Shwachman-Diamond syndrome

Olya Polishchuk

Mary Wyers, M.D.

Children's Memorial Hospital


3 year old with weight loss and hepatomegaly


Shwachman-Diamond syndrome, CT 328

Publication Date: 2004-08-19


3 year old with weight loss and hepatomegaly


There is a large, fatty replaced liver. There is extensive lipomatosis on the pancreas which is enlarged and globally replaced with fat.


Shwachman-Diamond syndrome


Cystic fibrosis.


Shwachman-Diamond syndrome is a presumed autosomal recessive condition associated with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency with fat replacement of the pancreas, short stature, bone marrow dysfunction with neutropenia, and metaphyseal chondrodysplasia. It presents in infancy but its radiographic features are relatively mild.

Skeletal manifestations include delayed bone age with marked carpal delay, broad cup-like anterior ribs, metaphyseal irregularities, and coxa vara with short femoral necks. CT or MRI demonstration of a fat-replaced pancreas may be useful in establishing the diagnosis. Recurrent infections are related to neutropenia, chemotactic defect, impaired neutrophil mobility, and impaired complement activation. Patients with Shwachman-Diamond syndrome have an increased incidence of leukemia.


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