beam Dimension B
static int MeasuredCenterFrequency
          (0014,401B) VR=DS Measured Center Frequency
static int MeasuredCharacteristics
          (0028,7026) VR=CS Measured Characteristics
static int MeasuredDoseDescription
          (3008,0012) VR=ST Measured Dose Description
static int MeasuredDoseReferenceNumber
          (3008,0064) VR=IS Measured Dose Reference Number
static int MeasuredDoseReferenceSeq
          (3008,0010) VR=SQ Measured Dose Reference Sequence
static int MeasuredDoseType
          (3008,0014) VR=CS Measured Dose Type
static int MeasuredDoseValue
          (3008,0016) VR=DS Measured Dose Value
static int MeasuredValueSeq
          (0040,A300) VR=SQ Measured Value Sequence
static int MeasurementAutomationTrial
          (0040,A194) VR=CS Measurement Automation (Trial) (Retired)
static int MeasurementEquipmentSeq
          (0028,7012) VR=SQ Measurement Equipment Sequence
static int MeasurementEquipmentType
          (0028,7014) VR=CS Measurement Equipment Type
static int MeasurementFunctions
          (0028,7013) VR=CS Measurement Functions
static int MeasurementLaterality
          (0024,0113) VR=CS Measurement Laterality
static int MeasurementPatternCodeSeq
          (0028,702D) VR=SQ Measurement Pattern Code Sequence
static int MeasurementPrecisionDescriptionTrial
          (0040,A047) VR=LO Measurement Precision Description (Trial) (Retired)
static int MeasurementUnitsCodeSeq
          (0040,08EA) VR=SQ Measurement Units Code Sequence
static int MeasuringUnitsSeq
          (0040,0295) VR=SQ Measuring Units Sequence
static int MechanicalIndex
          (0018,5022) VR=DS Mechanical Index
static int MediaDisposition
          (2200,0004) VR=LT Media Disposition
static int MediaInstalledSeq
          (2000,00A2) VR=SQ Media Installed Sequence
static int MediaStorageSOPClassUID
          (0002,0002) VR=UI Media Storage SOP Class UID
static int MediaStorageSOPInstanceUID
          (0002,0003) VR=UI Media Storage SOP Instance UID
static int MedicalAlerts
          (0010,2000) VR=LO Medical Alerts
static int MedicalRecordLocator
          (0010,1090) VR=LO Medical Record Locator
static int MediumType
          (2000,0030) VR=CS Medium Type
static int MemoryAllocation
          (2000,0060) VR=IS Memory Allocation
static int MemoryBitDepth
          (2000,00A0) VR=US Memory Bit Depth
static int MessageID
          (0000,0110) VR=US Message ID
static int MessageIDToBeingRespondedTo
          (0000,0120) VR=US Message ID Being Responded To
static int MessageSetIDRetired
          (0000,5010) VR=SH Message Set ID
static int MetaboliteMapCodeSeq
          (0018,9083) VR=SQ Metabolite Map Code Sequence
static int MetaboliteMapDescription
          (0018,9080) VR=ST Metabolite Map Description
static int MetersetExposure
          (3002,0032) VR=DS Meterset Exposure
static int MetersetRate
          (300A,035A) VR=FL Meterset Rate
static int MetersetRateDelivered
          (3008,0046) VR=FL Meterset Rate Delivered
static int MetersetRateSet
          (3008,0045) VR=FL Meterset Rate Set
static int MidSlabPosition
          (0018,9106) VR=FD Mid Slab Position
static int MilitaryRank
          (0010,1080) VR=LO Military Rank
static int MIMETypeOfEncapsulatedDocument
          (0042,0012) VR=LO MIME Type of Encapsulated Document
static int MinDensity
          (2010,0120) VR=US Min Density
static int MinimumCoordinateValue
          (50xx,0104) VR=US Minimum Coordinate Value (Retired)
static int MinimumKeratometricSeq
          (0046,0215) VR=SQ Minimum Keratometric Sequence
static int MinimumSensitivityValue
          (0024,0105) VR=FL Minimum Sensitivity Value
static int ModalitiesInStudy
          (0008,0061) VR=CS Modalities in Study
static int Modality
          (0008,0060) VR=CS Modality
static int ModalityLUTSeq
          (0028,3000) VR=SQ Modality LUT Sequence
static int ModalityLUTType
          (0028,3004) VR=LO Modality LUT Type
static int ModeOfPercutaneousAccessSeq
          (0052,0016) VR=SQ Mode of Percutaneous Access Sequence
static int ModifiedAttributesSeq
          (0400,0550) VR=SQ Modified Attributes Sequence
static int ModifiedImageDateRetired
          (0020,3403) VR=DA Modified Image Date (Retired)
static int ModifiedImageDescriptionRetired
          (0020,3406) VR=LO Modified Image Description (Retired)
static int ModifiedImageIDRetired
          (0020,3402) VR=CS Modified Image ID (Retired)
static int ModifiedImageTimeRetired
          (0020,3405) VR=TM Modified Image Time (Retired)
static int ModifierCodeSeq
          (0040,A195) VR=SQ Modifier Code Sequence
static int ModifyingDeviceIDRetired
          (0020,3401) VR=CS Modifying Device ID (Retired)
static int ModifyingDeviceManufacturerRetired
          (0020,3404) VR=LO Modifying Device Manufacturer (Retired)
static int ModifyingSystem
          (0400,0563) VR=LO Modifying System
static int ModulationType
          (0014,4026) VR=CS Modulation Type
static int MostRecentTreatmentDate
          (3008,0056) VR=DA Most Recent Treatment Date
static int MotionSynchronizationSeq
          (300A,0410) VR=SQ Motion Synchronization Sequence
static int MoveDestination
          (0000,0600) VR=AE Move Destination
static int MoveOriginatorAET
          (0000,1030) VR=AE Move Originator Application Entity Title
static int MoveOriginatorMessageID
          (0000,1031) VR=US Move Originator Message ID
static int MRAcquisitionFrequencyEncodingSteps
          (0018,9058) VR=US MR Acquisition Frequency Encoding Steps
static int MRAcquisitionPhaseEncodingStepsInPlane
          (0018,9231) VR=US MR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps in-plane
static int MRAcquisitionPhaseEncodingStepsOutOfPlane
          (0018,9232) VR=US MR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps out-of-plane
static int MRAcquisitionType
          (0018,0023) VR=CS MR Acquisition Type
static int MRArterialSpinLabelingSeq
          (0018,9251) VR=SQ MR Arterial Spin Labeling Sequence
static int MRAveragesSeq
          (0018,9119) VR=SQ MR Averages Sequence
static int MRDiffusionSeq
          (0018,9117) VR=SQ MR Diffusion Sequence
static int MRDRDirectoryRecordOffset
          (0004,1504) VR=UL MRDR Directory Record Offset (Retired)
static int MREchoSeq
          (0018,9114) VR=SQ MR Echo Sequence
static int MRFOVGeometrySeq
          (0018,9125) VR=SQ MR FOV/Geometry Sequence
static int MRImageFrameTypeSeq
          (0018,9226) VR=SQ MR Image Frame Type Sequence
static int MRImagingModifierSeq
          (0018,9006) VR=SQ MR Imaging Modifier Sequence
static int MRMetaboliteMapSeq
          (0018,9152) VR=SQ MR Metabolite Map Sequence
static int MRModifierSeq
          (0018,9115) VR=SQ MR Modifier Sequence
static int MRReceiveCoilSeq
          (0018,9042) VR=SQ MR Receive Coil Sequence
static int MRSpatialSaturationSeq
          (0018,9107) VR=SQ MR Spatial Saturation Sequence
static int MRSpectroscopyAcquisitionType
          (0018,9200) VR=CS MR Spectroscopy Acquisition Type
static int MRSpectroscopyFOVGeometrySeq
          (0018,9103) VR=SQ MR Spectroscopy FOV/Geometry Sequence
static int MRSpectroscopyFrameTypeSeq
          (0018,9227) VR=SQ MR Spectroscopy Frame Type Sequence
static int MRTimingAndRelatedParametersSeq
          (0018,9112) VR=SQ MR Timing and Related Parameters Sequence
static int MRTransmitCoilSeq
          (0018,9049) VR=SQ MR Transmit Coil Sequence
static int MRVelocityEncodingSeq
          (0018,9197) VR=SQ MR Velocity Encoding Sequence
static int MultiCoilConfiguration
          (0018,9046) VR=LO Multi-Coil Configuration
static int MultiCoilDefinitionSeq
          (0018,9045) VR=SQ Multi-Coil Definition Sequence
static int MultiCoilElementName
          (0018,9047) VR=SH Multi-Coil Element Name
static int MultiCoilElementUsed
          (0018,9048) VR=CS Multi-Coil Element Used
static int MultiFramePresentationSeq
          (0028,9505) VR=SQ Multi-frame Presentation Sequence
static int MultiFrameSourceSOPInstanceUID
          (0008,1167) VR=UI Multi-frame Source SOP Instance UID
static int MultiPlanarExcitation
          (0018,9012) VR=CS Multi-planar Excitation
static int MultipleCopiesFlag
          (0040,4006) VR=CS Multiple Copies Flag (Retired)
static int MultipleSpinEcho
          (0018,9011) VR=CS Multiple Spin Echo
static int MultiplexedAudioChannelsDescriptionCodeSeq
          (003A,0300) VR=SQ Multiplexed Audio Channels Description Code Sequence
static int MultiplexGroupLabel
          (003A,0020) VR=SH Multiplex Group Label
static int MultiplexGroupTimeOffset
          (0018,1068) VR=DS Multiplex Group Time Offset
static int MydriaticAgentCodeSeq
          (0022,001C) VR=SQ Mydriatic Agent Code Sequence
static int MydriaticAgentConcentration
          (0022,004E) VR=DS Mydriatic Agent Concentration
static int MydriaticAgentConcentrationUnitsSeq
          (0022,0042) VR=SQ Mydriatic Agent Concentration Units Sequence
static int NameLUTFrameRang
          (0028,9507) VR=US LUT Frame Range
static int NameMydriaticAgentSeq
          (0022,0058) VR=SQ Mydriatic Agent Sequence
static int NameOfPhysicianReadingStudy
          (0008,1060) VR=PN Name of Physician(s) Reading Study
static int NamesOfIntendedRecipientsOfResults
          (0040,1010) VR=PN Names of Intended Recipients of Results
static int NavigationDisplaySet
          (0072,0216) VR=US Navigation Display Set
static int NavigationIndicatorSeq
          (0072,0214) VR=SQ Navigation Indicator Sequence
static int NearPupillaryDistance
          (0046,0062) VR=FD Near Pupillary Distance
static int NegativeCatchTrialsQuantity
          (0024,0048) VR=US Negative Catch Trials Quantity
static int NetworkIDRetired
          (0008,1000) VR=AE Network ID (Retired)
static int NominalBeamEnergy
          (300A,0114) VR=DS Nominal Beam Energy
static int NominalBeamEnergyUnit
          (300A,0015) VR=CS Nominal Beam Energy Unit
static int NominalCardiacTriggerTimePriorToRPeak
          (0020,9154) VR=FL Nominal Cardiac Trigger Time Prior To R-Peak
static int NominalFrequency
          (0014,401A) VR=DS Nominal Frequency
static int NominalInterval
          (0018,1062) VR=IS Nominal Interval
static int NominalPercentageOfCardiacPhase
          (0020,9241) VR=FL Nominal Percentage of Cardiac Phase
static int NominalPercentageOfRespiratoryPhase
          (0020,9245) VR=FL Nominal Percentage of Respiratory Phase
static int NominalPriorDose
          (300A,001A) VR=DS Nominal Prior Dose
static int NominalRespiratoryTriggerDelayTime
          (0020,9255) VR=FD Nominal Respiratory Trigger Delay Time
static int NominalScannedPixelSpacing
          (0018,2010) VR=DS Nominal Scanned Pixel Spacing
static int NominalScreenDefinitionSeq
          (0072,0102) VR=SQ Nominal Screen Definition Sequence
static int NonDICOMOutputCodeSeq
          (0040,4032) VR=SQ Non-DICOM Output Code Sequence (Retired)
static int NonUniformRadialSamplingCorrected
          (0018,9766) VR=CS Non-uniform Radial Sampling Corrected
static int NormalizationFactorFormat
          (0028,0710) VR=US Normalization Factor Format (Retired)
static int NormalizationPoint
          (3004,0008) VR=DS Normalization Point
static int NorRevRetired
          (0000,5140) VR=CS Normal/Reverse
static int NotchFilterBandwidth
          (003A,0223) VR=DS Notch Filter Bandwidth
static int NotchFilterFrequency
          (003A,0222) VR=DS Notch Filter Frequency
static int NotificationFromManufacturerSeq
          (0068,6265) VR=SQ Notification From Manufacturer Sequence
static int NTPSourceAddress
          (0018,1803) VR=LO NTP Source Address
static int NuclearMedicineSeriesTypeRetired
          (0008,0042) VR=CS Nuclear Medicine Series Type (Retired)
static int NumberOfAlarmObjects
          (4010,1034) VR=US Number of Alarm Objects
static int NumberOfAverages
          (0018,0083) VR=DS Number of Averages
static int NumberOfBeams
          (300A,0080) VR=IS Number of Beams
static int NumberOfBlocks
          (300A,00F0) VR=IS Number of Blocks
static int NumberOfBoli
          (300A,00ED) VR=IS Number of Boli
static int NumberOfBrachyApplicationSetups
          (300A,00A0) VR=IS Number of Brachy Application Setups
static int NumberOfChannels
          (50xx,2004) VR=US Number of Channels (Retired)
static int NumberOfCompensators
          (300A,00E0) VR=IS Number of Compensators
static int NumberOfCompletedSubOperations
          (0000,1021) VR=US Number of Completed Sub-operations
static int NumberOfContourPoints
          (3006,0046) VR=IS Number of Contour Points
static int NumberOfControlPoints
          (300A,0110) VR=IS Number of Control Points
static int NumberOfCopies
          (2000,0010) VR=IS Number of Copies
static int NumberOfDetectors
          (0054,0021) VR=US Number of Detectors
static int NumberOfDisplaySubsystems
          (0028,7001) VR=US Number of Display Subsystems
static int NumberOfElements
          (0014,4012) VR=US Number of Elements
static int NumberOfEnergyWindows
          (0054,0011) VR=US Number of Energy Windows
static int NumberOfEventTimers
          (0008,2129) VR=IS Number of Event Timers
static int NumberOfFailedSubOperations
          (0000,1022) VR=US Number of Failed Sub-operations
static int NumberOfFilms
          (2100,0170) VR=IS Number of Films
static int NumberOfFocalPlanes
          (0048,0013) VR=US Number of Focal Planes
static int NumberOfFractionsDelivered
          (3008,005A) VR=IS Number of Fractions Delivered
static int NumberOfFractionsPerDay
          (300A,0079) VR=IS Number of Fraction Pattern Digits Per Day
static int NumberOfFractionsPlanned
          (300A,0078) VR=IS Number of Fractions Planned
static int NumberOfFrames
          (0028,0008) VR=IS Number of Frames
static int NumberOfFramesInOverlay
          (60xx,0015) VR=IS Number of Frames in Overlay
static int NumberOfFramesInPhase
          (0054,0033) VR=US Number of Frames in Phase
static int NumberOfFramesInRotation
          (0054,0053) VR=US Number of Frames in Rotation
static int NumberOfFramesIntegrated
          (0014,3012) VR=DS Number of Frames Integrated
static int NumberOfFramesUsedForIntegration
          (0014,3073) VR=DS Number of Frames Used for Integration
static int NumberOfGraphicPoints
          (0070,0021) VR=US Number of Graphic Points
static int NumberOfHorizontalPixels
          (0072,0106) VR=US Number of Horizontal Pixels
static int NumberOfIterations
          (0018,9739) VR=US Number of Iterations
static int NumberOfKSpaceTrajectories
          (0018,9093) VR=US Number of k-Space Trajectories
static int NumberOfLateralSpreadingDevices
          (300A,0330) VR=IS Number of Lateral Spreading Devices
static int NumberOfLeafJawPairs
          (300A,00BC) VR=IS Number of Leaf/Jaw Pairs
static int NumberOfLuminancePoints
          (0028,701B) VR=US Number of Luminance Points
static int NumberOfMatchesRetired
          (0000,0850) VR=US Number of Matches
static int NumberOfPaddedALines
          (0052,0038) VR=US Number of Padded A-lines
static int NumberOfPaintings
          (300A,039A) VR=IS Number of Paintings
static int NumberOfPatientRelatedInstances
          (0020,1204) VR=IS Number of Patient Related Instances
static int NumberOfPatientRelatedSeries
          (0020,1202) VR=IS Number of Patient Related Series
static int NumberOfPatientRelatedStudies
          (0020,1200) VR=IS Number of Patient Related Studies
static int NumberOfPhaseEncodingSteps
          (0018,0089) VR=IS Number of Phase Encoding Steps
static int NumberOfPhases
          (0054,0031) VR=US Number of Phases
static int NumberOfPoints
          (50xx,0010) VR=US Number of Points (Retired)
static int NumberOfPriorsReferenced
          (0072,0014) VR=US Number of Priors Referenced
static int NumberOfPulses
          (300A,028A) VR=IS Number of Pulses
static int NumberOfRangeModulators
          (300A,0340) VR=IS Number of Range Modulators
static int NumberOfRangeShifters
          (300A,0312) VR=IS Number of Range Shifters
static int NumberOfReferences
          (0004,1600) VR=UL Number of References (Retired)
static int NumberOfRemainingSubOperations
          (0000,1020) VR=US Number of Remaining Sub-operations
static int NumberOfRotations
          (0054,0051) VR=US Number of Rotations
static int NumberOfRRIntervals
          (0054,0061) VR=US Number of R-R Intervals
static int NumberOfSamples
          (50xx,2006) VR=UL Number of Samples (Retired)
static int NumberOfScanSpotPositions
          (300A,0392) VR=IS Number of Scan Spot Positions
static int NumberOfScreens
          (0072,0100) VR=US Number of Screens
static int NumberOfSeriesRelatedInstances
          (0020,1209) VR=IS Number of Series Related Instances
static int NumberOfSlices
          (0054,0081) VR=US Number of Slices
static int NumberOfStages
          (0008,2124) VR=IS Number of Stages
static int NumberOfStudyRelatedInstances
          (0020,1208) VR=IS Number of Study Related Instances
static int NumberOfStudyRelatedSeries
          (0020,1206) VR=IS Number of Study Related Series
static int NumberOfSubsets
          (0018,9740) VR=US Number of Subsets
static int NumberOfSurfacePoints
          (0066,0015) VR=UL Number of Surface Points
static int NumberOfSurfaces
          (0066,0001) VR=UL Number of Surfaces
static int NumberOfTableBreakPoints
          (0018,6050) VR=UL Number of Table Break Points
static int NumberOfTableEntries
          (0018,6056) VR=UL Number of Table Entries
static int NumberOfTables
          (0028,08x2) VR=US Number of Tables (Retired)
static int NumberOfTemporalPositions
          (0020,0105) VR=IS Number of Temporal Positions
static int NumberOfTimeSlices
          (0054,0101) VR=US Number of Time Slices
static int NumberOfTimeSlots
          (0054,0071) VR=US Number of Time Slots
static int NumberofTomosynthesisSourceImages
          (0018,1495) VR=IS Number of Tomosynthesis Source Images
static int NumberOfTotalObjects
          (4010,1033) VR=US Number of Total Objects
static int NumberOfTransformSteps
          (0028,0402) VR=US Number of Transform Steps (Retired)
static int NumberOfTriggersInPhase
          (0054,0211) VR=US Number of Triggers in Phase
static int NumberOfVectors
          (0066,001E) VR=UL Number of Vectors
static int NumberOfVerticalPixels
          (0072,0104) VR=US Number of Vertical Pixels
static int NumberOfViewsInStage
          (0008,212A) VR=IS Number of Views in Stage
static int NumberOfVisualStimuli
          (0024,0038) VR=US Number of Visual Stimuli
static int NumberOfWarningSubOperations
          (0000,1023) VR=US Number of Warning Sub-operations
static int NumberOfWaveformChannels
          (003A,0005) VR=US Number of Waveform Channels
static int NumberOfWaveformSamples
          (003A,0010) VR=UL Number of Waveform Samples
static int NumberOfWedges
          (300A,00D0) VR=IS Number of Wedges
static int NumberOfZeroFills
          (0018,9066) VR=US Number of Zero Fills
static int NumericValue
          (0040,A30A) VR=DS Numeric Value
static int NumericValueQualifierCodeSeq
          (0040,A301) VR=SQ Numeric Value Qualifier Code Sequence
static int ObjectBinaryIdentifierTrial
          (0040,A074) VR=OB Object Binary Identifier (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObjectDirectoryBinaryIdentifierTrial
          (0040,A089) VR=OB Object Directory Binary Identifier (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObjectiveLensNumericalAperture
          (0048,0113) VR=DS Objective Lens Numerical Aperture
static int ObjectiveLensPower
          (0048,0112) VR=DS Objective Lens Power
static int ObjectPixelSpacingInCenterOfBeam
          (0018,9404) VR=FL Object Pixel Spacing in Center of Beam
static int ObjectThicknessSeq
          (0018,9456) VR=SQ Object Thickness Sequence
static int ObservationCategoryCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A167) VR=SQ Observation Category Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObservationDateTime
          (0040,A032) VR=DT Observation DateTime
static int ObservationDateTrial
          (0040,A192) VR=DA Observation Date (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObservationNumber
          (3006,0082) VR=IS Observation Number
static int ObservationSubjectClassTrial
          (0040,A403) VR=CS Observation Subject Class (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObservationSubjectContextFlagTrial
          (0040,A600) VR=CS Observation Subject Context Flag (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObservationSubjectTypeCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A404) VR=SQ Observation Subject Type Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObservationSubjectUIDTrial
          (0040,A402) VR=UI Observation Subject UID (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObservationTimeTrial
          (0040,A193) VR=TM Observation Time (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObservationUID
          (0040,A171) VR=UI Observation UID
static int ObserverContextFlagTrial
          (0040,A601) VR=CS Observer Context Flag (Trial) (Retired)
static int ObserverType
          (0040,A084) VR=CS Observer Type
static int Occupation
          (0010,2180) VR=SH Occupation
static int OCTAcquisitionDomain
          (0052,0006) VR=CS OCT Acquisition Domain
static int OCTFocalDistance
          (0052,0002) VR=FD OCT Focal Distance
static int OCTOpticalCenterWavelength
          (0052,0007) VR=FD OCT Optical Center Wavelength
static int OCTZOffsetApplied
          (0052,0026) VR=CS OCT Z Offset Applied
static int OCTZOffsetCorrection
          (0052,0030) VR=SS OCT Z Offset Correction
static int OffendingElement
          (0000,0901) VR=AT Offending Element
static int OffsetOfFirstRootDirectoryRecord
          (0004,1200) VR=UL Offset of the First Directory Record of the Root Directory Entity
static int OffsetOfLastRootDirectoryRecord
          (0004,1202) VR=UL Offset of the Last Directory Record of the Root Directory Entity
static int OffsetOfLowerLevelDirectoryEntity
          (0004,1420) VR=UL Offset of Referenced Lower-Level Directory Entity
static int OffsetOfNextDirectoryRecord
          (0004,1400) VR=UL Offset of the Next Directory Record
static int OnAxisBackgroundAnatomicStructureCodeSequenceTrial
          (0008,225C) VR=SQ On Axis Background Anatomic Structure Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int OOIOwnerCreationTime
          (4010,1041) VR=DT OOI Owner Creation Time
static int OOIOwnerSeq
          (4010,1047) VR=SQ OOI Owner Sequence
static int OOIOwnerType
          (4010,1009) VR=CS OOI Owner Type
static int OOISize
          (4010,1043) VR=FL OOI Size
static int OOIType
          (4010,1042) VR=CS OOI Type
static int OOITypeDescriptor
          (4010,1068) VR=LT OOI Type Descriptor
static int OperatingMode
          (0018,9178) VR=CS Operating Mode
static int OperatingModeSeq
          (0018,9176) VR=SQ Operating Mode Sequence
static int OperatingModeType
          (0018,9177) VR=CS Operating Mode Type
static int OperatorIdentificationSeq
          (0008,1072) VR=SQ Operator Identification Sequence
static int OperatorName
          (0008,1070) VR=PN Operators' Name
static int OphthalmicAxialLength
          (0022,1019) VR=FL Ophthalmic Axial Length
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthAcquisitionMethodCodeSeq
          (0022,1153) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Acquisition Method Code Sequence (Retired)
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthDataSourceCodeSeq
          (0022,1150) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Data Source Code Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthDataSourceDescription
          (0022,1159) VR=LO Ophthalmic Axial Length Data Source Description
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementModified
          (0022,1140) VR=CS Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurement Modified
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsLengthSummationSeq
          (0022,1212) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Length Summation Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSegmentalLengthSeq
          (0022,1211) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Segmental Length Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSegmentNameCodeSeq
          (0022,1101) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Segment Name Code Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSeq
          (0022,1050) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsTotalLengthSeq
          (0022,1210) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Total Length Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsType
          (0022,1010) VR=CS Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Type
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthQualityMetricSeq
          (0022,1262) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Quality Metric Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthQualityMetricTypeCodeSeq
          (0022,1265) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Quality Metric Type Code Sequence (Retired)
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthQualityMetricTypeDescription
          (0022,1273) VR=LO Ophthalmic Axial Length Quality Metric Type Description (Retired)
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthSelectionMethodCodeSeq
          (0022,1250) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Selection Method Code Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthSeq
          (0022,1012) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Length Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialLengthVelocity
          (0022,1059) VR=FL Ophthalmic Axial Length Velocity
static int OphthalmicAxialMeasurementsDeviceType
          (0022,1009) VR=CS Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Device Type
static int OphthalmicAxialMeasurementsLeftEyeSeq
          (0022,1008) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Left Eye Sequence
static int OphthalmicAxialMeasurementsRightEyeSeq
          (0022,1007) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Axial Measurements Right Eye Sequence
static int OphthalmicFrameLocationSeq
          (0022,0031) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Frame Location Sequence
static int OphthalmicImageOrientation
          (0022,0039) VR=CS Ophthalmic Image Orientation
static int OphthalmicMappingDeviceType
          (0022,1415) VR=CS Ophthalmic Mapping Device Type
static int OphthalmicPatientClinicalInformationLeftEyeSeq
          (0024,0114) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Patient Clinical Information Left Eye Sequence
static int OphthalmicPatientClinicalInformationRightEyeSeq
          (0024,0115) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Patient Clinical Information Right Eye Sequence
static int OphthalmicThicknessMappingNormalsSeq
          (0022,1443) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Thickness Mapping Normals Sequence
static int OphthalmicThicknessMapQualityRatingSeq
          (0022,1470) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Thickness Map Quality Rating Sequence
static int OphthalmicThicknessMapQualityThresholdSeq
          (0022,1458) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Thickness Map Quality Threshold Sequence
static int OphthalmicThicknessMapThresholdQualityRating
          (0022,1460) VR=FL Ophthalmic Thickness Map Threshold Quality Rating
static int OphthalmicThicknessMapTypeCodeSeq
          (0022,1436) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Thickness Map Type Code Sequence
static int OphthalmicUltrasoundMethodCodeSeq
          (0022,1044) VR=SQ Ophthalmic Ultrasound Method Code Sequence
static int OpticalOphthalmicAxialLengthMeasurementsSeq
          (0022,1225) VR=SQ Optical Ophthalmic Axial Length Measurements Sequence
static int OpticalPathDescription
          (0048,0107) VR=ST Optical Path Description
static int OpticalPathIdentificationSeq
          (0048,0207) VR=SQ Optical Path Identification Sequence
static int OpticalPathIdentifier
          (0048,0106) VR=SH Optical Path Identifier
static int OpticalPathSeq
          (0048,0105) VR=SQ Optical Path Sequence
static int OpticalSelectedOphthalmicAxialLengthSeq
          (0022,1255) VR=SQ Optical Selected Ophthalmic Axial Length Sequence
static int OpticalTransmittance
          (0046,0040) VR=FD Optical Transmittance
static int Optotype
          (0046,0094) VR=CS Optotype
static int OptotypeDetailedDefinition
          (0046,0139) VR=LO Optotype Detailed Definition
static int OptotypePresentation
          (0046,0095) VR=CS Optotype Presentation
static int OrderCallbackPhoneNumber
          (0040,2010) VR=SH Order Callback Phone Number
static int OrderEnteredBy
          (0040,2008) VR=PN Order Entered By
static int OrderEntererLocation
          (0040,2009) VR=SH Order Enterer's Location
static int OrderFillerIdentifierSeq
          (0040,0027) VR=SQ Order Filler Identifier Sequence
static int OrderPlacerIdentifierSeq
          (0040,0026) VR=SQ Order Placer Identifier Sequence
static int OrganAtRiskFullVolumeDose
          (300A,002A) VR=DS Organ at Risk Full-volume Dose
static int OrganAtRiskLimitDose
          (300A,002B) VR=DS Organ at Risk Limit Dose
static int OrganAtRiskMaximumDose
          (300A,002C) VR=DS Organ at Risk Maximum Dose
static int OrganAtRiskOverdoseVolumeFraction
          (300A,002D) VR=DS Organ at Risk Overdose Volume Fraction
static int OrganDose
          (0040,0316) VR=DS Organ Dose
static int OrganExposed
          (0040,0318) VR=CS Organ Exposed
static int OriginalAttributesSeq
          (0400,0561) VR=SQ Original Attributes Sequence
static int OriginalImageIdentificationNomenclatureRetired
          (0020,5002) VR=LO Original Image Identification Nomenclature (Retired)
static int OriginalImageIdentificationRetired
          (0020,5000) VR=AT Original Image Identification (Retired)
static int OriginalImageSeq
          (2130,00C0) VR=SQ Original Image Sequence (Retired)
static int OriginalImplantAssemblyTemplateSeq
          (0076,000C) VR=SQ Original Implant Assembly Template Sequence
static int OriginalImplantTemplateSeq
          (0068,6225) VR=SQ Original Implant Template Sequence
static int OriginalSpecializedSOPClassUID
          (0008,001B) VR=UI Original Specialized SOP Class UID
static int Originator
          (2100,0070) VR=AE Originator
static int OtherMagnificationTypesAvailable
          (2010,00A7) VR=CS Other Magnification Types Available
static int OtherMediaAvailableSeq
          (2000,00A4) VR=SQ Other Media Available Sequence
static int OtherPatientIDs
          (0010,1000) VR=LO Other Patient IDs
static int OtherPatientIDSeq
          (0010,1002) VR=SQ Other Patient IDs Sequence
static int OtherPatientNames
          (0010,1001) VR=PN Other Patient Names
static int OtherPupillaryDistance
          (0046,0064) VR=FD Other Pupillary Distance
static int OtherSmoothingTypesAvailable
          (2010,00A9) VR=CS Other Smoothing Types Available
static int OtherStudyNumbers
          (0020,1070) VR=IS Other Study Numbers (Retired)
static int OuterDiameter
          (0014,0054) VR=DS Outer Diameter
static int OutputInformationSeq
          (0040,4033) VR=SQ Output Information Sequence
static int OutputPower
          (0018,5000) VR=SH Output Power
static int OverallTemplateSpatialTolerance
          (0068,62A5) VR=FD Overall Template Spatial Tolerance
static int OverlayActivationLayer
          (60xx,1001) VR=CS Overlay Activation Layer
static int OverlayBackgroundDensity
          (2040,0082) VR=CS Overlay Background Density (Retired)
static int OverlayBitPosition
          (60xx,0102) VR=US Overlay Bit Position
static int OverlayBitsAllocated
          (60xx,0100) VR=US Overlay Bits Allocated
static int OverlayBitsForCodeWord
          (60xx,0804) VR=US Overlay Bits For Code Word (Retired)
static int OverlayBitsGrouped
          (60xx,0069) VR=US Overlay Bits Grouped (Retired)
static int OverlayCodeLabel
          (60xx,0800) VR=CS Overlay Code Label (Retired)
static int OverlayCodeTableLocation
          (60xx,0803) VR=AT Overlay Code Table Location (Retired)
static int OverlayColumns
          (60xx,0011) VR=US Overlay Columns
static int OverlayCommentsRetired
          (60xx,4000) VR=LT Overlay Comments (Retired)
static int OverlayCompressionCodeRetired
          (60xx,0060) VR=CS Overlay Compression Code (Retired)
static int OverlayCompressionDescription
          (60xx,0063) VR=CS Overlay Compression Description (Retired)
static int OverlayCompressionLabel
          (60xx,0062) VR=SH Overlay Compression Label (Retired)
static int OverlayCompressionOriginator
          (60xx,0061) VR=SH Overlay Compression Originator (Retired)
static int OverlayCompressionStepPointers
          (60xx,0066) VR=AT Overlay Compression Step Pointers (Retired)
static int OverlayData
          (60xx,3000) VR=OB,OW Overlay Data
static int OverlayDate
          (0008,0024) VR=DA Overlay Date (Retired)
static int OverlayDescription
          (60xx,0022) VR=LO Overlay Description
static int OverlayDescriptorBlueRetired
          (60xx,1103) VR=US Overlay Descriptor - Blue (Retired)
static int OverlayDescriptorGrayRetired
          (60xx,1100) VR=US Overlay Descriptor - Gray (Retired)
static int OverlayDescriptorGreenRetired
          (60xx,1102) VR=US Overlay Descriptor - Green (Retired)
static int OverlayDescriptorRedRetired
          (60xx,1101) VR=US Overlay Descriptor - Red (Retired)
static int OverlayForegroundDensity
          (2040,0080) VR=CS Overlay Foreground Density (Retired)
static int OverlayFormatRetired
          (60xx,0110) VR=CS Overlay Format (Retired)
static int OverlayLabel
          (60xx,1500) VR=LO Overlay Label
static int OverlayLocationRetired
          (60xx,0200) VR=US Overlay Location (Retired)
static int OverlayMagnificationType
          (2040,0060) VR=CS Overlay Magnification Type (Retired)
static int OverlayModeRetired
          (2040,0090) VR=CS Overlay Mode (Retired)
static int OverlayNumber
          (0020,0022) VR=IS Overlay Number (Retired)
static int OverlayNumberOfTables
          (60xx,0802) VR=US Overlay Number of Tables (Retired)
static int OverlayOrigin
          (60xx,0050) VR=SS Overlay Origin
static int OverlayOrImageMagnification
          (2040,0072) VR=CS Overlay or Image Magnification (Retired)
static int OverlayPixelDataSeq
          (2040,0020) VR=SQ Overlay Pixel Data Sequence (Retired)
static int OverlayPlaneOrigin
          (60xx,0052) VR=US Overlay Plane Origin (Retired)
static int OverlayPlanes
          (60xx,0012) VR=US Overlay Planes (Retired)
static int OverlayRepeatInterval
          (60xx,0068) VR=US Overlay Repeat Interval (Retired)
static int OverlayRows
          (60xx,0010) VR=US Overlay Rows
static int Overlays
          (0000,51B0) VR=US Overlays
static int OverlaysBlueRetired
          (60xx,1203) VR=US Overlays - Blue (Retired)
static int OverlaysGrayRetired
          (60xx,1200) VR=US Overlays - Gray (Retired)
static int OverlaysGreenRetired
          (60xx,1202) VR=US Overlays - Green (Retired)
static int OverlaySmoothingType
          (2040,0070) VR=CS Overlay Smoothing Type (Retired)
static int OverlaysRedRetired
          (60xx,1201) VR=US Overlays - Red (Retired)
static int OverlaySubtype
          (60xx,0045) VR=LO Overlay Subtype
static int OverlayTime
          (0008,0034) VR=TM Overlay Time (Retired)
static int OverlayType
          (60xx,0040) VR=CS Overlay Type
static int OverriddenAttributesSeq
          (0074,104A) VR=SQ Overridden Attributes Sequence
static int OverrideParameterPointer
          (3008,0062) VR=AT Override Parameter Pointer
static int OverrideReason
          (3008,0066) VR=ST Override Reason
static int OverrideSeq
          (3008,0060) VR=SQ Override Sequence
static int OversamplingPhase
          (0018,9029) VR=CS Oversampling Phase
static int OwnerID
          (2100,0160) VR=SH Owner ID
static int PaddleDescription
          (0018,11A4) VR=LO Paddle Description
static int PageNumberVector
          (0018,2001) VR=IS Page Number Vector
static int PagePositionIDRetired
          (0000,5120) VR=LT Page Position ID
static int PaletteColorLookupTableSeq
          (0048,0120) VR=SQ Palette Color Lookup Table Sequence
static int PaletteColorLUTUID
          (0028,1199) VR=UI Palette Color Lookup Table UID
static int ParallelAcquisition
          (0018,9077) VR=CS Parallel Acquisition
static int ParallelAcquisitionTechnique
          (0018,9078) VR=CS Parallel Acquisition Technique
static int ParallelReductionFactorInPlane
          (0018,9069) VR=FD Parallel Reduction Factor In-plane
static int ParallelReductionFactorInPlaneRetired
          (0018,9096) VR=FD Parallel Reduction Factor In-plane (Retired)
static int ParallelReductionFactorOutOfPlane
          (0018,9155) VR=FD Parallel Reduction Factor out-of-plane
static int ParallelReductionFactorSecondInPlane
          (0018,9168) VR=FD Parallel Reduction Factor Second In-plane
static int ParameterItemIndex
          (3008,0063) VR=IS Parameter Item Index
static int ParameterPointer
          (3008,0065) VR=AT Parameter Pointer
static int ParameterSequencePointer
          (3008,0061) VR=AT Parameter Sequence Pointer
static int PartialDataDisplayHandling
          (0072,0208) VR=CS Partial Data Display Handling
static int PartialFourier
          (0018,9081) VR=CS Partial Fourier
static int PartialFourierDirection
          (0018,9036) VR=CS Partial Fourier Direction
static int PartialView
          (0028,1350) VR=CS Partial View
static int PartialViewCodeSeq
          (0028,1352) VR=SQ Partial View Code Sequence
static int PartialViewDescription
          (0028,1351) VR=ST Partial View Description
static int ParticipantDateTime
          (0040,A082) VR=DT Participation DateTime
static int ParticipantSeq
          (0040,A07A) VR=SQ Participant Sequence
static int ParticipantType
          (0040,A080) VR=CS Participation Type
static int PatientAdditionalPosition
          (300A,0184) VR=LO Patient Additional Position
static int PatientAddress
          (0010,1040) VR=LO Patient's Address
static int PatientAge
          (0010,1010) VR=AS Patient's Age
static int PatientBirthDate
          (0010,0030) VR=DA Patient's Birth Date
static int PatientBirthName
          (0010,1005) VR=PN Patient's Birth Name
static int PatientBirthTime
          (0010,0032) VR=TM Patient's Birth Time
static int PatientBreedCodeSeq
          (0010,2293) VR=SQ Patient Breed Code Sequence
static int PatientBreedDescription
          (0010,2292) VR=LO Patient Breed Description
static int PatientClinicalTrialParticipationSeq
          (0038,0502) VR=SQ Patient Clinical Trial Participation Sequence
static int PatientComments
          (0010,4000) VR=LT Patient Comments
static int PatientEyeMovementCommandCodeSeq
          (0022,0006) VR=SQ Patient Eye Movement Command Code Sequence
static int PatientEyeMovementCommanded
          (0022,0005) VR=CS Patient Eye Movement Commanded
static int PatientFrameOfReferenceSource
          (0020,930C) VR=CS Patient Frame of Reference Source
static int PatientGantryRelationshipCodeSeq
          (0054,0414) VR=SQ Patient Gantry Relationship Code Sequence
static int PatientID
          (0010,0020) VR=LO Patient ID
static int PatientIdentityRemoved
          (0012,0062) VR=CS Patient Identity Removed
static int PatientInstitutionResidence
          (0038,0400) VR=LO Patient's Institution Residence
static int PatientInsurancePlanCodeSeq
          (0010,0050) VR=SQ Patient's Insurance Plan Code Sequence
static int PatientMotherBirthName
          (0010,1060) VR=PN Patient's Mother's Birth Name
static int PatientMotionCorrected
          (0018,9763) VR=CS Patient Motion Corrected
static int PatientName
          (0010,0010) VR=PN Patient's Name
static int PatientNotProperlyFixatedQuantity
          (0024,0036) VR=US Patient Not Properly Fixated Quantity
static int PatientOrientation
          (0020,0020) VR=CS Patient Orientation
static int PatientOrientationCodeSeq
          (0054,0410) VR=SQ Patient Orientation Code Sequence
static int PatientOrientationInFrameSeq
          (0020,9450) VR=SQ Patient Orientation in Frame Sequence
static int PatientOrientationModifierCodeSeq
          (0054,0412) VR=SQ Patient Orientation Modifier Code Sequence
static int PatientPhoneNumbers
          (0010,2154) VR=SH Patient's Telephone Numbers
static int PatientPhysiologicalStateCodeSeq
          (0018,9772) VR=SQ Patient Physiological State Code Sequence
static int PatientPhysiologicalStateSeq
          (0018,9771) VR=SQ Patient Physiological State Sequence
static int PatientPosition
          (0018,5100) VR=CS Patient Position
static int PatientPrimaryLanguageCodeSeq
          (0010,0101) VR=SQ Patient's Primary Language Code Sequence
static int PatientPrimaryLanguageModifierCodeSeq
          (0010,0102) VR=SQ Patient's Primary Language Modifier Code Sequence
static int PatientReliabilityIndicator
          (0024,0069) VR=LO Patient Reliability Indicator
static int PatientReligiousPreference
          (0010,21F0) VR=LO Patient's Religious Preference
static int PatientSetupLabel
          (300A,0183) VR=LO Patient Setup Label
static int PatientSetupNumber
          (300A,0182) VR=IS Patient Setup Number
static int PatientSetupSeq
          (300A,0180) VR=SQ Patient Setup Sequence
static int PatientSex
          (0010,0040) VR=CS Patient's Sex
static int PatientSexNeutered
          (0010,2203) VR=CS Patient's Sex Neutered
static int PatientSize
          (0010,1020) VR=DS Patient's Size
static int PatientSizeCodeSeq
          (0010,1021) VR=SQ Patient's Size Code Sequence
static int PatientSpeciesCodeSeq
          (0010,2202) VR=SQ Patient Species Code Sequence
static int PatientSpeciesDescription
          (0010,2201) VR=LO Patient Species Description
static int PatientState
          (0038,0500) VR=LO Patient State
static int PatientSupportAccessoryCode
          (300A,0354) VR=LO Patient Support Accessory Code
static int PatientSupportAdjustedAngle
          (0074,102A) VR=FD Patient Support Adjusted Angle
static int PatientSupportAngle
          (300A,0122) VR=DS Patient Support Angle
static int PatientSupportAngleTolerance
          (300A,004C) VR=DS Patient Support Angle Tolerance
static int PatientSupportID
          (300A,0352) VR=SH Patient Support ID
static int PatientSupportRotationDirection
          (300A,0123) VR=CS Patient Support Rotation Direction
static int PatientSupportType
          (300A,0350) VR=CS Patient Support Type
static int PatientTransportArrangements
          (0040,1004) VR=LO Patient Transport Arrangements
static int PatientWeight
          (0010,1030) VR=DS Patient's Weight
static int PatternOffColorCIELabValue
          (0070,0252) VR=US Pattern Off Color CIELab Value
static int PatternOffOpacity
          (0070,0285) VR=FL Pattern Off Opacity
static int PatternOnColorCIELabValue
          (0070,0251) VR=US Pattern On Color CIELab Value
static int PatternOnOpacity
          (0070,0284) VR=FL Pattern On Opacity
static int PauseBetweenFrames
          (0054,0038) VR=IS Pause Between Frames
static int PercentPhaseFieldOfView
          (0018,0094) VR=DS Percent Phase Field of View
static int PercentSampling
          (0018,0093) VR=DS Percent Sampling
static int PerformedLocation
          (0040,0243) VR=SH Performed Location
static int PerformedProcedureCodeSeq
          (0040,A372) VR=SQ Performed Procedure Code Sequence
static int PerformedProcedureStepEndDateTime
          (0040,4051) VR=DT Performed Procedure Step End DateTime
static int PerformedProcedureStepStartDateTime
          (0040,4050) VR=DT Performed Procedure Step Start DateTime
static int PerformedProcedureTypeDescription
          (0040,0255) VR=LO Performed Procedure Type Description
static int PerformedProcessingApplicationsCodeSeq
          (0040,4007) VR=SQ Performed Processing Applications Code Sequence
static int PerformedProcessingParametersSeq
          (0074,1212) VR=SQ Performed Processing Parameters Sequence
static int PerformedProtocolCodeSeq
          (0040,0260) VR=SQ Performed Protocol Code Sequence
static int PerformedProtocolType
          (0040,0261) VR=CS Performed Protocol Type
static int PerformedSeriesSeq
          (0040,0340) VR=SQ Performed Series Sequence
static int PerformedStationAET
          (0040,0241) VR=AE Performed Station AE Title
static int PerformedStationClassCodeSeq
          (0040,4029) VR=SQ Performed Station Class Code Sequence
static int PerformedStationGeographicLocationCodeSeq
          (0040,4030) VR=SQ Performed Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
static int PerformedStationName
          (0040,0242) VR=SH Performed Station Name
static int PerformedStationNameCodeSeq
          (0040,4028) VR=SQ Performed Station Name Code Sequence
static int PerformedWorkitemCodeSeq
          (0040,4019) VR=SQ Performed Workitem Code Sequence
static int PerformingPhysicianIdentificationSeq
          (0008,1052) VR=SQ Performing Physician Identification Sequence
static int PerformingPhysicianName
          (0008,1050) VR=PN Performing Physician's Name
static int PerFrameFunctionalGroupsSeq
          (5200,9230) VR=SQ Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence
static int PerimeterTable
          (0028,0070) VR=US Perimeter Table (Retired)
static int PerimeterValue
          (0028,0071) VR=US,SS Perimeter Value (Retired)
static int PerProjectionAcquisitionSeq
          (0018,9538) VR=SQ Per Projection Acquisition Sequence
static int PersonAddress
          (0040,1102) VR=ST Person's Address
static int PersonIdentificationCodeSeq
          (0040,1101) VR=SQ Person Identification Code Sequence
static int PersonName
          (0040,A123) VR=PN Person Name
static int PersonTelephoneNumbers
          (0040,1103) VR=LO Person's Telephone Numbers
static int PertinentDocumentsSeq
          (0038,0100) VR=SQ Pertinent Documents Sequence
static int PertinentOtherEvidenceSeq
          (0040,A385) VR=SQ Pertinent Other Evidence Sequence
static int PETDetectorMotionDetailsSeq
          (0018,9733) VR=SQ PET Detector Motion Details Sequence
static int PETFrameAcquisitionSeq
          (0018,9732) VR=SQ PET Frame Acquisition Sequence
static int PETFrameCorrectionFactorsSeq
          (0018,9736) VR=SQ PET Frame Correction Factors Sequence
static int PETFrameTypeSeq
          (0018,9751) VR=SQ PET Frame Type Sequence
static int PETPositionSeq
          (0018,9735) VR=SQ PET Position Sequence
static int PETReconstructionSeq
          (0018,9749) VR=SQ PET Reconstruction Sequence
static int PETTableDynamicsSeq
          (0018,9734) VR=SQ PET Table Dynamics Sequence
static int PhantomType
          (4010,1046) VR=CS Phantom Type
static int PhaseContrast
          (0018,9014) VR=CS Phase Contrast
static int PhaseDelay
          (0054,0036) VR=IS Phase Delay
static int PhaseDescription
          (0054,0039) VR=CS Phase Description
static int PhaseInformationSeq
          (0054,0032) VR=SQ Phase Information Sequence
static int PhaseNumberRetired
          (0020,0015) VR=IS Phase Number (Retired)
static int PhaseVector
          (0054,0030) VR=US Phase Vector
static int PhosphorType
          (0018,1261) VR=LO Phosphor Type
static int PhotometricInterpretation
          (0028,0004) VR=CS Photometric Interpretation
static int PhototimerSetting
          (0018,7065) VR=DS Phototimer Setting
static int PhysicalDeltaX
          (0018,602C) VR=FD Physical Delta X
static int PhysicalDeltaY
          (0018,602E) VR=FD Physical Delta Y
static int PhysicalDetectorSize
          (0018,9429) VR=FL Physical Detector Size
static int PhysicalUnitsXDirection
          (0018,6024) VR=US Physical Units X Direction
static int PhysicalUnitsYDirection
          (0018,6026) VR=US Physical Units Y Direction
static int PhysicianApprovingInterpretation
          (4008,0114) VR=PN Physician Approving Interpretation (Retired)
static int PhysicianOfRecord
          (0008,1048) VR=PN Physician(s) of Record
static int PhysicianOfRecordIdentificationSeq
          (0008,1049) VR=SQ Physician(s) of Record Identification Sequence
static int PhysicianReadingStudyIdentificationSeq
          (0008,1062) VR=SQ Physician(s) Reading Study Identification Sequence
static int PixelAspectRatio
          (0028,0034) VR=IS Pixel Aspect Ratio
static int PixelBandwidth
          (0018,0095) VR=DS Pixel Bandwidth
static int PixelCommentsRetired
          (0028,4000) VR=LT Image Presentation Comments (Retired)
static int PixelComponentDataType
          (0018,604E) VR=US Pixel Component Data Type
static int PixelComponentMask
          (0018,6046) VR=UL Pixel Component Mask
static int PixelComponentOrganization
          (0018,6044) VR=US Pixel Component Organization
static int PixelComponentPhysicalUnits
          (0018,604C) VR=US Pixel Component Physical Units
static int PixelComponentRangeStart
          (0018,6048) VR=UL Pixel Component Range Start
static int PixelComponentRangeStop
          (0018,604A) VR=UL Pixel Component Range Stop
static int PixelCoordinatesSetTrial
          (0040,A29A) VR=SL Pixel Coordinates Set (Trial) (Retired)
static int PixelData
          (7FE0,0010) VR=OB,OW Pixel Data
static int PixelDataAreaOriginRelativeToFOV
          (0018,7036) VR=FL Pixel Data Area Origin Relative To FOV
static int PixelDataAreaRotationAngleRelativeToFOV
          (0018,7038) VR=FL Pixel Data Area Rotation Angle Relative To FOV
static int PixelDataProviderURL
          (0028,7FE0) VR=UR Pixel Data Provider URL
static int PixelIntensityRelationship
          (0028,1040) VR=CS Pixel Intensity Relationship
static int PixelIntensityRelationshipLUTSeq
          (0028,9422) VR=SQ Pixel Intensity Relationship LUT Sequence
static int PixelIntensityRelationshipSign
          (0028,1041) VR=SS Pixel Intensity Relationship Sign
static int PixelMeasuresSeq
          (0028,9110) VR=SQ Pixel Measures Sequence
static int PixelOriginInterpretation
          (0048,0301) VR=CS Pixel Origin Interpretation
static int PixelPaddingRangeLimit
          (0028,0121) VR=US,SS Pixel Padding Range Limit
static int PixelPaddingValue
          (0028,0120) VR=US,SS Pixel Padding Value
static int PixelPresentation
          (0008,9205) VR=CS Pixel Presentation
static int PixelRepresentation
          (0028,0103) VR=US Pixel Representation
static int PixelShiftFrameRange
          (0028,9506) VR=US Pixel Shift Frame Range
static int PixelShiftSeq
          (0028,9501) VR=SQ Pixel Shift Sequence
static int PixelSpacing
          (0028,0030) VR=DS Pixel Spacing
static int PixelSpacingCalibrationDescription
          (0028,0A04) VR=LO Pixel Spacing Calibration Description
static int PixelSpacingCalibrationType
          (0028,0A02) VR=CS Pixel Spacing Calibration Type
static int PixelSpacingSeq
          (0040,08D8) VR=SQ Pixel Spacing Sequence (Retired)
static int PixelValueMappingCodeSeq
          (0040,9098) VR=SQ Pixel Value Mapping Code Sequence
static int PixelValueMappingExplanation
          (0022,1454) VR=LO Pixel Value Mapping Explanation
static int PixelValueMappingToCodedConceptSeq
          (0022,1450) VR=SQ Pixel Value Mapping to Coded Concept Sequence
static int PixelValueTransformationSeq
          (0028,9145) VR=SQ Pixel Value Transformation Sequence
static int PlacerOrderNumber
          (0040,2016) VR=LO Placer Order Number / Imaging Service Request
static int PlacerOrderNumberImagingServiceRequestRetired
          (0040,2006) VR=SH Placer Order Number / Imaging Service Request (Retired)
static int PlacerOrderNumberProcedureRetired
          (0040,1006) VR=SH Placer Order Number / Procedure (Retired)
static int PlanarConfiguration
          (0028,0006) VR=US Planar Configuration
static int PlaneIdentification
          (0018,9457) VR=CS Plane Identification
static int PlaneOrientationSeq
          (0020,9116) VR=SQ Plane Orientation Sequence
static int PlaneOrientationVolumeSeq
          (0020,930F) VR=SQ Plane Orientation (Volume) Sequence
static int PlanePositionSeq
          (0020,9113) VR=SQ Plane Position Sequence
static int PlanePositionSlideSeq
          (0048,021A) VR=SQ Plane Position (Slide) Sequence
static int PlanePositionVolumeSeq
          (0020,930E) VR=SQ Plane Position (Volume) Sequence
static int Planes
          (0028,0012) VR=US Planes (Retired)
static int PlanesInAcquisition
          (0018,9410) VR=CS Planes in Acquisition
static int PlannedVerificationImageSeq
          (300A,00CA) VR=SQ Planned Verification Image Sequence
static int PlanningLandmarkDescription
          (0068,6540) VR=LO Planning Landmark Description
static int PlanningLandmarkID
          (0068,6530) VR=US Planning Landmark ID
static int PlanningLandmarkIdentificationCodeSeq
          (0068,6545) VR=SQ Planning Landmark Identification Code Sequence
static int PlanningLandmarkLineSeq
          (0068,6510) VR=SQ Planning Landmark Line Sequence
static int PlanningLandmarkPlaneSeq
          (0068,6520) VR=SQ Planning Landmark Plane Sequence
static int PlanningLandmarkPointSeq
          (0068,6500) VR=SQ Planning Landmark Point Sequence
static int PlateID
          (0018,1004) VR=LO Plate ID
static int PlateType
          (0018,1260) VR=SH Plate Type
static int PointCoordinatesData
          (0066,0016) VR=OF Point Coordinates Data
static int PointPositionAccuracy
          (0066,0017) VR=FL Point Position Accuracy
static int PointsBoundingBoxCoordinates
          (0066,001A) VR=FL Points Bounding Box Coordinates
static int Polarity
          (2020,0020) VR=CS Polarity
static int PositionerIsocenterDetectorRotationAngle
          (0018,9465) VR=FL Positioner Isocenter Detector Rotation Angle
static int PositionerIsocenterPrimaryAngle
          (0018,9463) VR=FL Positioner Isocenter Primary Angle
static int PositionerIsocenterSecondaryAngle
          (0018,9464) VR=FL Positioner Isocenter Secondary Angle
static int PositionerMotion
          (0018,1500) VR=CS Positioner Motion
static int PositionerPositionSeq
          (0018,9405) VR=SQ Positioner Position Sequence
static int PositionerPrimaryAngle
          (0018,1510) VR=DS Positioner Primary Angle
static int PositionerPrimaryAngleDirection
          (0018,9559) VR=CS Positioner Primary Angle Direction
static int PositionerPrimaryAngleIncrement
          (0018,1520) VR=DS Positioner Primary Angle Increment
static int PositionerSecondaryAngle
          (0018,1511) VR=DS Positioner Secondary Angle
static int PositionerSecondaryAngleIncrement
          (0018,1521) VR=DS Positioner Secondary Angle Increment
static int PositionerType
          (0018,1508) VR=CS Positioner Type
static int PositionMeasuringDeviceUsed
          (0018,980C) VR=CS Position Measuring Device Used
static int PositionOfIsocenterProjection
          (0018,9430) VR=FL Position of Isocenter Projection
static int PositionReferenceIndicator
          (0020,1040) VR=LO Position Reference Indicator
static int PositiveCatchTrialsQuantity
          (0024,0056) VR=US Positive Catch Trials Quantity
static int PostDeformationMatrixReg
          (0064,0010) VR=SQ Post Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
static int PostprocessingFunction
          (0018,5021) VR=LO Postprocessing Function (Retired)
static int PotentialThreatObjectID
          (4010,1010) VR=US Potential Threat Object ID
static int PPSComments
          (0040,0280) VR=ST Comments on the Performed Procedure Step
static int PPSDescription
          (0040,0254) VR=LO Performed Procedure Step Description
static int PPSDiscontinuationReasonCodeSeq
          (0040,0281) VR=SQ Performed Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code Sequence
static int PPSEndDate
          (0040,0250) VR=DA Performed Procedure Step End Date
static int PPSEndTime
          (0040,0251) VR=TM Performed Procedure Step End Time
static int PPSID
          (0040,0253) VR=SH Performed Procedure Step ID
static int PPSStartDate
          (0040,0244) VR=DA Performed Procedure Step Start Date
static int PPSStartTime
          (0040,0245) VR=TM Performed Procedure Step Start Time
static int PPSStatus
          (0040,0252) VR=CS Performed Procedure Step Status
static int PRCSToRCSOrientation
          (4010,107E) VR=DS PRCS to RCS Orientation
static int PreAmplifierEquipmentSeq
          (0014,400E) VR=SQ Pre-Amplifier Equipment Sequence
static int PreAmplifierNotes
          (0014,400F) VR=LT Pre-Amplifier Notes
static int PreAmplifierSettingsSeq
          (0014,4040) VR=SQ Pre-Amplifier Settings Sequence
static int PredecessorDocumentsSeq
          (0040,A360) VR=SQ Predecessor Documents Sequence
static int PredecessorStructureSetSeq
          (3006,0018) VR=SQ Predecessor Structure Set Sequence
static int PreDeformationMatrixRegistrationSeq
          (0064,000F) VR=SQ Pre Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
static int PredictedRefractiveError
          (0022,1054) VR=FL Predicted Refractive Error
static int PredictorColumns
          (0028,0081) VR=US Predictor Columns (Retired)
static int PredictorConstants
          (0028,0082) VR=US Predictor Constants (Retired)
static int PredictorRows
          (0028,0080) VR=US Predictor Rows (Retired)
static int PreferredPlaybackSequencing
          (0018,1244) VR=US Preferred Playback Sequencing
static int PregnancyStatus
          (0010,21C0) VR=US Pregnancy Status
static int PreliminaryFlag
          (0040,A496) VR=CS Preliminary Flag
static int PreMedication
          (0040,0012) VR=LO Pre-Medication
static int PrescriptionDescription
          (300A,000E) VR=ST Prescription Description
static int PresentationCreationDate
          (0070,0082) VR=DA Presentation Creation Date
static int PresentationCreationTime
          (0070,0083) VR=TM Presentation Creation Time
static int PresentationCreatorName
          (0070,0084) VR=PN Content Creator's Name
static int PresentationGroupNumber
          (003A,0241) VR=US Presentation Group Number
static int PresentationIntentType
          (0008,0068) VR=CS Presentation Intent Type
static int PresentationLUTContentSeq
          (2130,0080) VR=SQ Presentation LUT Content Sequence (Retired)
static int PresentationLUTFlag
          (2000,0069) VR=CS Presentation LUT Flag (Retired)
static int PresentationLUTSeq
          (2050,0010) VR=SQ Presentation LUT Sequence
static int PresentationLUTShape
          (2050,0020) VR=CS Presentation LUT Shape
static int PresentationPixelAspectRatio
          (0070,0102) VR=IS Presentation Pixel Aspect Ratio
static int PresentationPixelMagnificationRatio
          (0070,0103) VR=FL Presentation Pixel Magnification Ratio
static int PresentationPixelSpacing
          (0070,0101) VR=DS Presentation Pixel Spacing
static int PresentationSizeMode
          (0070,0100) VR=CS Presentation Size Mode
static int PresentedVisualStimuliDataFlag
          (0024,0037) VR=CS Presented Visual Stimuli Data Flag
static int PreserveCompositeInstancesAfterMediaCreation
          (2200,000A) VR=CS Preserve Composite Instances After Media Creation
static int PrimaryAnatomicStructureModifierSeq
          (0008,2230) VR=SQ Primary Anatomic Structure Modifier Sequence
static int PrimaryAnatomicStructureSeq
          (0008,2228) VR=SQ Primary Anatomic Structure Sequence
static int PrimaryCountsAccumulated
          (0054,1310) VR=IS Primary (Prompts) Counts Accumulated
static int PrimaryDosimeterUnit
          (300A,00B3) VR=CS Primary Dosimeter Unit
static int PrimaryFluenceModeSeq
          (3002,0050) VR=SQ Primary Fluence Mode Sequence
static int PrimaryPositionerIncrement
          (0018,9514) VR=FL Primary Positioner Increment
static int PrimaryPositionerIncrementSign
          (0018,9518) VR=SS Primary Positioner Increment Sign
static int PrimaryPositionerScanArc
          (0018,9508) VR=FL Primary Positioner Scan Arc
static int PrimaryPositionerScanStartAngle
          (0018,9510) VR=FL Primary Positioner Scan Start Angle
static int PrimitivePointIndexList
          (0066,0029) VR=OW Primitive Point Index List
static int PrinterCharacteristicsSeq
          (2130,0015) VR=SQ Printer Characteristics Sequence (Retired)
static int PrinterConfigurationSeq
          (2000,001E) VR=SQ Printer Configuration Sequence
static int PrinterName
          (2110,0030) VR=LO Printer Name
static int PrinterPixelSpacing
          (2010,0376) VR=DS Printer Pixel Spacing
static int PrinterResolutionID
          (2010,0052) VR=CS Printer Resolution ID
static int PrinterStatus
          (2110,0010) VR=CS Printer Status
static int PrinterStatusInfo
          (2110,0020) VR=CS Printer Status Info
static int PrintingBitDepth
          (2000,00A1) VR=US Printing Bit Depth
static int PrintJobDescriptionSeq
          (2120,0050) VR=SQ Print Job Description Sequence (Retired)
static int PrintJobID
          (2100,0010) VR=SH Print Job ID (Retired)
static int PrintManagementCapabilitiesSeq
          (2130,0010) VR=SQ Print Management Capabilities Sequence (Retired)
static int PrintPriority
          (2000,0020) VR=CS Print Priority
static int PrintQueueID
          (2110,0099) VR=SH Print Queue ID (Retired)
static int PrintRetired
          (0000,51A0) VR=CS Print
static int Priority
          (0000,0700) VR=US Priority
static int PrismSeq
          (0046,0028) VR=SQ Prism Sequence
static int PrivateInformation
          (0002,0102) VR=OB Private Information
static int PrivateInformationCreatorUID
          (0002,0100) VR=UI Private Information Creator UID
static int PrivateRecordUID
          (0004,1432) VR=UI Private Record UID
static int ProbeCenterLocationX
          (0014,4058) VR=DS Probe Center Location X
static int ProbeCenterLocationZ
          (0014,4059) VR=DS Probe Center Location Z
static int ProbeDriveEquipmentSeq
          (0014,4080) VR=SQ Probe Drive Equipment Sequence
static int ProbeDriveNotes
          (0014,4082) VR=LT Probe Drive Notes
static int ProbeDriveSettingsSeq
          (0014,4087) VR=SQ Probe Drive Settings Sequence
static int ProbeInductance
          (0014,4084) VR=DS Probe Inductance
static int ProbeOrientationAngle
          (0014,4089) VR=DS Probe Orientation Angle
static int ProbeResistance
          (0014,4085) VR=DS Probe Resistance
static int ProcedureCodeSeq
          (0008,1032) VR=SQ Procedure Code Sequence
static int ProcedureContextFlagTrial
          (0040,A603) VR=CS Procedure Context Flag (Trial) (Retired)
static int ProcedureContextSequenceTrial
          (0040,A340) VR=SQ Procedure Context Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int ProcedureCreationDate
          (0014,4076) VR=DA Procedure Creation Date
static int ProcedureExpirationDate
          (0014,4078) VR=DA Procedure Expiration Date
static int ProcedureIdentifierCodeSequenceTrial
          (0040,A085) VR=SQ Procedure Identifier Code Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int ProcedureLastModifiedDate
          (0014,407A) VR=DA Procedure Last Modified Date
static int ProcedureStepCancellationDateTime
          (0040,4052) VR=DT Procedure Step Cancellation DateTime
static int ProcedureStepLabel
          (0074,1204) VR=LO Procedure Step Label
static int ProcedureStepRelationshipType
          (0074,1222) VR=LO Procedure Step Relationship Type (Retired)
static int ProcedureTypeCodeSeq
          (0076,0020) VR=SQ Procedure Type Code Sequence
static int ProcedureVersion
          (0014,4074) VR=SH Procedure Version
static int ProcessingFunction
          (0018,5020) VR=LO Processing Function
static int ProductDescription
          (0044,0009) VR=LT Product Description
static int ProductExpirationDateTime
          (0044,000B) VR=DT Product Expiration DateTime
static int ProductLotIdentifier
          (0044,000A) VR=LO Product Lot Identifier
static int ProductName
          (0044,0008) VR=LO Product Name
static int ProductPackageIdentifier
          (0044,0001) VR=ST Product Package Identifier
static int ProductParameterSeq
          (0044,0013) VR=SQ Product Parameter Sequence
static int ProductTypeCodeSeq
          (0044,0007) VR=SQ Product Type Code Sequence
static int ProjectionEponymousNameCodeSeq
          (0018,5104) VR=SQ Projection Eponymous Name Code Sequence
static int ProjectionPixelCalibrationSeq
          (0018,9401) VR=SQ Projection Pixel Calibration Sequence
static int PropertyLabel
          (0014,2032) VR=SH Property Label
static int ProposedStudySeq
          (2130,00A0) VR=SQ Proposed Study Sequence (Retired)
static int ProtocolContextSeq
          (0040,0440) VR=SQ Protocol Context Sequence
static int ProtocolName
          (0018,1030) VR=LO Protocol Name
static int PseudoColorPaletteInstanceReferenceSeq
          (0072,0705) VR=SQ Pseudo-Color Palette Instance Reference Sequence
static int PseudoColorType
          (0072,0704) VR=CS Pseudo-Color Type
static int PTOLocationDescription
          (4010,1078) VR=ST PTO Location Description
static int PTORegionSeq
          (4010,107B) VR=SQ PTO Region Sequence
static int PTORepresentationSeq
          (4010,1037) VR=SQ PTO Representation Sequence
static int PulseNumber
          (3008,0172) VR=US Pulse Number
static int PulseRepetitionFrequency
          (0018,6032) VR=UL Pulse Repetition Frequency
static int PulseRepetitionInterval
          (300A,028C) VR=DS Pulse Repetition Interval
static int PulserEquipmentSeq
          (0014,4002) VR=SQ Pulser Equipment Sequence
static int PulserNotes
          (0014,4006) VR=LT Pulser Notes
static int PulserSettingsSeq
          (0014,4020) VR=SQ Pulser Settings Sequence
static int PulserType
          (0014,4004) VR=CS Pulser Type
static int PulseSequenceName
          (0018,9005) VR=SH Pulse Sequence Name
static int PulseSpecificBrachyControlPointDeliveredSeq
          (3008,0171) VR=SQ Pulse Specific Brachy Control Point Delivered Sequence
static int PulseWidth
          (0014,4022) VR=DS Pulse Width
static int PupilCentroidXCoordinate
          (0046,0203) VR=FL Pupil Centroid X-Coordinate
static int PupilCentroidYCoordinate
          (0046,0204) VR=FL Pupil Centroid Y-Coordinate
static int PupilDilated
          (0022,000D) VR=CS Pupil Dilated
static int PupilSize
          (0046,0044) VR=FD Pupil Size
static int PurposeOfReferenceCodeSeq
          (0040,A170) VR=SQ Purpose of Reference Code Sequence
static int PVCRejection
          (0018,1085) VR=LO PVC Rejection
static int QAResultsSeq
          (0028,700F) VR=SQ QA Results Sequence
static int QRMeasurementsSeq
          (4010,1071) VR=SQ QR Measurements Sequence
static int QuadratureReceiveCoil
          (0018,9044) VR=CS Quadrature Receive Coil
static int QualityControlImage
          (0028,0300) VR=CS Quality Control Image
static int QualityControlSubject
          (0010,0200) VR=CS Quality Control Subject
static int QualityControlSubjectTypeCodeSeq
          (0010,0201) VR=SQ Quality Control Subject Type Code Sequence
static int QuantifiedDefect
          (0024,0098) VR=FL Quantified Defect
static int Quantity
          (0040,0294) VR=DS Quantity
static int QuantitySeq
          (0040,0293) VR=SQ Quantity Sequence
static int QueryRetrieveLevel
          (0008,0052) VR=CS Query/Retrieve Level
static int QueryRetrieveView
          (0008,0053) VR=CS Query/Retrieve View
static int QueueStatus
          (2120,0010) VR=CS Queue Status (Retired)
static int RadialPosition
          (0018,1142) VR=DS Radial Position
static int RadiationAtomicNumber
          (300A,0304) VR=IS Radiation Atomic Number
static int RadiationChargeState
          (300A,0306) VR=SS Radiation Charge State
static int RadiationMachineName
          (3002,0020) VR=SH Radiation Machine Name
static int RadiationMachineSAD
          (3002,0022) VR=DS Radiation Machine SAD
static int RadiationMachineSSD
          (3002,0024) VR=DS Radiation Machine SSD
static int RadiationMassNumber
          (300A,0302) VR=IS Radiation Mass Number
static int RadiationMode
          (0018,115A) VR=CS Radiation Mode
static int RadiationSetting
          (0018,1155) VR=CS Radiation Setting
static int RadiationType
          (300A,00C6) VR=CS Radiation Type
static int RadionuclideCodeSeq
          (0054,0300) VR=SQ Radionuclide Code Sequence
static int RadionuclideHalfLife
          (0018,1075) VR=DS Radionuclide Half Life
static int RadionuclidePositronFraction
          (0018,1076) VR=DS Radionuclide Positron Fraction
static int RadionuclideRetired
          (0018,0030) VR=LO Radionuclide (Retired)
static int RadionuclideTotalDose
          (0018,1074) VR=DS Radionuclide Total Dose
static int Radiopharmaceutical
          (0018,0031) VR=LO Radiopharmaceutical
static int RadiopharmaceuticalAdministrationEventUID
          (0008,3012) VR=UI Radiopharmaceutical Administration Event UID
static int RadiopharmaceuticalAgentNumber
          (0018,9729) VR=US Radiopharmaceutical Agent Number
static int RadiopharmaceuticalCodeSeq
          (0054,0304) VR=SQ Radiopharmaceutical Code Sequence
static int RadiopharmaceuticalInformationSeq
          (0054,0016) VR=SQ Radiopharmaceutical Information Sequence
static int RadiopharmaceuticalRoute
          (0018,1070) VR=LO Radiopharmaceutical Route
static int RadiopharmaceuticalSpecificActivity
          (0018,1077) VR=DS Radiopharmaceutical Specific Activity
static int RadiopharmaceuticalStartDateTime
          (0018,1078) VR=DT Radiopharmaceutical Start DateTime
static int RadiopharmaceuticalStartTime
          (0018,1072) VR=TM Radiopharmaceutical Start Time
static int RadiopharmaceuticalStopDateTime
          (0018,1079) VR=DT Radiopharmaceutical Stop DateTime
static int RadiopharmaceuticalStopTime
          (0018,1073) VR=TM Radiopharmaceutical Stop Time
static int RadiopharmaceuticalUsageSeq
          (0018,9737) VR=SQ Radiopharmaceutical Usage Sequence
static int RadiopharmaceuticalVolume
          (0018,1071) VR=DS Radiopharmaceutical Volume
static int RadiusOfCircularCollimator
          (0018,1712) VR=IS Radius of Circular Collimator
static int RadiusOfCircularExposureControlSensingRegion
          (0018,9441) VR=US Radius of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
static int RadiusOfCircularShutter
          (0018,1612) VR=IS Radius of Circular Shutter
static int RadiusOfCurvature
          (0046,0075) VR=FD Radius of Curvature
static int RandomsCorrected
          (0018,9765) VR=CS Randoms Corrected
static int RandomsCorrectionMethod
          (0054,1100) VR=CS Randoms Correction Method
static int RangeModulatorDescription
          (300A,034A) VR=LO Range Modulator Description
static int RangeModulatorGatingStartValue
          (300A,0382) VR=FL Range Modulator Gating Start Value
static int RangeModulatorGatingStartWaterEquivalentThickness
          (300A,0386) VR=FL Range Modulator Gating Start Water Equivalent Thickness
static int RangeModulatorGatingStopValue
          (300A,0384) VR=FL Range Modulator Gating Stop Value
static int RangeModulatorGatingStopWaterEquivalentThickness
          (300A,0388) VR=FL Range Modulator Gating Stop Water Equivalent Thickness
static int RangeModulatorID
          (300A,0346) VR=SH Range Modulator ID
static int RangeModulatorNumber
          (300A,0344) VR=IS Range Modulator Number
static int RangeModulatorSeq
          (300A,0342) VR=SQ Range Modulator Sequence
static int RangeModulatorSettingsSeq
          (300A,0380) VR=SQ Range Modulator Settings Sequence
static int RangeModulatorType
          (300A,0348) VR=CS Range Modulator Type
static int RangeOfFreedom
          (0068,64A0) VR=FD Range of Freedom
static int RangeShifterDescription
          (300A,0322) VR=LO Range Shifter Description
static int RangeShifterID
          (300A,0318) VR=SH Range Shifter ID
static int RangeShifterNumber
          (300A,0316) VR=IS Range Shifter Number
static int RangeShifterSeq
          (300A,0314) VR=SQ Range Shifter Sequence
static int RangeShifterSetting
          (300A,0362) VR=LO Range Shifter Setting
static int RangeShifterSettingsSeq
          (300A,0360) VR=SQ Range Shifter Settings Sequence
static int RangeShifterType
          (300A,0320) VR=CS Range Shifter Type
static int RangeShifterWaterEquivalentThickness
          (300A,0366) VR=FL Range Shifter Water Equivalent Thickness
static int RangingDepth
          (0052,0009) VR=FD Ranging Depth
static int RationalDenominatorValue
          (0040,A163) VR=UL Rational Denominator Value
static int RationalNumeratorValue
          (0040,A162) VR=SL Rational Numerator Value
static int RawDataHandling
          (0040,4040) VR=CS Raw Data Handling
static int RealWorldValueFirstValueMappedUS
          (0040,9216) VR=US,SS Real World Value First Value Mapped
static int RealWorldValueIntercept
          (0040,9224) VR=FD Real World Value Intercept
static int RealWorldValueLastValueMappedUS
          (0040,9211) VR=US,SS Real World Value Last Value Mapped
static int RealWorldValueLUTData
          (0040,9212) VR=FD Real World Value LUT Data
static int RealWorldValueMappingSeq
          (0040,9096) VR=SQ Real World Value Mapping Sequence
static int RealWorldValueSlope
          (0040,9225) VR=FD Real World Value Slope
static int ReasonForCancellation
          (0074,1238) VR=LT Reason for Cancellation
static int ReasonForPerformedProcedureCodeSeq
          (0040,1012) VR=SQ Reason For Performed Procedure Code Sequence
static int ReasonforRequestedProcedureCodeSeq
          (0040,100A) VR=SQ Reason for Requested Procedure Code Sequence
static int ReasonforStudy
          (0032,1030) VR=LO Reason for Study (Retired)
static int ReasonForTheAttributeModification
          (0400,0565) VR=CS Reason for the Attribute Modification
static int ReasonForTheImagingServiceRequest
          (0040,2001) VR=LO Reason for the Imaging Service Request (Retired)
static int ReasonForTheRequestedProcedure
          (0040,1002) VR=LO Reason for the Requested Procedure
static int ReceiveCoilManufacturerName
          (0018,9041) VR=LO Receive Coil Manufacturer Name
static int ReceiveCoilName
          (0018,1250) VR=SH Receive Coil Name
static int ReceiveCoilType
          (0018,9043) VR=CS Receive Coil Type
static int ReceiveProbeSeq
          (0014,4086) VR=SQ Receive Probe Sequence
static int ReceiverEquipmentSeq
          (0014,4008) VR=SQ Receiver Equipment Sequence
static int ReceiverNotes
          (0014,400C) VR=LT Receiver Notes
static int ReceiverRetired
          (0000,0300) VR=AE Receiver
static int ReceiverSettingsSeq
          (0014,4030) VR=SQ Receiver Settings Sequence
static int ReceiveTransducerSeq
          (0014,4011) VR=SQ Receive Transducer Sequence
static int ReceiveTransducerSettingsSeq
          (0014,4051) VR=SQ Receive Transducer Settings Sequence
static int ReceivingAE
          (0074,1234) VR=AE Receiving AE
static int ReceivingAET
          (0002,0018) VR=AE Receiving Application Entity Title
static int RecognitionCodeRetired
          (0008,0010) VR=SH Recognition Code (Retired)
static int RecognizableVisualFeatures
          (0028,0302) VR=CS Recognizable Visual Features
static int RecommendedAbsentPixelCIELabValue
          (0048,0015) VR=US Recommended Absent Pixel CIELab Value
static int RecommendedDisplayCIELabValue
          (0062,000D) VR=US Recommended Display CIELab Value
static int RecommendedDisplayFrameRate
          (0008,2144) VR=IS Recommended Display Frame Rate
static int RecommendedDisplayFrameRateInFloat
          (0008,9459) VR=FL Recommended Display Frame Rate in Float
static int RecommendedDisplayGrayscaleValue
          (0062,000C) VR=US Recommended Display Grayscale Value
static int RecommendedLineThickness
          (0066,0038) VR=FL Recommended Line Thickness
static int RecommendedPointRadius
          (0066,0037) VR=FL Recommended Point Radius
static int RecommendedPresentationOpacity
          (0066,000C) VR=FL Recommended Presentation Opacity
static int RecommendedPresentationType
          (0066,000D) VR=CS Recommended Presentation Type
static int RecommendedRotationPoint
          (0068,6346) VR=FD Recommended Rotation Point
static int RecommendedViewingMode
          (0028,1090) VR=CS Recommended Viewing Mode
static int ReconstructionAlgorithm
          (0018,9315) VR=CS Reconstruction Algorithm
static int ReconstructionAngle
          (0018,9319) VR=FD Reconstruction Angle
static int ReconstructionDescription
          (0018,9531) VR=LO Reconstruction Description
static int ReconstructionDiameter
          (0018,1100) VR=DS Reconstruction Diameter
static int ReconstructionFieldOfView
          (0018,9317) VR=FD Reconstruction Field of View
static int ReconstructionIndex
          (0020,9536) VR=US Reconstruction Index
static int ReconstructionMethod
          (0054,1103) VR=LO Reconstruction Method
static int ReconstructionPixelSpacing
          (0018,9322) VR=FD Reconstruction Pixel Spacing
static int ReconstructionTargetCenterPatient
          (0018,9318) VR=FD Reconstruction Target Center (Patient)
static int ReconstructionType
          (0018,9756) VR=CS Reconstruction Type
static int RecordedBlockSeq
          (3008,00D0) VR=SQ Recorded Block Sequence
static int RecordedBrachyAccessoryDeviceSeq
          (3008,0120) VR=SQ Recorded Brachy Accessory Device Sequence
static int RecordedChannelSeq
          (3008,0130) VR=SQ Recorded Channel Sequence
static int RecordedChannelShieldSeq
          (3008,0150) VR=SQ Recorded Channel Shield Sequence
static int RecordedCompensatorSeq
          (3008,00C0) VR=SQ Recorded Compensator Sequence
static int RecordedLateralSpreadingDeviceSeq
          (3008,00F4) VR=SQ Recorded Lateral Spreading Device Sequence
static int RecordedRangeModulatorSeq
          (3008,00F6) VR=SQ Recorded Range Modulator Sequence
static int RecordedRangeShifterSeq
          (3008,00F2) VR=SQ Recorded Range Shifter Sequence
static int RecordedSnoutSeq
          (3008,00F0) VR=SQ Recorded Snout Sequence
static int RecordedSourceApplicatorSeq
          (3008,0140) VR=SQ Recorded Source Applicator Sequence
static int RecordedSourceSeq
          (3008,0100) VR=SQ Recorded Source Sequence
static int RecordedWedgeSeq
          (3008,00B0) VR=SQ Recorded Wedge Sequence
static int RecordInUseFlag
          (0004,1410) VR=US Record In-use Flag
static int RectificationType
          (0018,1156) VR=CS Rectification Type
static int RectifierSmoothing
          (0014,4034) VR=DS Rectifier Smoothing
static int RectilinearPhaseEncodeReordering
          (0018,9034) VR=CS Rectilinear Phase Encode Reordering
static int RedPaletteColorLUTData
          (0028,1201) VR=OW Red Palette Color Lookup Table Data
static int RedPaletteColorLUTDescriptor
          (0028,1101) VR=US,SS Red Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
static int RefAccessionSequenceTrial
          (0040,A313) VR=SQ Referenced Accession Sequence (Trial) (Retired)
static int RefBasicAnnotationBoxSeq
          (2010,0520) VR=SQ Referenced Basic Annotation Box Sequence
static int RefBeamNumber
          (300C,0006) VR=IS Referenced Beam Number
static int RefBeamSeq
          (300C,0004) VR=SQ Referenced Beam Sequence
static int RefBlockNumber
          (300C,00E0) VR=IS Referenced Block Number
static int RefBolusSeq
          (300C,00B0) VR=SQ Referenced Bolus Sequence
static int