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The table below provides access to teaching file and clinical trial tools developed under the RSNA MIRC project.

The MIRC Committee has changed the name of the teaching file system from MIRC to TFS. To obtain the latest version for installing a new site or upgrading a previous one, click the TFS‑installer.jar link in this table.

Anonymizer-installer.jarDICOM Anonymizer Program16,176,0952022.04.24 at 09:57:56 CDT
BinaryDump.jarBinary dump utility182,4902020.05.20 at 10:05:55 CDT
CTP-installer.jarCTP for clinical trials8,320,0022023.11.04 at 09:23:12 CDT
CTPClient.zipJava webstart CTP for image acquisition sites2,340,1772016.06.04 at 10:54:46
DDR.jarDuplicate Document Remover for CTP/TFS8,8962012.04.27 at 11:52:58
DicomAnonymizerTool-installer.jarCommand line DICOM anonymizer3,883,1912021.07.05 at 11:25:08 CDT
DicomEditor-installer.jarDICOM Editor/Anonymizer/Viewer Tool3,307,1762020.09.29 at 14:35:07 CDT
DicomElementCompiler-installer.jarDICOM image collection search tool2,150,79609-June-2020 at 11:01:30
DicomRouter-installer.jarDICOM Router2,307,7022020.04.13 at 06:48:27 CDT
EncryptTest.jarTest program for measuring encryption performance13,3412017.06.28 at 10:06:28
ExportManager-installer.jarTCE Export Manager1,329,2092011.11.21 at 08:28:45 CST
FieldCenter-installer.jarClinical trial imaging tool [deprecated in favor of CTP]1,359,5032011.11.21 at 08:28:45 CST
FileSender-installer.jarFile transmission utility2,234,7672021.10.07 at 10:49:01 CDT
FolderCreator.jarJavaPrograms folder creator1,4252013.12.02 at 04:42:55 CST
Geneva-installer.jarIHE Demo Registration System20,596,9942011.11.21 at 08:15:25 CST [Q1]
HttpTest.jarSimple network test utility51,4642020.08.13 at 08:53:19 CDT
ISN-installer.jarCTP/ISN for the Image Sharing Project20,276,2932016.01.31 at 08:05:02 CST [R39]
LDAPTest.jarLDAP Test Program20,72611-July-2017 at 18:41:23
LookupExtension.jar 2,2022020.06.23 at 13:17:51
MDC.jarMIRCdocument Counter CTP/TFS10,3192020.03.22 at 10:58:13
MDM.jarMIRCdocument modifier for CTP/TFS17,2432012.12.01 at 06:34:00
MircClient.jarClient-side MIRCdocument Export Utility41,9212013.10.18 at 10:34:10
MIRCsite-installer-full.jarTomcat/MIRC20,049,2602011.11.21 at 08:28:45 CST [T36d]
MultiframeSplitter-installer.jarDICOM Mult-frame Image Splitter1,987,86819-September-2015 at 14:23:26
OpenAMTest.jarOpenAM Test Program67,96928-January-2015 at 11:29:23
PatientLister-installer.jarMIRCdocument patient list utility336,22516-May-2017 at 10:11:22
PixelDataRemover.jar 2,5942020.06.23 at 06:57:37
PPT2MIRC.zipPowerpoint-to-TFS plugin191,3522011.11.21 at 07:27:36 28,026,1132013.12.02 at 04:49:08
SVGView.exeSVG viewer for image annotation on Windows2,387,4802011.04.10 at 17:08:58
TFS-installer.jarCTP/TFS for teaching files14,824,3782020.03.22 at 13:08:09 CDT [Z206]